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Solid Game
Mark Jackson10 January 2008
Let me start off by saying that this is the 1st ever mature rated game that I ever bought. For any parent looking to buy this game for a child, the violence isn't too bad, but the language is definitely in full force. Anyway, back to the review. The bad? The game is glitchy at times, even stopping when entering a building or in the middle of a mission. Also, the game is very short, and the language feels overdone in certain places. The good? However short, both endings are solid and resolve the game for the most part, and the characters are very realistic and likable, especially the game's protagonist, Marcus Reed. I could not justify $50 for this game when it came out, but now, it is a great buy for $10 at your local Gamestop. Overall, a solid game.
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As bad as the other one was this one was not too bad..
mikeybowers99921 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this game a 9 because of it's really good arsenal. Your car can hold about a lot of guns at once. It was really good than the other one. One tip, don't kill a innocent person or you will loose your badge! That is a really bad thing to happen because you will lose all progress and will need to start the game over. The infestations are really good and realistic. Blood is bad but high in action. You start off as a criminal and have to fight you way out of some hideout. You get caught and become a cop.You have to fight off bad guys and take over the streets in a battle you could never think of! It is really good! 9/10.
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Above average
middle_earthfan45411 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have this game right now from rent and to be honest, I think it's slightly better than the first. Here is the games description (From my POV) True Crime: Streets of NYC is based on a cop named Marcus Reed who is an ex-gang member and takes up a job as a cop in the big apple. Your job is obvious, kick or shoot the crap out of perps, gang members and other law breaking creeps.

You also take on missions that can either influence or injure your good cop/bad cop meter (This indicates the good/bad deeds you commit during the game). For example if you shoot a guy in the leg marked blue, its good but if you shoot him in the head marked red, it's bad. This can get very annoying as you may accidentally run over civilians which adds bad cop points, running over other cops is worth much more, ever perps count.

Making matters worse, the artificial intelligence so much as forces pedestrians to jump the into your driving path and with narrow streets and terrible break controls, it's difficult to avoid running over people.

Unlike Streets of LA, you can't learn new fighting moves but entire techniques such as karate and tai quan do (you start the game with brawling). You can also learn sword and bo staff skills but these are not all that necessary as you start the game with a knight stick which works just as well.

The map is Enormous! It's practically the entire city taken from real life and put into a game but not with particularly large buildings and historical monuments. You can enter some buildings but nothing too fancy, only night clubs, restaurants, laundromats, pawn shops and gun stores which all look the same.

You can make money from arresting perps or collecting evidence from crime scenes. Eventually you'll have bought everything you need in the game but all the money you'll be making will no longer be needed.

There is an unnecessarily large array of guns available, you can get them from gun shops or from perps. Some weapons deal the same amount of damage and hold just as many bullets so there is no actual point to buy a different gun with the same stats.

The glitches are easily noticed, the game freezes and skips certain stuff, I have myself stuck in a predicament in which the missions won't come up and all the objective screen says is solve city crime...I'VE CLEANED THE WHOLE DAMN CITY!!! All in all, Streets of New York is a good game, it has some cons that are pathetic or frustrating but the shootouts, endless crime chasing and money making parts may count as a bright side. I find it as a good game, just not the best or amongst the best.
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Don't listen to the negative reviews!!
Mission312 March 2006
people who don't like this game are total idiots!! This game is amazing! The graphics are a million times better than grand theft autos. You can extort clerks, you can plant evidence, you can frisk suspects,12+ bonus missions,you can shoot,you can drive , you can paddle, you can interrogate,you can go in nearly every building,search the trunk of a car,you can solve street crime,50+ story missions,buy guns, buy moves,2 5 part bonus missions(fight club and street racing),Buy cars or steal cars,buy clothes, change you hair style and much more!! People talk about glitches as if they happen all the time during play-its not true!!!!! I've had it happen to me 8/50 times of play. This game is the best police game, or for that matter, crime game you'll find on the market!!!!!!!!!!Also has a gripping story with a twist at the end.
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For people who like cop and cars
roboh-212 February 2007
True Crime New York

