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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

well, that went well I feel

Author: DonkeyWan from United Kingdom
14 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So, after two crappy movies the film execs whipped out their calculators and did the math 100 hired bimbos + souped up kit cars = $50 and a bag of cheese Thousands of horny teens + flashing lights = £100 million gross.

So, a third movie then, only with a twist. This time our erstwhile middle-aged teen hero is off to Japan, where Tokyons drive their car sideways it seems. You can't shake the impression that if they just braked going into the bend and accelerated out of it they would get round them quicker, but oh well.

Anyway, on with the plot. The story starts with a race between clapped out banger (driven by the 30 year old teen protagonist) and some meat head given the stupidest ultimatum ever by his bimbo girlfriend ever. "Race him for me" to paraphrase. Rather than give his fickle bird the bird , hoiking her out of the car and driving off into the sunset he acquiesces and so ensues a pointless race around an estate, where much property is destroyed.

As our main man begins to overhaul the expensive sports car in his fred flinstone vehicle, the blonde bimbo whines "I thought you loved me". Not for her the more traditional displays of affection, oh no. Her boyfriend does his best to demonstrate his love, smashing her and car face first into a cement pillar.

Such criminal violations by all are duly punished by the exile or our hero to Japan where he meets his 40 year old dad (damn gina, he was a real mover in the creche). After this our teen idol is enrolled into a Japanese class. Mercifully, all the Japanese jpop stars and av models speak passable English, but as luck would have it a 50 cent knock off and an ozzie supermodel are also in attendance, bringing great relief to the the focus group no doubt.

Surrounded by hot totty in short skirts our main man does what any other teen would do, quickly ignoring them and instead driving his car sideways, at first badly, but after a week or so better than anyone else in Japan, particularly those who have been driving their cars sideways for years.

I kind of lost interest after this (as well as the will to live) to be honest. There was a pretty cool party at one point (three guys, 50 hot girls in zero tolerance clothing - arranged by Carlsberg no doubt) but since teenman seemed more interested in going to the basement to look at a crappy bike, my eyes glazed over and my brain disengaged.

After a while a Japanese Al Capone makes an appearance and by the time I stopped laughing it was the final race. I won't ruin it for you (if you have a brain cell I don't think it would be possible to anyway) but I would just say that the symbolism of a crappy mustang racing a Japanese car was not lost on me (Go USA eh?) but the middle-aged teens hooting and hollering at their mobile phones was bewildering. Beyond product placement what the hell was that about.

To sum up, stupid, garish, unbelievable, pointless, too much stupid sideways car-driving, and not nearly enough hot Japanese teens in minimal clothing. GAh!

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Author: I_John_Barrymore_I from United Kingdom
10 April 2009

Given the target audience I can understand the decision to cast Asian actors with American accents as Japanese characters, but there is a depressing number of supporting actors and extras that have clearly never been west of Orange County.

The hero looks utterly gormless and spends the running time grinning like an idiot and staring wide-eyed in amazement at newfangled alien technology like chopsticks and sandals. Watching him act is like watching a retarded child struggle with his shoelaces - tragic yet cruelly hilarious. His father's in the Navy - we know this because all his clothes have "NAVY" written on them - and even though judging by his apartment he's dirt poor he can still afford an endless stream of plane tickets to back up his threats to send the poor retarded boy home. The lead actress is a bizarre-looking, hideously unattractive creature, and one of the strangest choices for a female lead in a teen movie in recent memory. No one in the entire cast has a shred of talent between them.

A hotshot racer at home, to make the grade on the streets of Tokyo our hero must first learn to master the "Tokyo drift" - an awesome, almost mythical driving technique that turns out to be, um, skidding.

It fails completely to make any decent use of a city that is as cinematic and beautiful as they come, it's filled with loud, obnoxious rap and rock music, it doesn't have an original bone in it's body and about the only thing to recommend it is that in the first half at least there is a pleasing number of very attractive young women in very tiny skirts.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Simple yet fun,entertaining and different....

Author: sendoh15 from Australia
4 May 2007

I went to see this movie without any expectations. I had low hopes, only expecting a repetition of the same simple plot, revolving around cars and women. Sure I love movies with mixtures of such things but i didn't expect this one to be more engaging, exciting and at times thought provoking in terms of dealing with present reality that revolves around us.

