The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (Video 2006) Poster


Jackie Dorsey: Toe pick!

Kate Moseley: They're on their way. they should be here any second now.

Jackie Dorsey: Why do I feel like I spend my whole life waiting for him?

Jackie Dorsey: [Before her first singles skate] It's not worth winning if you don't have to fight for it.

Doug Dorsey: To win, you have to be willing to fail.

Jackie Dorsey: [to Alex] Yes. The answer to everything is yes.

Kate Moseley: No! Absolutely not! Nobody does side by side triples! It's too dangerous

[to Jackie]

Kate Moseley: You agreed to this?

Jackie Dorsey: [nods sheepishly] Kind of. It was a long flight.

Alex Harrison: Fine. Have it your way. I have just one problem with that.

Jackie Dorsey: [Gets into skating position] What's that?

Alex Harrison: I'm in love with you Jackie.

Doug Dorsey: [after seeing Alex pick up Jackie] How come we never had to do that?

Kate Mosley Dorsey: You were easier to train.

Alex Harrison: [talking about the bodyguards] I got tossed out on my sequined ass!

Italian Waiter: Scusa, miss, your cab is here.

Heidi Clements: Danke.

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