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This one finally had something

Author: Kristjan from Estonia
30 December 2011

Fast and furious 1 and 2 were one of the most awful car action films ever. Mostly the third one followed similar route but it was better in many ways.

Plot was again pale, perhaps a little better than it predecessors had but still. Some action, some criminals, a non interesting love interest - all familiar from the previous films. There really is nothing to enjoy in that sense.

Dialouges and characters were little better and so was acting.

What makes it better was simply drifting. Now we could really enjoy some driving skill too. Some of the scenes were pretty technical and not very easy to do. Cars still looked rubbish though but the fact now our heroes and villains needed to actually do something else than drive a quarter mile made me pleased.

Still - it went too far. There is no way when racing for a best place drifting would get you faster to the destination than regular driving. And the film frequently tried to convince us the other way. Drifting competitions are judged by the beauty, smoke and driving on the edge like being really close to other competitor but not by speed.

But as I said at least there was something to watch not like in the first film for example where were only few boring and stupid races and nothing to enjoy at all.

This one was slightly better in every way but it was far from perfect. Don't expect too much 6/10

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Tokyo Saves Cliché Theme

Author: chow913 from United States
26 November 2011

Tokyo Saves Cliché Theme Maybe being Asian American gives me a thrill from finally seeing Asian teens laugh at the white kids and beat up the token black guy in high school.

The acting is bad, the premise unbelievable, the plot predicable, the characters tokens, but some how the great city of Tokyo saves the whole picture. Much like the city of Osaka in 'Black Rain' the city isn't just the set. It's the main character.

There's also plenty of action and much more focus on the racing scenes than the boring character. This is a good thing. The character simply exist because someone needs to drive the cars. (of course the "actors" don't actually drive the cars the stunt drivers do.) But every story needs a hero, a villain, a damsel in distress, and a token black friend.

Actually this film deserves a lot of credit for picking up on the Japanese art of drag "drift" racing. It's been around for over 30 years in Japanese pop culture.

"Drift" racing resulted from the many winding roads in Japanese roads and involves the car gliding into a 90 degree turn rather than slowing down to turn.

The plot: Poor Southern teenager Sean just gets in trouble everywhere he goes. Inevitably rich kids make fun of him which results in a drag race. But after Sean's third strike he's sent to live with his military father serving in Tokyo.

Thus the old fish out of water cliché. Although this time it's funnier, since they make fun of Japanese pop culture, like not wearing shoes in school. Unfortunately there's not enough of it.

Sean is sent to regular Japanese high school. Hardly believable since he doesn't even speak Japanese! And since American military families are usually provided with English schools for "army brats." Sean predictably makes friends with the token black guy and the hot Australian girl whose boyfriend is the Yakuza villain.

Even more predictably Sean's forbidden romance puts him in the middle of rival Yakuza drift racing gangs.

The most unbelievable scene is where Sean's father says, "That's it. You're on a plane tonight." but relents and agrees to let his son enter a dangerous illegal drift race against the Yakuza. WTF!!! As I said, don't try and take this film too seriously or you'll go mad. Just enjoy the fast and furious city of Tokyo.

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Tokyo Riptide

Author: Raul Faust from Joinville, Brazil
7 September 2011

First off, let me start saying this film is very different from the first two. While they had a great plot and a story well written, "Tokyo Drift" intended more in action scenes without much character development or interesting behaviors. Out of three American actors, Bow Wow was the only who had a decent acting-- and he's not even an actor. The Japanese cast is very professional and I'm impressed with their work.

Moving the story to Japan is reasonable because it will change many aspects of the previous films, but sadly isn't enough to make the movie good. Too bad the only things that I really enjoyed about this experimentation project are the soundtrack and the racing scenes, since the cheesy dialogs and the campy characters ruined many minutes of this movie. People in their early teens are the target of this, undoubtely. See it only as entertainment, and you'll be not that disappointed.

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The story of a cretin.