The drifting theme along with Tokyo influences makes it even more unique as comparison to the other two. This one is pure entertainment, though i found the protagonist a little hard to like at first, just being engaged through their experience makes everything not matter... My favorite of the 3, highly recommended, you'll enjoy this one very much..9/10

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

The Fast, the Furious and the Indifferent

Author: Casper Jansen from Copenhagen, Denmark
22 April 2007

What's to say. The new chapter of The Fast And The Furious series is a major disappointment.

The good: Great races, beautiful cars, a beautiful picturing of Tokyo.

The bad: Too few races (3-4), too much talk, embarrassing script, even more embarrassing acting and the most DUMB DUMB DUMB dialogue seen in years. Lucas Black acts like he never had stood in front of a camera before (he looks like a wounded bird), and when he talks, his voice control is dull and indolent.

Who should watch this? People with hangovers, who wants no-brainer entertainment (like I did the other day, and therefore rent TOKYO DRIFT) and likes fast cars, races (the ones we get)

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Surprisingly good for the third in a series

Author: extremecs from United States
4 November 2006

I had heard some rather negative reviews of this movie before I saw it and really expected it to be somewhat lame as Hollywood these days seems incapable of producing a series where each film can stand on it's own merit, rather milking a dead cow more often or not and producing sequels that tend to be worse than the film that preceded it.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, with the overall flow and energy of this film. Very difficult to find fault with the special effects, the acting was not terrible and the relatively exotic setting made this movie good enough to stand alone from the other two.

If you are a fan of either of the first two or movies about ultra fast (and expensive) cars in general Tokyo Drift is a must-see.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

I say nothing positive of this film in this review.

Author: jzappa from Cincinnati, OH, United States
12 September 2006

What is it about Hollywood that makes it think that people are satisfied with a movie with all that is negative about this one? It makes no sense to me. A place known around the world as a place where movies are born that provide us with entertainment and, within that entertainment, emotional fulfillment. We follow a story that intrigues us through a lens that fits the mood and the style of the story, through the guise of actors that can portray characters that we, as the audience, see as good company for 2 hours. This movie has no story. The story of this third installment in the tinsel Fast and the Furious franchise is simply a moronic string of events that sometimes glares with a lack of knowledge in a field that it tackles. For instance, our hero, who the writer must've forgotten to equip with a personality, is in police custody for another of several seriously destructive street racing crashes, and so for the convenience of the plot, the guy is sent to live with his father, who is involved with the military, in Tokyo. Basically, because the guy committed enough serious crimes, he gets a free ticket to Tokyo.

I don't know why I pressed return at all, as if I am to begin another paragraph stating how bad this movie is. Why did I do that? I say the less attention we give to movies like this, the more the probability is of studio execs realizing that it is finally less advantageous for them to make such crap. I mean, I was happy earlier on when I came to its IMDb page upon seeing it and finding that its user rating was somewhere in the 3's, where, to speak as generously as I can, it belongs, but it's crept up into the 5's. Join in the revolt! Send this movie back down the rating scale! Quickly, before some innocent film-goer looks at it and doesn't think the rating is low enough to ensure that they shouldn't risk seeing it!

I wasn't fond of this film.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

The best among the three

Author: Erollynx from Philippines
1 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just saw this film last Friday. This movie made my contact lens dry for not blinking my eyes because it was just thrilling and a little exciting. It has got the best stunts, the background music really suited in this movie. For me, this is the best the fast and the furious have ever made so far. Lucas Black's character as Sean is good for him. It made him look hot. He had to go in Japan to not be in the jail. Though he's forbidden to race he's still do it, thanks to Twinkie he showed a little world of best cars to Sean. I like the car of Twinkie here, cool, huh? Anyway, it reminds me the Japanese Anime Initial D because they both just pretty alike, Sean reminds me the main protagonist Takumi and Sean's father reminds me the father of Takumi. I like Sean here, he's very well-determined and practice for him makes him perfect to drift. This movie is good for the car lovers, if you want to drift, think first what would be may happen to you.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

More of a comedy than an action movie

Author: Jissell from United States
30 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie wasn't too bad, at least not as bad as some of the other movies that are still out. I didn't like Bow Wow's character too much. He seemed out of place in Tokyo and I'm not saying that just because he is not Asian. Twinkie, Bow Wow's character, seemed a little too...American for Japan. He had been living there longer than Sean, yet Sean some how managed to learn more Japanese than him. And Sean never did really get the girl. Sure, there were implications that they liked each other, but there's no romance in their relationship at all. My friends didn't really appreciate how Sean, a white man who had just moved to Japan, became the new DK or Drift King. And why was Vin Diesel in it exactly? What I did like about this movie is how funny it was. I'm sure the writers weren't aiming for funny, but my friends and I just found the entire movie hysterical. Like why was it that the whole entire school was into drifting? And there was this one scene where they were racing in a crowded street and everyone just somehow knew they were drifting and formed the shape necessary for the drift to occur. If you want a good laugh, this is the perfect movie from you.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Tokyo Drift.....drifting away from the plot...