If you like cops and cars this is the game for you!!! First A look at the worse of the game.....Yes it has a lot of bugs, and yes the story is not top of the line.....However, the game it's self is full of action and their are choices of different things to do. At any time you can veer off the normal missions and solve street crimes, their are also a few side missions to complete as well. People will argue that it's a rip off of GTA. It's just a good cop sequel to the True Crime Streets of LA. Overall I give it A 8. If not for the bugs I would have given it a 10.
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True Crime NYC IS better than True crime streets of LA
life-goes-on9429 March 2007
True Crime NYC is the next in the True crime series after streets of LA. IT is a very good game in my opinion with fair graphics, OK gameplay and a fairly good story. Although the music in my opinion isn't very good as it is mainly all rap, and you are sometimes shot through walls it is still a good game. It is also longer than Streets of LA as in that game you could pretty much just skip every mission and have it done within 2 days. The shooting is also better in streets of NY. However, the game does have some 'bugs' in it, for example one time i got trapped underneath some stairs and could not move so i had to restart the console, i was meant to be going up the stairs. also sometimes the game jumps and everything starts flashing all the things i just mentioned as well have nothing to do with how clean the disk is.
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This isn't bad. Its just got some flaws.
twisted_priest118 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Alright so your Marcus Reed a cop. Its basically like GTA San Andreas. But your in New York and your obviously a cop. But then you can change your clothes and hair style and get so many more cars than in Streets of LA. In this sequel you can ride taxis across town, subways and then you have a selection of codes (not recommended) to use. There's just one flaw. It has major screw ups on it like the screen turns kinda white. The game freezes up on you sometimes. And then sometimes it won't let you into some buildings. But there's many more missions to do like street clean ups, brawling clubs and street races. The selection of music is good too from everything like rock n roll, metal/punk, rap, club music and many many more, with hits like Knockin on heavens door, Beat on the Brat and Don't fear the reaper.

Overall I'd give this game 8/10
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GTA III, Goes WAY down
samy-115 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This game is one of the best games I have played, another person who wrote a review felt the same as me. The story is fantastic, the city and people have some of the best graphics of all time. I would recommend this to anyone except the queasy because this game is extremely violent. I can't say I didn't enjoy myself when playing this game, the only reason I chose to give this game a 9 is because of the bugs...That's where the game goes downhill. To anyone who has or is going to buy this game: If you have a lot of games and keep them on your PS2 it puts a lot of pressure and weight onto it causing the game to freeze more often. The bugs are the only thing that really angers me. If I could find the head of Luxoflux or Activion, I would say the game rocked! But the technical problems are really annoying. I would also say, You should make a game called TRUE CRIME: Miami. It would be so nice if they would create a True Crime game set there. I hope this helps viewers. The ending is great, there are two by the way, Good and Bad, both are awesome. I beat the game 100%, got a secret Puma outfit and the secret level, but I'll leave you to find out what the level is... I hope this helped and my advice is THIS GAME ROCKED!!! Don't listen to the negative reviews. Trust me.
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Good way to virtually tour NYC
lopingbuzzard31 May 2006
The coolest thing about this game is that it contains all of Manhattan. All the streets, anyway. Unfortunately, most of the buildings are generic with just a smattering of actual buildings and landmarks such as St. Patrick's and the UN building. You cannot enter into most of these buildings, however, with a few exceptions like Grand Central. The only buildings you can enter are generic restaurants, hotels, and laundries. And they are all the same - the interior of every hotel is exactly the same, as is every convenience store and strip club.

It was fun to roam the streets of Manhattan again, and safer than doing it for real. The game-play, however was pretty bad. The main story missions are somewhat amusing, but the regular police work is painfully repetitive. Stolen cars, fights among the homeless, rock bands wrecking hotels... you have to deal with these problems over and over and over.

This game might be appealing to anyone who has never seen, played, or heard of GTA: San Andreas. To everyone else, it's just a cheap, buggy, boring, knockoff. Forget playing the game. Just enjoy touring Manhattan without the normal traffic - sort of a Manhattan ghost town.
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Otis McNutt1 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
True Crime Streets of L.A. was an awesome game, and this game puts that to shame. In the long awaited sequel (of sorts) too True Crime: L.A. This game takes place in the city that never sleeps. In the beginning it's Christmas eve 2000. You are Marcus Reed the no good, low life son of gangster Isaiah Reed AKA "King". After narrowly being killed by his father's goons when he tried a hostile takeover of his father's criminal empire, Marcus wreaks bloody vengeance on the "friends" who sold him out, and is saved from a jail cell by his father's friend a member of NYPD's elite O.C.S, Terrence Higgins. Cut to five years later and a dramatically different Marcus, who now fights on the side of Law and Order as he graduates from beat cop to the O.C.S. while on a case, Terry is killed in an explosion effectively ending Marcus' O.C.S career even before it starts.

Angered by the loss of his friend and mentor Marcus wages war on the low life drug lords of the city working his way up the food chain to the mastermind behind Terry's death. Along the way making friends and enemies and taking orders from his commander Deena Dixon. Action and adventure await in this fast paced, tough as nails adventure. You have the choice to be either the good guy or the rouge officer. And the reward is not one but two endings, and a surprise that will shock and amaze you. And be sure to visit as many stores as you can to upgrade your music collection and listen to some great tunes form yesterday and today in the world of Hip-Hop, Rock, Techno, and club music. But beware this game is NOT for kids, harsh language awaits. So get out there and show your True Crime!
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