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The premise of the game is inspired by, if not directly derived from, the movie Last Action Hero. However, it draws a huge amount of inspiration from the old Japanese "Henshin" superhero TV programs from the 1970s, such as Kamen Rider (and its many sequels) and Kaiketsu Zubat (both created by the late manga master Shotaro Ishinomori). (Just before a boss battle, Joe's helmet closes much like Zubat's.) While Joe and his girlfriend Silvia are watching a henshin drama during a date, Silvia is kidnapped by the movie's antagonist and taken into the world of the movies: Movieland. Joe is able to follow Silvia after being picked up and taken into Movieland by Captain Blue, the movie's protagonist, who has taken the form of a giant robot. Inside the movie, Joe must rescue Silvia from the evil Jadow, the game's network of villains. To help him, Captain Blue entrusts him with a V-Watch, telling Joe to transform into Viewtiful Joe upon saying "Henshin", but Joe made it into his personal ...

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