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Not Bad... But NOT the WHOLE story...

Author: carpentersfan2003 from Canada
16 January 2006

I have been a avid Royal watcher since I was a little boy. And in fact I remember gathering around a portable TV to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana with my family while we where camping. From what I can say about this movie is that it gives us more of a background into Charles' relationship with Camilla and their undying love for each other. However it barely scratches the surface of Diana's story and the hell she faced with in the Royal "firm". While this movie is a good starting place for those unfamiliar with the history of the current royal family to get the entire picture you really need to get your hands on a copy of the movie " Diana: Her True Story " starring Serena Scott Thomas as the Late Pincess of Wales.

The actors all fit the roles that they play well and this is a watchable and entertaining movie start to finish. Definitely worth the time take to watch it...

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Enchanting and interesting to watch, but an uncomfortable feeling of betrayal.

Author: genie-42 from United Kingdom
2 August 2006

I was really looking forward to watch this when it aired during Christmas 2005. I am not a fan of Charles and Camilla at all, but for some reason I have always found the Royals a fascinating family to follow. Their lives seems to be like one long running soap opera and of course when it comes to scandals this one takes the biscuit.This program was meant to make the public symphasise with Camilla, but instead really shows her up. In the film she has the portrayal of a very rich but cheap tart who seemed to constantly lead Charles along and then let him down. When they first meet they both know that they have something special, but before long when Charles is off in the navy she gets engaged with hardly any thought. Next she gets pregnant, but they still can't stay away from each other. There are bits when Camilla seems to feel sad and cry, but that dosen't match her actions. They both agree that he needs to marry someone. Camilla personally takes on the job to find a young, sweet, naive virgin while she and Charles can see each other without her suspecting much. There is a horrible over whelming sense of betrayal and the thought that they are going to ruin someones life forever, especially Camilla finds a house for him and Diana to live in - that is 20 minutes away from her. Also in the scene where Camilla tells Diana not to hunt, so she can be alone with him is very calculating. You want Diana to run away when she confronts him about her fears of his adultery before the wedding, but you know she isn't going to. At the end Camilla and Charles are tearful that he is going to be married, but this still dosen't make them nicer people to feel sorry for, because of what they are doing. It was a very watchable and thrilling programme, you forget that you know exactly what is going to happen.

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Miscasting Galore, especially actress playing Lady Diana

Author: lth25 from United States
3 January 2006

This is a curiosity piece for those who are royal watchers. It details the story of the relationship of Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. For some reason, it came out choppily edited and one scene jumped a bit too abruptly to the next. The actors playing the main roles tried hard but Charles came out looking like a social misfit (seemingly the only woman who took to him, according to this film, were Lady Diana and Camilla--actually he had serious relationships). Camilla comes out looking like a tea and sympathy type (what about it dearie) who takes Charles in and has a long term relationship with him. The actress playing Diana is a total miscast. All she has is the hairdo, but she cannot convey or channel Diana. For one thing, she is quite wooden, too mature for the part of a starry eyed nineteen year old and the other she is all wrong physically and facially for the part. Charles towers over her which is quite jarring. In reality, Charles and Diana were about the same height, she being quite tall. There are factual errors, the most blatant being when Camilla tells Charles Princess Caroline is a prospect and probably still a virgin (this takes place in Fall 1979 when Caroline was married about a year to Philippe Junot). Also, Charles' other significant other Lady Kanga is completely left out; she had a major role in his life around the seventies and early eighties. This is a once see for those who enjoy movies about royals. For others, it's best to avoid.

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Better than I was expecting

Author: wnterstar from United States
31 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie because there was really nothing else on at the time, but I found myself enjoying it. The actors were good at portraying the ultra proper manner of the English aristocracy. I had heard the story of Charles and Camilla before, but this movie brought it home to me. It makes me understand why Prince Charles would go through everything he has endured to be with her.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the end of the movie, I had to leave right as Camilla offered to find Charles a wife. I was one of the people who watched as much of the Royal Wedding as I could and I watched the coverage of Prince Charles marriage to Camilla and as such, I wish I could have seen the rest, especially his relationship with Princess Diana.

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The ultimate spin job...

Author: rps-2 from Bracebridge Ont
17 January 2006

With all the depth and dramatic quality of a Harlequin romance, this film is a glaringly obvious attempt to sell Camilla Parker Bowles to the British public (and the world) as sensitive, loving, strong and patriotic. So it will be just fine when she becomes queen. Q.E.D. In other words, this is a shallow propaganda effort that also destroys the image of Diana, portraying her as something of a bimbo. Laurence Fox was a dreadful choice to play Charles. His appearance is totally wrong. Nor did he master Charles' body language and vocal inflections. A very poor job! Likewise the portrayal of Philip.(Actually the Queen and her mother turn out pretty well.) But overall, it is a shallow royal soap opera and, like the soaps, it leaves you hanging with an ending that guarantees a sequel. Let's hope it's better than the original!

