Interview: Director Aaron Katz Gives a Shout Out to ‘Land Ho!’

Chicago – There might not be a more unusual movie this year than “Land Ho!” The film follows two “golden boys,” sixtysomethings Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) and Colin (Paul Eenhoorn), as they take an Odd Couple-type trip to Iceland. Writer/director Aaron Katz (“Dance Party, USA”) breaks that ice between the two men.

Katz had both a co-director and co-writer on the film, Martha Stephens, and the one-of-a-kind line readings from lead actor Earl Lynn Nelson (“That’s me, baby!”). Nelson is a retired surgeon, as he is in the film, and he steals the show as a profane, pot-smoking senior who is looking for adventure, and takes Paul Eenhoorn’s Colin along for the ride. What is unique about this situation, beyond Nelson, is the vast and awe-inducing setting of Iceland, and the very human story of two disparate gentleman trying to figure out one of the more confusing times of life.
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