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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

I'm sorry but was I supposed to laugh?

Author: Ref 65 from Ireland
18 February 2008

What is so good about this movie?I saw it a first time and thought it was hilarious but the second time time really puts you off on seeing another cartoon movie.I like the Simpsons but this movie shows nothing special about the T.V show,in fact it is just a normal episode except it is longer and gets worst every time.I don't know what gave me the nerve to watch it again but it was like torture.It is about everyones favourite character Homer Simpson who gets the town in trouble by the government because he pours pig dung into the lake witch causes pollution.The town gets really mad and the family have to run away and hide,but how?the town is trapped in a bubble and they have to escape.

I began to hate this movie when I saw it a second time because nothing was funny anymore.And I say you're thinking that I have no sense of humour but the first time I saw it I laughed my head off but the second time made me bored stiff.Simpsons fans will be disappointed or maybe they won't but I'm one unhappy Simpsons fan.

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11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

The Simpsons Movie is worth 6 chuckles.

Author: bakkouz from Jordan
9 August 2007

Six chuckles, thats how much I enjoyed this movie. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big Simpsons fan, always has been, always will be, however I was not too impressed with the Simpsons movie, i found it to be moderate at best and does not compare to the TV shows, not the really funny classic episodes at least, it was like a moderate episode stretched 90 minutes. sure there were a few funny moments but i wouldn't at all call it hilarious and it sure wasn't worth the wait or the hype.

First off, the plot was weak and not worthy of a 90 minute movie, it could have been easily fitted into a single episode, and the subplots are just slapstick repeats of old jokes (ie: Bart and Homer, Bart and Marge, Bart and Flanders). The supporting characters were practically non-existent, and the ones that did appear had really shallow lines except for a couple of funny lines from Flanders and Ralph, but thats about it. and well, the intro just sucked, the itchy and scratchy bit was out of place didn't really integrate well into the movie. as for the overall humor quality, well, it was average and disappointing, It contains no thoughtful parody and only very trite satire. Many of the gags are childish. Slapstick humor cannot carry a prime time television show, much less a full length feature film. It contains no complex subtext, no (intelligent) obscure references, no hilarious musical numbers and no intricate visual humor. Many jokes are recycled from older episodes yet are very crudely put together.

I know this isn't the best review of a movie you'll ever read, it sure isn't the best I've ever written, but I guess its just hard for me to critique the show i love so much so hard, and i was trying to be nice with everything i said above, and i'm sorry to report that the movie isn't really worth the theater ticket, but then again, watching it at the theater might be the best way to get you to laugh during this film.

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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Didn't feel right from the get-go

Author: Catlin Massier from Canada
28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hearing that a "Simpsons" movie was about to release got me excited, Altho I didn't think the Simpsons would be as gold if it were on TV, i was somewhat correct, if you've watched Simpsons for as long as me you should understand. It was quite funny, but the plot in the movie was something way to out of the ordinary, something that would be done on a regular Simpsons episode. The movie seemed more inclined to focus on the conflict rather that the characters to me. It was as funny as I think it could have been, and was somewhat of a disappointment for me. I think "Matt Groening" and his writing team could have done A lot better. It doesn't even seem like his material

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16 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Funny but lacking

Author: T Y from United States
28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's funny enough. I sat in the theater smiling or laughing like everyone at the situations and inside jokes.

But the problem is exactly what could be anticipated: It provides no reason for the jump in medium; failing to answer what in the movie couldn't be done on TV? You keep waiting for the movie to exploit some cinematic angle but it never ever gets around to it, not in any major way. How can it be that the marketing gag of turning 7-11s into Quikee-Marts is a more clever and memorable concept than the idea for the movie?

The end credits are a microcosm of the problem: They start one way, then... they're interrupted by a Monty Burns gag. You wait for the next cameo and it doesn't arrive. Instead... a row of theater chairs appear and the Simpsons start mocking the credits from them. Sounds promising, right? But then that idea is abandoned in barely a minute, before it even gets started. Then the credits just run normally. This is a movie designed by committee.

