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14 out of 24 people found the following review useful:


Author: Bill Parker
28 July 2007

This movie just wasn't that great. Most of the high reviews seem inflated by the fact that it didn't suck, and aren't based on the actual quality of the film. It was slightly better than the new episodes on TV. but it is hardly a return to the quality of the early 90s. The humor was dumbed down and most of the laughs generated in the theater were from a character banging his head or something childish. A true return to form would show a comedic style that reaches all age and intelligence levels not just the slapstick humor of late. If you're looking for a classic Simpsons movie, I do not recommend this; however, if you are looking for some laughs and aren't expecting much this movie is good.

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One time great comedy becomes sad by-product of America's Dark Age of comedy

Author: wright240597 from United Kingdom
1 January 2010

To be honest, I've been a huge fan of the Simpsons since first watching it at the age of 6, and am always an avid fan of the classic seasons (1 to 8) and seasons 9 to 12 at a stretch. But since 2002, the show's fallen flat and failed to produce even a fraction of the humour or originality from it's heyday. I dreaded the release of this movie, knowing it would really only be one aimed at the younger audience that never got the opportunity to start with the classic episodes.

In the few months before its release, we were promised a new storyline and fresh, new, original jokes. However, it took 11 writers (one being the show's creator Matt Groening) to produce an overlong episode of the series as it is today, with the culmination of sad homophobic jokes and the same 8 sub-story lines that have been used since the classic era, but with extremely stale jokes.

The story (or small shred of what should be a storyline) consists of Homer taking in an obscure animal as a pet (overused subplot #1), single-handedly causing an environmental cock-up that has the rest of the townspeople baying for the family's blood (overused subplot #2) and forcing the family to flee Springfield (OSP #3).

During all of this, Bart disowns Homer for being a negligent parent (OSP #4), Lisa experiences first love for the 217th time (OSP #5), Marge and Homer fall out to an extent where they threaten to divorce each other (OSP #6), so it's up to Homer to try and patch up the family's differences after having an apparition telling him to go back to Springfield and sort out the mess (OSP #7).

If you're still awake by the end credits, make sure you catch Maggie's (10th) first word (OSP #8), that is if you haven't already lost the will to live after the extremely unfunny jokes and soul-destroying cameo scenes from rock band Green Day and actor Tom Hanks.

Avoid this movie at all costs. Alternatively, If you want to watch it for the only witty joke in 8 miserable years of pro-Bush humour, fast forward your borrowed DVD or online video to the final 5 minutes which involves Homer literally being.... I won't give it away for those who haven't seen the movie already or avoided it up to now. Other than that, it truly is one to avoid and a total waste of money, proof that Groening should have pulled the plug on the series at the turn of the millennium.

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Relieved that it didn't suck, but that's about it

Author: Sandcooler from Belgium
15 November 2009

This movie has some incredibly witty moments, but sadly pretty much all of those can be found in the first half hour. That first half hour perfectly captures what "The Simpsons" were like in their first ten seasons or so, but also cleverly brings in new elements. Also, it has Ralph seeing Bart naked on the street and going "I like boys now". I think that moment alone should deserve six stars, but I digress. Then a plot kicks in about Homer polluting a lake and being hated by everyone and the movie really starts dragging itself to the end more and more. From then on there isn't really much creativity left, it's just the Simpsons running from one place to another and some attempts to political satire that come of as rejected material from "South Park". I get it, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't seem very bright, now move on. This movie is only 83 minutes long, but it really feels like they had to do anything they could to even reach that length. Overall, this movie isn't a total disaster like some have claimed, but I did expect a bit more from these writers.

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I laughed... but I should've laughed harder and more frequently.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
26 January 2008

In this big-screen adventure featuring the lovable folk of Springfield, trouble brews for the Simpson family after Homer irresponsibly pollutes the local water supply with tons of pig manure. As a result of this thoughtless action, the town is encased in a huge dome by the Environment Protection Agency and, after angry Springfield citizens form a lynch mob, Homer and his family are forced to become fugitives.