Author: egghurler from Sydney, Australia
20 April 2011

The movie said this was the story of a loner. No it's not. It's the story of a bloke who is so totally self absorbed with himself that his shoes squelch. Right from the opening title this cretin masters the art of being the most selfish unit ever to walk the Earth. His Mum should have left him to go to jail, then we could all watch him become some enormous blokes sex toy. That'd be a better story too. The character is so annoying that it even degenerates into his 'look'. He's tries to incorporate Zoolanders 'Blue Steel' or 'Magnum' stare, but it actually makes him look like he's trying to expel gas. Without doubt, this guy is the biggest Wally in any movie. A massive failure as a stud. OMG this movie is so bad.

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Intense, cool, sexy and AWESOME!

Author: tsettles98 from United States
29 March 2011

Now, this film has absolutely nothing to do with the previous two Fast and Furious movies. But who gives a crap! This movie's awesome.

The street races are intense, the cars and the action are beautiful, the chicks are sexy and the whole film is just pure badassery! It's just a cool movie through and through.

Now, granted it is definitely not as good as the first movie, it's still pretty good and better than the second. Highly recommended!

But, here's the issue that no one seems to shut up about. It has no Vin Diesel or Paul Walker and it has nothing to do with the previous installments. The second one was barely related to the first! Come on guys! Deal with it! It's still an awesome movie. Just, doesn't live up to the first movie.

None of them have yet, but I still haven't seen Fast & Furious. I will have seen it by Thursday, so I'm pumped!

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a nice change for the franchise, something different

Author: miketaylor2007 from Canada
6 May 2010

I was a big fan of the franchise before this came out and I thought I was going to hate it but it actually turned out to be pretty good and lived up to the hype of other Fast And Furious films. I really liked the concept of drifting in this one and the fact that it takes place in Tokyo is pretty interesting. This version has all new characters so you won't be seeing Brian or any of the old cast until the next film. What is pretty cool about this is that they made fast and the furious 4 a prequel to tokyo drift so really number 4 is taking place before tokyo drift in the story. It ties into place with one or two characters for the next film. Plenty of sexy Japanese cars and hot girls in this film so of course that never changes. Out of all of them this is one of my favourites.

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The best of all 4 Fast & Furious movies.

Author: Arlis Fuson from United States
15 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They finally got it's about time...

No annoying actors, no hype, no cliché rap soundtrack, a director that actually knows how to film a movie and a writer than can tell an interesting story and most importantly cars that are cool and races that are fun to watch.

OK so I might've built it up to make it sound perfect, but it wasn't - but way better than the others. The plot is different completely.

A 17 year old kid is always getting in trouble, but the last time he does was the final straw, he gets sent to live with his estranged father in Tokyo in hopes of calming down. But no, some kid hands him the keys to a $100 grand car and says hey lets see if you can drive it really fast and win against the best racer in Tokyo...Okay he didn't literally say that, but it was basically what he did. So In Tokyo they do this weird racing where they don't cut corners, they slide around them a.k.a. "drifiting". So yea young American boy gets really good and yadda yadda you all know the rest. you see why I don't give these movies high ratings...

OK So Justin Lin is an okay director at least he tries and has heart for it, Chris Morgan wrote this and changed it up a lot. The film was set in Japan obviously so that gave it an entirely different feel, which was great. The style is so much different and the people are so much different. They still have funny looking little cars and play rap music, but hey theses funny little cars come from there and their rap music is better because its not full of guys talking about stupid stuff and yelling over and over.

Acting is so much better. Lucas Black is the star and he is a country boy, he doesn't try to act cool or fit in, and you can tell he is that way in real life, he doesn't try at all and it's very natural. The cliché rapper was Bow Wow here, and let's face it he's not relevant enough to be considered as a rapper and he can act okay too, not great I said okay. Great work from Asian actors Brian Tee as the bad guy DK and the co-star of the film Sung Kang as Han. Of course the legendary and great Sonny Chiba as Dk's mafia uncle was just a a perfect casting choice. Although it has a lot of good acting it did have some bad ones, most notably Zachary Bryan. Zach played a similar role on Smallville and as far back as Home Improvement I have hated this guy, you can tell in real life he would be that guy, that jock bully 'better than everyone' type of guy. Here he is playing it and gets what he deserves. Also Vin Diesel makes a cameo at the very end...can't we go a whole movie without having to see a horrible actor from the other films? It was the best of the 4, but it still wasn't that great. I would only recommend this one to anyone who asked of the series. I gave it only one star more than the first two, but hey I didn't see anything truly amazing here..

