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Impossible to control - threw my copy in the trash

Author: 23skidoo-4 from Calgary, Canada
4 August 2007

This review is for the PC version of the game.

I've never thrown a game into the garbage before, but that is what I have just done with True Crime: NYC. Fortunately I only paid about $10 for it at a discount store and not $50 or whatever its original price was.

The game had a lot of promise. The idea of a virtual NYC you could drive around was a cool idea, and that part of the game I really liked (although it got annoying after the 50th time I got smashed into by other cars). And I like the idea of having big name voice actors involved, though I have to wonder how hypocritical it was to have Marsika Hargitay of SVU playing a female detective whose skirt is only a few steps down from a thong (if there are cops who actually dress like this on duty outside of the vice squad, I'm signing up!).

And I liked the basic plot - what little I could get before i gave up in disgust.

And give up I did. I'm OK with games that are difficult, in terms of being able to achieve goals or fight and survive. But when one literally requires 4 arms in order to hit all the controls you need to accomplish anything, at that point I say the game is poorly designed and not worth my time. What's worse, actions that work perfectly well during the training mode mysteriously no longer work once the "real" game starts. As a result instead of frisking and arresting suspects, I ended up either pushing them in front of cars (which was fun, I'll admit, but not quite what the game wanted me to do) or my gun came out and I shot them, which again wasn't exactly the mission.

There is a difference between being frustrated with a game that is difficult and being frustrated with a game that is physically impossible to play. The first issue can be alleviated by finding a hint guide somewhere, or even finding cheat codes. But there's no cheat in the world that protects against bad design.

As I say, this is with regards to the PC version. Maybe the console versions are simpler to operate and therefore actually can be played. If you have a choice, take the console version. Unless you have 4 arms, of course.

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Good way to virtually tour NYC

Author: lopingbuzzard from Earth, Sol system
31 May 2006

The coolest thing about this game is that it contains all of Manhattan. All the streets, anyway. Unfortunately, most of the buildings are generic with just a smattering of actual buildings and landmarks such as St. Patrick's and the UN building. You cannot enter into most of these buildings, however, with a few exceptions like Grand Central. The only buildings you can enter are generic restaurants, hotels, and laundries. And they are all the same - the interior of every hotel is exactly the same, as is every convenience store and strip club.

It was fun to roam the streets of Manhattan again, and safer than doing it for real. The game-play, however was pretty bad. The main story missions are somewhat amusing, but the regular police work is painfully repetitive. Stolen cars, fights among the homeless, rock bands wrecking hotels... you have to deal with these problems over and over and over.

This game might be appealing to anyone who has never seen, played, or heard of GTA: San Andreas. To everyone else, it's just a cheap, buggy, boring, knockoff. Forget playing the game. Just enjoy touring Manhattan without the normal traffic - sort of a Manhattan ghost town.

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This game has fatal flaws, and can easily be best categorized under the worst games of 2005

Author: kylekool150 from Canada
20 December 2007

To summarize this in one minute... not a very good review, but I all I can do is hand out negatives, so give me a break.

After playing True Crime: NYC, there are dozens of things I can say about the game. First being, that you should not waste your money on this game, even if you're just renting it to fool around with a couple of friends and point out flaws.

This game has erratic frame rate, and is completely disabled by bugs. It also has horrible dialog, sound effects and graphics. Not only this, but the controls are faulty, and in-and-out of missions annoying phrases are said over and over again. The horrible acting job and the casting makes it more frustrating.

And beyond these flaws of many other flaws, the game has basically no replay value, and the core game play is plenty poor itself. You get no thrill from firing the weapons, driving the vehicles, or any elements of the core game play.

As for the soundtrack in the game... well, it's pretty rushed. There are a few decent songs in there, but it's mostly tacky rap music. Not only this, but another huge problem is not being able to listen to the soundtrack while in-game off the menu. I suppose this doesn't matter, since the music being enabled in the game play isn't going to fix the rushed game play or provide any interest.

