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23 Jan. 2006
A Tale of Two Kisses
Alex tries to convince a tavern owner that she likes to put his building up for sale.
30 Jan. 2006
Is She Really Going Out with Him?
Alex tries to keep her blossoming romance with Scott under wraps since her father, Bill, doesn't think very highly of Scott since the tavern deal went sour.
6 Feb. 2006
Alex gets annoyed by a sound Scott makes after he swallows. When she confronts him about it he hints at the fact that she herself may have some annoying habits, which in turn makes self counties. To resolve the issue she proposes that they both write down lists about the others annoying habits. When Alex reads the basically empty list Scott wrote, she regrets the idea.
13 Feb. 2006
New Best Friend
As more and more of Alex's attention goes to Scott, Julian feels neglected. When Alex forgets to make a reservation for Julian, he stops talking to her. Meanwhile Mr. Rose refuses to accept that he has the flue and spreads it all around the office.
27 Feb. 2006
The Fix-Up
Alex convinces Scott to set one of his friends up with Molly. Scott, in order to sweeten the deal, lets his friend know that Molly is just wants to have sex. Mr. Rose is stuck with his wife's dog over the weekend. To avoid having to take care of the dog he forces Julian to paint a portrait of the dog.
6 Mar. 2006
Alex sees no reason to celebrate her birthday, Scott however has another point of view.
22 Mar. 2006
The Mattress
Alex is jealous of Scott's couch, which he got with a former girlfriend.
29 Mar. 2006
Big Client
Mr. Rose pretends to like Scott in order to land a client. Julian and Steven debate the value of an accent when picking up women.
12 Apr. 2006
You Compete Me
During a hoop shoot game with Scott's best friends, Alex tries to make the best first impression, but ends up being overly competitive, so the game turns into a game of century. Bill tries to convince Stephen to turn down a partner position at another firm.
4 Sep. 2006
A Moving Story
Alex accidentally gets Scott kicked out of his flat whilst he is away, and she starts to fear he will want to move in with her.

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