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
7 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the third film in the non-stop high octane franchise full of cool and fast cars racing and chasing each other, including lots of action and some stunts along the way, directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6). Basically Sean Boswell (Jarhead's Lucas Black) is a teenager and school student in Alabama who has got into trouble too often and has a record for illegal high speed street racing, so his mother sends him to live with his father, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Boswell (Brian Goodman) in Tokyo, Japan to avoid time in prison. Sean ends up in a cramped apartment in a low-rent section of the city, in his new school he befriends fellow American and "military brat" Twinkie (rapper Shad 'Bow Wow' Moss) who introduces him to the world of the drift racing scene in Japan. Though forbidden from driving, Sean competes in deadly speed races with heart stopping courses of hairpin turns and switchbacks, taking on "Drift King" D.K. (Austin Powers in Goldmember's Brian Tee), who has connections to Japanese organised crime syndicate the Yakuza. Sean grows in presence and his talent for drifting, but he is getting close to the Japanese mafia, thousands of dollars are coming into play, but also his life is in stake, eventually he is able to escape the crime underworld, and allowed to stay in the country to continue his passion for racing. Also starring Sung Kang as Han, Nathalie Kelley as Neela, Zachery Ty Bryan as Clay, Caroline de Souza Correa as Isabella, Keiko Kitagawa as Reiko, Shin'ichi Chiba / JJ Sonny Chiba as Uncle Kamata and a cameo from Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto. This is the only film of the franchise without either Diesel or Paul Walker, so it feels odd, but Black is reasonably good as the bad boy teenager influenced by the drifting craze, the rest of the cast are fine as well I suppose. To be honest, the storyline going on is not the thing to pay the fullest attention to, it is the pedal-to-the-metal stuff, all the colourful and cool cars fuelled up, with extra rocket boosters and switches, that speed and crash their way around, and the explosions and stunts along the way keep the pace up as well, it taking place in Tokyo only adds loads of neon light filled sequences, it slows down mid way and only picks up a little towards the end, but all in all it's an alright action thriller. Worth watching!

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Upon the fourth viewing of this film, i realized............

Author: MovieDude12 from United States
16 November 2009

This is actually a highly underrated movie. However, in order to realize this, you have to first look beyond the surface- which in essence is a 90 minute long music video. So once you've pulled that off, you can see that this is perhaps the most well made one of the franchise. Yes, it does have sub-par acting for a majority of the movie, but you don't watch these for the acting, you watch them for the cars- and it delivers in that aspect. And yes, Lucas Black's hick accent does come on a bit strong, but I later realized it helps add to the fish out of water motif throughout the movie. As I mentioned before; this is a well made film, especially in the way Justin Lin captured elements of it: it keeps your attention with eye-catching visuals, fast cars, and a wonderfully tone-setting score composed by Brian Tyler. Also, unlike the first two films in the franchise, I find this one to be highly rewatchable. So lets face the facts and view the movie for what it really is: 90 minuets of fast, furious fun.

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Author: kosmasp
11 August 2009

The movie tries to go back and catch the essence of the first movie. It might not (really) have any actors from the previous installments, but the "Fast & Furious" feeling is there ... and wait til the end for a little surprise (unless someone told you or you read it, you won't really expect it).

The thing is, the stunts are top notch, really good. But the story doesn't carry through Lucas Black seems to loathe every minute he is on screen, while cursing his agent, who got him the role(?). Even Paul Walker felt more "right" in the franchise. If you wanna fast forward and watch the stunts, you might add a point or two to my vote.

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