How much you enjoy The Simpsons Movie will depend entirely on your opinion of the current Simpsons TV show: if you have loved the past few seasons, then you'll have a great time—the movie is as funny, if not slightly better, than your average episode of recent years. Those of us, however, who recognise that the show has long since passed its prime will feel underwhelmed: the movie is often amusing, but very rarely hilarious.

And that's just not good enough! When a series as successful as The Simpsons takes 20 years to make the leap from the small screen to the big screen, it had better be damn good—nay, it had better be exceptional!! Instead, this rather uninspired product just doesn't make the wait worthwhile.

5 out of 10, bumped up to 6 out of a misguided sense of loyalty to a show that has given me so much fun in the past.

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Bad, bad, bad idea

Author: biedjee from Netherlands
1 September 2007

(warning, may contain minor spoilers)

I am quite a Simpsons fan. I've always loved the series on telly, and over the past years I have faithfully bought all 'complete series' DVD box sets. I know the series take a dive after series nine, and I'm still doubting whether to buy series 10 when it comes out next month. Better quit while you're ahead, is my motto.

If only the creators of The Simpsons had had that same motto. 20 years in the making, they finally got round to putting the yellow family to the big screen. And while all the buzz was very positive (old producers coming back, the complete writers team of series 2-7 collaborating on the script, etc etc) the movie ultimately fails to deliver. There are some really funny jokes, but the story itself is just downright stupid. Furthermore most of the side-characters are reduced to screenfiller for most of the movie. With the exception of Flanders, Grampa Simpson and (oddly enough) Comic Book Guy and Cletus, none of the supporting characters have anything to do in the movie. Ms Krabapple, Barney, Selma & Patty, Apu and even Moe barely have talking parts? What a waste!

Instead we get a strange Native American lady, an unfunny secret agent and "President Schwarzenegger" (whatever happened to The Simpsons' own Schwarzenegger spoof Rainer Wolfcastle?).

Bad, bad, bad idea.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

The "terrible" humor kills everything!!!

Author: speedfreaks100 from United States
9 October 2009

If anyone gave this movie a 10/10, shame on them.

If you have a look at some of the more positive comments, you'll see that people say this movie is 'hilarious'... however this is clearly untrue.

Watch the movie, and name one funny part of the movie (okay, maybe the spider pig skit is sadly the most funny part of this film (hence its promotion in advertisement and trailers)). Is there one person on this earth who finds repetitive slapstick (Homer repetitively sticking his hand into a lake which is 'electrified'???) and predictable 'childish' humor funny (Moe turns off lights at the bar, and his clothes are stripped from him???)? Unfortunately, there are many people who laugh at this crap... Hahahahahah...NOT!!!!!! Is it just me, or was this humor targeted to satisfy complete retards? Simpsons used to be smart - there characters were well though out, the humor was ironic, ingenious and satirical. Today however, the Simpson's is all about lame stupidity (including the producers who created it!). Once again, the humor is soooo predictable. One such success of cartoons like Family Guy, is that they break down stereotypes and predictability - this is what makes it so smart and hilarious.

I was a bit skeptical before seeing the Simpson's movie (after seeing the newer (more lame) seasons of the Simpsons).... unfortunately i was right.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: Gubby-Allen from England
10 February 2008

Given the standards set by one of the funniest shows ever - certainly the most humorous by a mile from America, this was really disappointing.

Others go into greater depth as to why, too deep really. The problems were quite simple: 1) The who plot was tediously dull - never cared for the outcome. It wasn't a plot for a film. Imagine real characters played by real people. Would it still be interesting or a film script? Never in a million years. Who Killed Mr Burns would make an ideal script for a real film. Frank Grimes would. This never did. They should've worked on a good script and fitted the characters & gags around that.

2) There were no subplots.

3) No jokes - barely any to make you laugh - Fat Tony dumping the body & Chief Wiggum's response was one of the greatest gags ever. Worth a mark on it's own. Where was the rest of those? One or two others (from Martin) but nothing that hurt you, like in the TV show.