In a very poor move, Monty Burns plays no part in the plot. And look at that title! "The Simpsons Movie" (!) The movies hum-drum goals are exactly embodied by that disappointing, run-of-the-mill title.

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32 out of 58 people found the following review useful:

boring and un-simpson-like

Author: Scoop2005 from United Kingdom
27 July 2007

The weird experinece of seeing the simpsons on the silver screen was indeed weird, and therefore I think it would have been best that the simpsons stay on the small screen.

The film won't do anything special for the series, and after waiting 18 years for it, personally, I think that the creators have made a mistake, its just like 4 episodes strung together! With a bit of fancy camera-work, slightly souped up animation and as many one liners and gags the wirters can think of! No matter how hard the writers try don't they realise it's likely they will never reach the comedy gold of the first 8 seasons? Those seasons didn't rely on slapstick as much, and crappy and unimaginative one liners, just what this film relys on.

It's obvious this film will do very well at the box office, and thats fine with me, the simpsons is a worldwide phenomenon, it's just the quality of the seasons has steadily got worse and now this. Come on Matt, your show has had its day, it's made millions and is internationally successful, why almost ruin it with this? For god's sake don't make a sequel.

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35 out of 64 people found the following review useful:

Meant more for casual fans than for diehards. Plus, the format just doesn't really work as a movie, I think.

Author: zetes from Saint Paul, MN
29 July 2007

I'm an absolute fanatic of The Simpsons and have been watching it since it was on Tracey Ullman. I grew up with it. I was the exact same age as Bart when the very first episode premiered. Unlike a lot of fans, I've never turned my back on the show. I am not one who thinks each new episode is worse than the last. I do acknowledge that it's long past its peak, but I think almost every new episode is funny enough to be worth seeing. Once in a while, they'll produce an episode that's genuinely fantastic. But, really, I don't demand fantastic. I'll settle for a few good laughs and be at least moderately happy. Now comes The Simpsons Movie, which had been talked about for the last 15 years, at least. Much like when I watch new episodes, I wasn't expecting the movie to be that great. Unfortunately, it fell below even those expectations. It has a few good jokes and moments (the only time I laughed really loud was the Tom Hanks bit), but it doesn't do much right. Those who've long turned their backs on the show like to complain about recycled plot lines. It's true, of course, for pretty much every new episode, but the show has grown more manic and self-referential over time. Many don't like that, either, but I personally do like those kind of jokes. The movie just plods along with a predictable plot that's made up of some of the most basic of all Simpsons plots: Homer and Marge relationship problems, Lisa's environmental concerns, and Bart's loss of faith in his father. None of it here is done with the irony of the newer episodes. It's like it's part of the really early Simpsons, when we hadn't seen these plots a billion times. Except it completely lacks the perfect comic timing of the early seasons. In the end, the movie is only an occasionally amusing affair. Certainly it's worth seeing if you're a fan, but, unless you're the kind of nut I am, you can wait for the DVD.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Dull, contrived, over-hyped drivel

Author: edwithmj from United Kingdom
11 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Simpsons Movie was so over-hyped I looked past the fact that the series' episodes haven't been funny since season 12. The characters aren't funny anymore and seem to do the same things again and again becoming caricatures of themselves: Bart does badly at school and unlike originally, is now completely amoral. Lisa is no longer just clever, she's a mouthpiece of the show's liberal mindset. Marge is just so boring now and just nags non-stop and every episode seems to invent a new way for her marriage to Homer to be on the rocks. Homer himself is now a complete nincompoop who just acts like a slapstick buffoon. This film almost parodies how one-dimensional the characters have become.

The plot is completely nonsensical much like the episodes are these days but it's made worse because it's been made four times as long as an episode. At least the episodes finish in twenty minutes, this tortures us by making us think it will somehow become entertaining - believe me, it doesn't. Like other reviewers on here, I thought the film version of the show played like an overly-extended episode from the unfunny later seasons.