Author: Rob_Taylor
28 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, I quite liked this movie. For a movie that followed on the heels of 2Fast this is an achievement. 2Fast was just just lameness personified. Tokyo Drift, or 3Fast, as I will refer to it, was much more restrained. Sure, it had foolish plots, love story, fast, scalextric like cars and all, but it was less....stupid.

At least, for 90% of the movie. There are two things that really stand out as "spit-your-coke-into-the-hair-of-the-guy-sitting-in-front" moments.

Firstly, and right from the start, we are expected to believe that the lead character is 17 years old. This is the same trick that was pulled in Biker Boyz and it doesn't work here either. Granted, the age difference wasn't as great here, but the guy is actually 24, not 17, and looks nearer 30. Not good for suspension of disbelief.

Secondly, towards the end, having peed-off the local crime boss, the "hero" boldly goes into the lion's den to make amends and settle suggesting a car race with the loser leaving town! I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but Sonny Chiba really did look completely non-plussed at the suggestion. You knew it had to's a car racing movie, after all, but it was just ridiculous. A car race to the death, or the loser having finger's cut-off.....maybe. But not leaving town! Beyond lameness.

There are bright spots, though. The racing is pretty entertaining, and they've done away with the "hyperspace" graphics when someone presses the nitrous button. There are a few scenes where the "hero", whilst learning to drift, thwacks a wall and the car doesn't show the damage in the next scene, but does at the end, but that is just down to bad editing. You'd think it'd be easy enough these days to CGI a few dents in for effect.

Also good was Sung Kang, as Han (not as in Han Solo, though he has some of the same qualities) who is by far the most likable of all the characters in the film, with his life-zen outlook and easy manner. He steals most scenes he's in, without really even trying.

And there is the obligatory cameo at the end from a certain former Fast and Furious star. Not sure whether this was to give the film some kind of "legitimacy" in the franchise, or to hint at his involvement in the inevitable next movie. Either way, an interesting little scene right at the end.

Overall then, better than the second movie by far, but still not up to the first one. But worth a watch, nonetheless.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

indulgent popcorn fluff

Author: nobbytatoes from Australia
25 June 2006

Rev head Sean has been in trouble with the law for awhile. Hitting his third strike when racing through a construction site, he's shipped over to Japan to live with his father. Instantly on the wrong side of everything, it's not long before he's back into the racing world, introduced to a different style of racing; drifting, using the tightly constructed car parks for races. To full of himself, Sean takes on DK; Drift King, using DK's business partner Han's car. Losing the race and smashing Han's car, Sean becomes in debt to him to pay for the car.

The whole of the Fast and the Furious franchise is all about the spectacle. Glossy, fast paced action, great cars, hot women, an abundance of over indulgence. The spectacle is what made the franchise so interesting and so popular. Slapping together a story line to serve the action and badly written dialog are easily over looked, only to the extent that you deliver some amazing action sequences. Director Justin Lin has on account delivered some amazing action scenes. The energy and adrenaline run hard and fast, with tyres screeching at ear piercing levels. This does run off set pieces; the chase through Tokoy city is one great example, leaving you just waiting for the next piece to arrive, though the down side is you have to sit through terrible acting and plot ridden story.

When your characters are so broadly drawn and one dimensional, you don't give your actor much to go on; yet they aren't that talented in the first place. Verging on Grease levels of older actors playing teenagers, Lucas Black doesn't have much strength to carry this as the lead Sean, walking around with a stunned mullet. Sonny Chiba comes off cartoonish as a Yakuza boss. Brian Tee lacks menace as DK. Sung Kang does the best performance as Han, not taking his role to any real serious level.

If you start to think about all its inconsistencies or take this serious for even a second, it hurts your mind. It's a piece of entertaining popcorn fluff.

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