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adam-6279 April 2007
Two years have passed since this program went on the air, and even though only ten episodes were produced, it still runs in some of the over 80 countries in which it first ran in 2005. The show was loved and hated, but most who saw it had an opinion about the topic, contestants, or agents, and how real or unreal the entire situation seemed to them. For me, as the agent and agency-owner on the show, it was just plain fun. A good time. Most of it was a bit staged, and that was certainly not a great way for our agency to get clients, but it does show some insight as to the process by which actors strive, and agents decide, and how it all seems to matter so much at the time. I appreciated all of your comments, positive and negative, on the message board. I hope you put up with my defensiveness as well. Thanks for the memories...

Adam Lieblein, President - Acme Talent & Literary
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This show absolutely screams fake!!!
globalhunter2211 September 2006
This has to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen on the network E!, and yes, it's that bad! First off, everything about this show seems completely staged, from the actors to the well dressed and groomed agents.

The premise of the show is fairly straightforward, some unknown actors searching to find a agency that will sign them. Roughly 5-6 actors will compete for a chance to be signed to the agency (ACME).

The premise itself while not bad, would have worked well if the actors actually knew or had some remote knowledge of acting. Apparently all of the contestants seem to either act like emotionless robots or act like they're impersonating Richard Simmons. (Which btw is never fun to watch)

"Fight For Fame" might as well be attached to any other crappy reality show, cause that's all it really is, a reality show and nothing more!

Both of the agents from ACME are 10 x worse than the actors, in terms of being utterly fake. Both seem very conceited and almost smug at times, that it makes me want to vomit just the thought of it.

Seriously, do yourself a favor E! and don't bother making a another season of this trash. Haven't we suffered enough...?
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