28 Weeks Later (2007) Poster


It All Begins Again
Warning! Maintain the quarantine Deadly force will be used to protect this area
It's Back
It's Not Over
Are you safe?
When days turn to weeks...
Quarantine. Eradication. Sterilization. Repopulation.
Eradication. Sterilization. Re-Population. Re-Infection.
The Threat Is Everywhere
There Is No Escape
We've lost control. Kill them all.
Week One: No Trace. Week Two: No Warning. Week Eight: No Control. Week Sixteen: No Cure. Week Twenty Eight: No Escape.
Quarantine. Eradication. Sterilization. Re-Population. Re-Infection.
When days turn to weeks, the horror returns.
Week Twenty-Eight: No Escape
Eradication. Re-Population. Re-Infection.

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