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A FAIR review of a flawed and dull game.....

Author: J McClane from United Kingdom
17 June 2006

Just reading SOME of the "reviews" of this game, it's clear that they have been written by prepubescent kids that are playing a game they should not be in the first place. Let's ignore the graphics and all the other stuff that DOES NOT MATTER, let's talk GAMEPLAY.

TC:LA was bad, bug ridden and boring. So I was hoping they could work on these problems for the sequel...they didn't. TC:NY is just as bug ridden and boring as it's previous incarnation. Yet it's VERY slightly better in terms of gameplay. First the bugs, I have lost count how many times I died during missions cos I was getting shot at THROUGH walls. Then I lost count of how many times I was pushed or punched THROUGH walls during fights. Did they even bother to hire gametesters? And don't even get me started on the driving bugs. Then there is the TERRIBLE AI, cars crashing at random, the police shooting at you and killing you as you try to arrest someone, the police shooting and killing key suspects even though they are out cold on the floor, etc.

OK, you get a great re-incarnation of NY to explore, trouble is only around 40% of it is actually used in the game, so what is the point? At least in GTA there is a point to exploring the cities and almost every corner of them are used. It takes too damn long to drive around between missions (cos the map is so damn big for NO good reason). But at least you can use taxis & subways to get around, which is dull but far better than having to drive everywhere.

The missions, you get 3 main story missions split into several parts. So you get around 17-20 story missions....compared to GTAs 50/60+ or so, that's pretty damn weak really. But let's not forget the sub-missions...all 3 varieties of them. You got racing missions (which would be great if the driving sections were not so terrible), you get 3 tiers again split into 3 races and 1 final race, so 10 races altogether....YAWN! Then there are the informant missions, which basically have you working for a cabbie, working for a "madame" or taking "jobs" from you least these are varied. Then finally you have the mele fighting missions, split the same way as the races so you get 10 fights. The mele fighting is probably one of the few good points of the game, but the fight arenas do get repetitive, good job there are only 10 fights. Oh I almost forgot (it was so dull) you also get to clean up the city by "solving" random crimes around town.

Yes you can go into almost any building...trouble is they are all the same. All hotels look the same, all restaurants look the same, all bars look the get the idea. So what is the point of being able to go into almost any building if they are all the same anyway? All of the interesting building in NY you can not enter, just generic hotels and bars, etc. No getting to the top of the Empire State for a great view here.

The best part of the game is the mele fighting, you get to learn all sorts of styles and can even swap styles mid fight. Start a fight as a "brawler" then finish them off with some "Kung Fu". There are also mele weapons skills to learn such as sword, and bo (staff) fighting.

One of the main draws of the game is being able to play as a good (arrest people turn in evidence) or bad cop (kill people, accept bribes, sell evidence)...but it makes NO DIFFERENCE at all to the game what path you it's ultimately pointless. Maybe if they added different story missions to follow depending on which path you choose, it would have added some extra value to the game. The only minor difference between good/bad cop is the good cop gets promoted quicker, but the bad cop makes money faster.

You get to spend that money on new cars, guns, clothing and skills (driving, guns and fighting). So at least there is some point to the cash. Trouble is it's one of those games (like GTA) where earning money is so damn easy, you end up with too much and nothing to spend it on.

The collecting of "evidnece" for crimes is a nice idea, though it makes no difference to the outcome whether you do or not. It would have been great if you had to collect enough evidence to convict a bad guy instead, but as it stands evidence is just another excuse to make money. So again, a nice idea wasted as it's pointless really.

To be honest, there is more variety and enjoyment in GTAs sub-missions alone in comparison to the WHOLE of TC:NY.