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okay movie, saw it on cable TV last week

Author: ruis2005 from United States
7 December 2005

I really liked the performances by the actors who portrayed Charles and Camilla, & also the actress they chose to portray Diana was very convincing in that role as well, so casting was very good. I don't know how accurate the film was, as I don't keep up with celebrity gossip and haven't read any of the biographies on Prince Charles or the Charles/Diana/Camilla situation, but I enjoyed this film. I look forward to seeing more films featuring actor Lawrence Fox. I recognized him as the actor who portrayed a German pilot in the BBC series "Island at War." He really humanizes Prince Charles in this film, I think overall it is a very flattering portrayal, although I don't really like how he and Camilla took advantage of Diana's innocence and youth, they really ruined her life. I gave the film 8 stars instead of 10, because I generally don't like these tell-all types of stories based on celebrity dirty laundry, but it was a good film with good acting; enjoyable overall.

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Opening music??? And other members of the royal family??

Author: andrew-1166 from london - United Kingdom
31 December 2005

Once again, no listing of the music. Does anyone know what was the opening music, in the first minute or so? I'm sure I have heard it in another movie.

As for the film itself, the general script/storyline is so well known, certainly to anyone living in the UK, that the interest could only be sustained in obscure details -eg what do the royal apartments look like; and does HRH always wear a tie at home. The only snippets that I found of interest concerned details of princess Anne's personal life. Her character, as depicted, did not correspond to the popular image of her. I wonder, was is fact or fiction?.

As for the family, we saw something of Anne, of Uncle Dickie and a brother or two -and that was about it (oh, and a note delivered from Papa).

I am thinking of instituting communications by notes in our household, with my sons. But i would have to rely on the cat to deliver them.

And the music---if anyone knows, please help....

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Very good telling of the other side of the story

Author: MydnightRose from United States
26 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed this movie and the way it portrayed Charles and Camilla. They are not the villains people want them to be, they are just two people who found themselves so deeply in love that they couldn't stay away from each other. Olivia Poulet was a great Camilla, and portrayed how multi-layered she was and probably still is. She was definitely a woman of the 70's when she met Charles; though I have always wondered what it was about Andrew that made her hold onto him so hard, especially as opposed to Charles. Laurence Fox plays Charles in a very sympathetic light, though I must say if he, the writers and directors took the lost puppy dog angle a little too far. Charles had some awkward qualities about him but he still had a long string of girlfriends before he met Camilla and after she was married. Despite the fact that they didn't get Charles completely right, I think all involved did a great job of showing how important Camilla was to him and how she gave him something that no other woman, perhaps nobody in general, was able to give him. I must admit that I found myself falling in love with Laurence's Prince Charles, and his awkward, sullen, a little jittery man with a quiet strength about him. One of the stand outs in this movie is Princess Anne who only pops up from time to time but always steals the scene with her witty comments and her British nose permanently up in the air. I have never been a fan of Anne, but Alexandra made me like her and laugh at the world with her. Don't know if Anne was really like this, but in this movie she always has a sense of knowing what is going on and relaying to Charles the reality of a situation which he, for some reason, is unable to see. This is not a movie about Diana, or Charles and Diana; it is a movie about Charles and Camilla and their first and second go around, the second one which ended when Charles marries Diana. I feel Michelle Duncan played a good Diana who was shy, beautiful, and in love with the idea of Charles rather than Charles himself. All parties involved come off looking equally good, bad, and selfish; the movie ends with the hope that CnC will remain friends but put an end to the romantic and sexual aspect of their relationship and that Charles will somehow find happiness with Diana. I definitely think royal watchers should look into this movie.

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Witty and surprisingly moving

Author: halpen567 from United Kingdom
31 August 2006

I started watching this with some scepticism, fully expecting it to be another soapy royal saga, but to my astonishment found it sensitively written and surprisingly perceptive. It didn't fall into the trap of being royal "spin" or the equally easy trap of being cheaply sensationalist - it just tried to understand what happened between the young Charles and Camilla without making glib judgements. As a result it was touching and funny and wholly absorbing, and in the end extremely moving.

The actors playing Charles and Camilla were excellent, helped by some of the best dialogue I've heard in ages - effortlessly witty at one moment, direct and emotional the next. And never ever falsely sentimental. Many congratulations to all concerned.

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