4) Underuse of the good characters. Homer has gone from the funniest character in the show to slightly irritating and the rest of the Simpsons have never been the well crafted or interesting characters. Where was Burns, Capt McAllister, Wiggum, Ralph, Quimby, Brockman, Martin? Were Patty & Selma even in it? Overuse of new characters too.

5) Recycled gags & plots. Whole town V Simpsons has been done to death, so to Marge leaving Homer, Simpson's moving away, Homer's invincibility crashing into things (catchphrases can remain funny but entire scenes rarely do).

6) Far too much music throughout the film which added nothing.

7) Nothing to do with the pig was funny, nor Homer getting Bart to skateboard naked seemed to be cobbled together in 2 minutes.

I'll still give it 5/10. It was The Simpsons after all and though such a let down from the standard it has set, there was probably some enjoyment in there.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

A lot of noise for little

Author: Dr Jacques COULARDEAU from Olliergues, France
18 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you had some envy to simpsonize yourself for some Internet page, you will lose all envy after that film. The TV series is funny, caustic, at times slightly gore and trashy, in short it is titillating us in the few spots where we are always itchy, in secret of course. We were waiting for Bart's eating his shorts as usual and we only got a very prudish séance of streaking on a skate board. The main theme is pollution and we had been told that it was going to be awfully gory and we got Al Gore, well wrapped up in his fat and becoming an ecological terrorist in the hand of some bureaucrat of some environmental agency under the guidance of a president who was supposed to drag us down into the darkest layers of the political world and as for blackness and darkness we get a Swharzenegger that does not know how to read. Alaska is nicely polluted by oil companies. Sledge dogs rebel and abandon their master in the middle of nowhere. And we even get the seesaw humdrum banal triteness of "in American you can always make as much money as you want." The housing bubble is there to prove it: you can for sure make as much money as you want even with slimy loans, but then everyone in the world has to foot the bill when the enterprising individuals who did it crash and hit the bottom of a bottomless abyss. Mister director, Mister producer, you can do better I am sure, you could do better if you tried, you could have done better if you had really wanted, you should have done better if you had known the cinema is not television. McLuhan taught me a long time ago that the medium is the message. And you did as if the medium did not mean anything at all. That is unrespectful of the audience.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine & University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I think 'D'oh' sums this film up nicely

Author: jevonthorpe from United Kingdom
13 August 2007

Unfortunately i did not think the movie lived up to the hype. probably the most successful TV series/cartoon ever made, but not one of the greatest movies. I did think before watching the movie that the writers would struggle to find the perfect storyline to ice the proverbial cake that they have spent so many years 'baking', and they did. not the most original story line in history with some very random plot twists, and some very out of character decisions. A lot of the gags played on previous jokes from the TV show, which being a watcher i understood, but didn't find all that funny, but left the first timer guessing a bit. the movie as a whole had a surrealism about it, as though it had not been written by the same people who had previously provided me with hours of entertainment. very predictable in places, but awkwardly random in others. i must say i did find parts of the movie funny, and didn't wish i hadn't seen it, but that does not save the film. i feel this film has come 5 years too late, they should have made it in the shows prime.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Worst Simpsons movie ever!

Author: Dr.Gonzo-2 from Manhattan, Kansas
9 July 2008

I have the lingering taste of a chutney Squishee in my mouth.

One look at the writing credits for this film and it's plainly obvious why it stinks. Too many writers, too much "let's throw in another gag for no apparent reason". Subplots were inexplicably abandoned, gags became unbearable visual references, a la "Family Guy", and the overall plot became incredibly outrageous, even for "The Simpsons". And, I hated that Marge used inappropriate language; it simply wasn't funny.

Perhaps the film is a better experience if you chew peyote, listen to Johnny Cash, and dream of your favorite "Treehouse of Horror" episode while trying to forget that you're watching the WORST SIMPSONS MOVIE EVER! There, I said it. Put that on a t-shirt M.G. and I'll buy it.

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