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A shrewdly acted, bittersweet comedy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Vibrates with exuberance and erudition.
Wall Street Journal
The screen, like the stage, can barely contain this marvelous play of intelligence.
Entertainment Weekly
The History Boys is as much about the meaning and value of reading and learning as it is about the ho-humness of genital fondling by sir with love.
The film can't hide its stage origins, and in cutting almost an hour on the journey from stage to screen some resonance is lost. But Bennett's dialogue sparkles and skewers with killer wit. Dig in.
The History Boys is an erudite, sharply written film with consummate performances, but its origins on the stage are all too obvious.
Chicago Tribune
The film is worth seeing, if you have any fondness for the writer who co-created "Beyond the Fringe" and who is second only to Stoppard in his sprightly but mellow wit.
There's no one today writing English dialogue as sharp as Bennett's, and hearing it delivered expertly is a pleasure worth sitting through some dodgy montages for.
The Hollywood Reporter
If you liked the play and the compelling ideas Bennett kicks around, the movie makes for an intellectually invigorating couple of hours.
New York Daily News
The play's most acclaimed performance - rotund Richard Griffiths as the closeted teacher Hector - is great in the movie, too.
Somewhere in the translation from stage to screen, The History Boys has become an intelligent misfire. What's left is a literate but listless film.

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