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Great game!!

Author: Tom9106 from townsville, australia
10 June 2005

Hi all, This game is by far one of the best of star wars, it is very playable to all ages, requires a lot of thought and is most of all a lot of fun! The graphics are good, but the clips in between levels are awesome as they are a combination between actual movie footage and made up game footage.

Anakin turns to the dark side perfect in this game with a rather difficult lightsabre fight with Mace Windu before the emperor blows him out the window and the fight against Grievous is probably more difficult the fighting Anakin.

Thanks all!

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Can't Be Better.

Author: GreenGoblin-2005 from United States
14 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen this game beaten over 6 times in about two weeks and I must say best game ever.

You play as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as you journey through the game in order to stop the clone wars and defeat great foes in fierce lightsaber combat.

The fighting style is by far the best fighting style in any Star Wars game ever made.

They even have an alternate ending where Anakin jumps over Obi-Wan and stabs him right through with his lightsaber.

Mace dies in a different way, Dooku dies in a different way but I guess they didn't want to spoil much of the movie.

For the last comment, they even have scenes from the movie where you can enjoy over 10 minutes of footage.

Thank you for reading my submission and I rate this game a 10/10.

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Great Movie-Based Game

Author: CrowBat2005 from United States
10 August 2005

I bought an XBox just so I could buy the game and play it. When I did, I was very pleased. I was online and I ran into a site about it that was so enticing, I had to get it. The only thing was I played it so often when I first got it, I beat it in about 3 days. I kind of miss playing it but now that everything's done, the incentive to do so is gone. So if you're going to buy this game, I suggest that you try not to burn it out with your enthusiasm.

There was something else that was a little disappointing about it. I had expected at least Hayden Christensen's and Ewan McGregor's voices to be featured in the game as themselves. Many of the LOTR cast did for "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" games I have for Gamecube. However, the voices that were cast as them were convincing for a while.

It's not as bad as I've read in other reviews. If you want a game based on a movie, you want it as closely related to it as possible and this game's the closest you'll get to "Revenge of the Sith" before its DVD release.

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Awesome Star Wars game!

Author: davies-13 from Wales
3 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This game is an good one but the life-span dies out after a while. Based on the blockbuster movie this game has solid animation, in-fact it's one of the best i've seen in games. The characters and weapons are very easy to control and the missions are very enjoyable. But for some reason, i can't explain, i get bored with it after a while. It really is the best star wars game that you can fight with lightsabers in, but once i'd been playing it for a while, i just wanted to do something else. the various characters you can play as or against never ends and the multi-player mode is awesome. But really, maybe it's just me that finds it boring after a while, i'm deffinatley not putting it down because it's a great game. If you're a Star Wars fan or like action games then this is a deffinatley must have game.

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It was fun to play. but short though.

Author: micfranklin from United States
23 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this game back in August and I don't understand why people constantly thrash this game. Sure the graphics are pretty outdated and not completely realistic, but you'll still be able to recognize Obi-wan and Anakin when you see them. And the environments look real, too, so that's an accomplishment.

The sound was good and the music is typical of any Star Wars game, but the voicing was something left to be desired. I don't think the real actors put the voices in for the game, but they sound close enough. When I hear Anakin's voice, it sounds like he's just woken up from a long nap.

Gameplay is amazing, being able to cut up droids, the clones, fellow Jedi and whatnot, but it could've been longer. I'd like to have seen a level where you can play as Yoda vs. Emperor (though there is a bonus level where the short, green dude is playable) Overall its a good game and look past the graphics to get to the real core.

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Not bad , but if you really want to experience anakins switch to the darkside, stick to the movie

Author: knowledge from England
22 November 2005

Considering how plot driven and epic revenge of the sith was, you would think that the spin off game would be something a little more than just a straight forward hack and slash em up, but thats just what it is- a straight forward hack and slash em up.

Its not a bad game , but its blandly linear level design and button bashing gameplay ensure that its not a great one- if your not an undemanding star wars fan , then you'll find this pretty average .

There are attempts to add depth to the game with the bonus missions and a fun two player mode , but ultimately what it all boils down to is hacking and slashing droids, walking a bit and hacking and slashing droids some more.Its Golden axe with light sabers if you will.

Presentation wise the game is great, the film copies the look of the film well . It copies the sounds brilliantly too- not just the iconic light saber noises among others but john williams masterful score thats so adventurous and epic that it makes the game seem ten times better than it actually is .

Not bad but if you really want to experience anakins switch to the darkside, stick to the movie.

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I didn't pay full price, but I still paid...

Author: CommandDivisionRed ( from Australia
11 June 2005

Well I bought this the day it came out, and knew of a little deal going where I could trade in a few games so I wouldn't pay the $90, i paid $60 instead, but that's not the point.

So I bought it and was hyped as, cause I figured "Holy crap, I basically have the game, the movie possibly, in the palm of my hand before the movie came out" Obviously I was wrong, but yet again, I'm deviating.

OK, I get the game, I play it, you see the opening scroll and get straight into the game as Anakin and Obi Wan aboard Seperatist Leader General Grevious' flagship. You basically hack and slash your way through droids droids and more droids, enjoying clip scenes from the movie as you progress through levels, eventually coming to face Count Dooku. Obviously I wont spoil anything, but you fight him etc.

The rest of the game you alternate between Obi Wan and Anakin, fighting your way through levels from the movie, and levels excluded, watching scenes from the film again.

Unfortunately, the game comes out as too easy, I breezed through it in 8 hours flat. it is also too similar to the Lord of the Rings games in experience points gained go to unlocking different combo's which aren't really used very often.

The only redeeming features would be unlocking movies (including an awesome alternate ending), concept art, bonus levels (one of which you play as YODA!) and multiplayer.

Best that if you come across this game, please rent it, don't fork out your dollars/Euro/Yen etc. on buying a game you'll play the whole way through only once, to occasionally multiplay again.

6/10, nice game, worthwhile features to be unlocked, but too easy and perhaps repetitive.

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