The show itself has become a liberal mouthpiece these days and the film is no exception. Almost every joke is predictable and is about the liberal agenda: Mr Burns said something ironic about how rich white men don't control America, Christianity is made fun of repeatedly as is Intelligent Design, the American President is Arnold Schwarzenegger who, shock, horror, is stupid and controlled by a big evil white corporate executive or something, (I thought this character would be funny as he has the same voice actor as Hank Scorpio which reminded me of when the show was good). When the family arrives in Alaska some man said something about how oil companies are destroying the environment which might be true but it's NOT FUNNY. Please stop preaching to me!

I didn't laugh once through the whole film whose plot is borrowed from other episodes: Marge and Homer's marriage is in trouble again, Springfield is polluted again and produces mutated animals again (seriously, how many times are we going to see that?), Bart thinks Homer is a lousy father again, no one is listening to Lisa's wisdom again, Maggie's hidden intellect is unnoticed by Marge again etc etc. There's nothing new in this to keep me interested and by the time the film was halfway through, I watched it to the end for the same reason I watch the episodes to the end: in the hope I might watch something funny.

A Simpsons film usually is about the other characters too but they're so underused in this that they feel more like cameos.

A Simpsons film would've been a good idea in the mid-1990s when the show was still good, but not now. This film is completely unentertaining.

Was the above review useful to you?

11 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Good, but not great

Author: Michael McCauley from Chicago, IL
8 August 2007

They must have had kids in mind when they made this - kids who don't watch the show regularly, kids who wouldn't get the offbeat (and obscure) jokes that the show is known for, kids who like to laugh at sight gags. Yeah, some parts were really funny but overall this movie lacked the wit and sarcasm that makes The Simpsons great. It almost felt like they were holding back intentionally by throwing in some hilarious bits and pieces and then reverting to the lowest-common-denominator jokes that drag the whole thing down.

There were also a lot of characters who were basically nonexistent, and that was pretty disappointing... not to mention the fact that you've already seen a lot of the funnier moments in the trailers.

Simpsons fans should see it, but try to lower your expectations!

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14 out of 23 people found the following review useful:


Author: Bill Parker
28 July 2007

This movie just wasn't that great. Most of the high reviews seem inflated by the fact that it didn't suck, and aren't based on the actual quality of the film. It was slightly better than the new episodes on TV. but it is hardly a return to the quality of the early 90s. The humor was dumbed down and most of the laughs generated in the theater were from a character banging his head or something childish. A true return to form would show a comedic style that reaches all age and intelligence levels not just the slapstick humor of late. If you're looking for a classic Simpsons movie, I do not recommend this; however, if you are looking for some laughs and aren't expecting much this movie is good.

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19 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Best Animated Movie Ever!

Author: Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
27 July 2007

The long awaited Simpsons Movie finally opened today, this is the day that Simpsons fans have been dreaming about since there was talk about a Simpsons movie. I just saw the opening show today and I have to say that the Simpsons still have me laughing after all this time. Even though it just felt like another episode, the Simpsons have pushed the envelope a little further into total controversy as the day that the Simpsons show debuted on FOX. If you are a Simpsons fan, I'm more than positive you are going to love the Simpsons Movie. It had great laughs, shocking moments, and just such a fun atmosphere that anyone could have fun with.

Springfield is under a watch for global warming, they find out about their lake being polluted and how it will destroy the town unless they stop dumping toxic waste into the water. But Homer pushes it when he dumps more "crap" into the lake and it causes harm to animals. The EPA places a dome around Springfield to protect others from entering it's harmful environment, but leaves the whole town's population in the dome. When they learn that it was Homer's actions that caused this, they go after him and the family, but they escape through a hole in the ground. They go to Alaska, but find out that the EPA has deadly plans for Springfield and the Simpsons have to stop them.

Even though I was expecting more, I was extremely happy with what I got. It is like a typical episode in some ways, but I love the Simpsons, I'm going to be a fan 'till the day I die, so I just naturally love this film. I know that sounds biased, but other Simpsons fans can relate, I'm sure. The Simpsons movie is an absolute blast of great laughter and fun, it even gets emotional, I smell Oscars! Lol, just kidding, but please have fun and watch the Simpsons Movie, I'm sure you'll love it.


Was the above review useful to you?

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