Overall, this is a VERY average game full of bugs with fairly dull and flat gameplay. But all these turn out to be good points as the game is so damn short, you don't have to put up with them for too long. TC:NY is just to damn flawed to warrant higher praise...but the "teenagers" that are too young to play the game and think it "cool" to run around shooting people will lap it up, just that "true" gamers will spot the flaws in the game's design and gameplay and see it for what it really is...a BADLY programed game forever to be in the shadow of the games it rips off so much. If you can find a copy of this in the bargain bucket at you local shops, lap it up. But there are much better games on the market that do this sort of thing with much more style and sustenance. (I'm looking at GTA:SA and even to a lesser extent The Godfather)

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God awful crap

Author: matthewwestfall1 from United States
27 August 2006

this game has so many screw ups and glitches i don't even know where to start. this game is another poor attempt to mimic the GTA series. the graphics are terrible. every time I play the game its raining. it'll rain for about five seconds then stop then start raining again. the only good thing about this game is I guess the music. Anyone who likes The True Crime series or Driv3r (the worst)is "mentaly sick and should be shot I'm afraid to say." (Quoting from GTA VC Pastar Richards on VCPR)if you have played GTA Vice City. I've been playing for over 5 years. I've also played just about every single game that has attempted to mimic GTA. I have nothing good to say about those games. My advice to you, stay away from this game!

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Author: Otis McNutt ( from Enfield, CT
1 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

True Crime Streets of L.A. was an awesome game, and this game puts that to shame. In the long awaited sequel (of sorts) too True Crime: L.A. This game takes place in the city that never sleeps. In the beginning it's Christmas eve 2000. You are Marcus Reed the no good, low life son of gangster Isaiah Reed AKA "King". After narrowly being killed by his father's goons when he tried a hostile takeover of his father's criminal empire, Marcus wreaks bloody vengeance on the "friends" who sold him out, and is saved from a jail cell by his father's friend a member of NYPD's elite O.C.S, Terrence Higgins. Cut to five years later and a dramatically different Marcus, who now fights on the side of Law and Order as he graduates from beat cop to the O.C.S. while on a case, Terry is killed in an explosion effectively ending Marcus' O.C.S career even before it starts.

Angered by the loss of his friend and mentor Marcus wages war on the low life drug lords of the city working his way up the food chain to the mastermind behind Terry's death. Along the way making friends and enemies and taking orders from his commander Deena Dixon. Action and adventure await in this fast paced, tough as nails adventure. You have the choice to be either the good guy or the rouge officer. And the reward is not one but two endings, and a surprise that will shock and amaze you. And be sure to visit as many stores as you can to upgrade your music collection and listen to some great tunes form yesterday and today in the world of Hip-Hop, Rock, Techno, and club music. But beware this game is NOT for kids, harsh language awaits. So get out there and show your True Crime!

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Total garbage.

Author: Zen444 from Canada
12 January 2006

True Crime: New York City is a pitiful attempt to cash in on the urban themed games, the game is the sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA, which was a decent attempt to cash in on the popularity of the GTA games.

One of the problems comes from the story, so bare bones and generic I was guessing the plot quarter of the way in.(And mostly right too!) The script is pretty bad, even though they've got Traci Lords and Christopher Walken in this game, they drop F-bombs and the N word every few seconds.

The only glimmer of hope in this game should come from the Graphics, sound, and gameplay... right? Well maybe the sound, but that's it.

The graphics are nothing short of unimpressive and uninspired, sure they mapped New York down to almost every nook and cranny, but it's useless when you've got nothing to do.

The gameplay combines sneaking,fighting,driving, into a mish mash of awfulness I can't even comprehend.

The sound is probably the only thing that saves this game, it has a combination of rap and the New York music scene.(The Ramones, Blondie, etc.)

But, here comes the worst part of the game. The bugs. Not your regular house hold bugs, but "destroy your game permanently" bugs. The x-box version gets the worst of it, including a bug that makes it impossible to finish the game. But that's not the only bug, oh no. Enemeies get hung up in objects and cars disappear. Which makes you have to restart the mission you where on at the time.

Overall, I give this mess 1/10. It's quite possibly the worst game i've ever played, don't even bother. Save yourself $50 or $5 dollars.

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