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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing, why did they have to make it?

Author: lloyd-constable-1 from United Kingdom
17 August 2007

Not much to say really, weak story line, all the funny bits had been repeatedly advertised on television, therefore when you saw them in the film it was just 'luke warm funny'. It is such a shame, as I am a massive fan of the TV series, why did they feel they had to make this film? I didn't like how the characters personalities seemed to be different too. Basically I found this film to be a really big disappointment. It is such a shame as The Simpsons is such an amazing sitcom! Ooh, actually the best bit of the film was Ralph in the 20th Century Fox opening credits, which now makes me thing they should make a film based on him being the central character/hero of the film. That would be "some good tooting boy" - what do you think?

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:


Author: sammyocarr from United Kingdom
13 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Simpsons Movie, Summer 2007. Watching the trailer i was excited, the thought of homer causing Springfield trouble and having to fix it would be great, lots of interesting characters like Moe, Grounds Kepper Willy, and Mr Burns, looked to be involved and a wild homer scheming film would follow.

The opening with Bart and Homer was excellent, the angered mob was funny which included Abe,,, However, the concept was poor and the Simpsons family escaping from Springfield was Dire the film quality Plummeted and reached it's true low when homer was in Alaska! The short film meant a short and boring story. it went strange and took a risky turn when homer was with the 'inuit' woman... the ending was very weak and unimpressive.

Now here's how a successful Simpson's movie should go,,,Same beginning...But rather than escape Springfield Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie should unite and attempt to bring the town round to their side and scheme together to break out of the bubble, for instance, Moes Bar could play part as headquarters, Burns could fund it and provide power, Apu would become supplies...Etc...Etc

These are ideas and just my thoughts. i think it would be much better than the escaping, as it meant main and interesting characters were cut out, Sideshow bob should be involved. The secondary running story of Bart, homer, and Ned Flanders could still be included but would be better and more interesting if they stayed In Springield Great animation and drawing (some scenes weak however) and the comedy was average. The usually varied comedy including Subtle Clever Adult humour, and obvious children's gags, was weak, dull and monotone.

I was very disappointed and was almost tempted to walk out of the cinema...

i was pleased about the usual beginning and unorthodox credits including pictures of the characters... I was pleased to here the usual theme tune and opening scenes.

it should of lasted much longer, and include all the ideas i've given. this would create a film worthy of the Simpson's title. i believe the writers were below par and Poor. It was an embarrassment to the Simpson's series.

Sam Carr

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12 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing and without laughs

Author: ThePlatteRiverKid from United States
13 August 2007

As a longtime fan of the Simpsons, I myself eagerly waited for the movie to come out (as early as the mid-90's when the Itchy and Scratchy Movie episode came out {whose ideals I felt would make their way into an eventual Simpsons movie}). Over the years, it had seemed unfortunate that the quality of the show had been declining. Jokes that lacked luster and a feeling that the show was attempting to compete with a bit lower brow show, Family Guy, at a level that it didn't seem to ever belong. I waited with anticipation hoping that the movie would rise out of the past few seasons and be a laugh riot.

It started out well enough with an Ichy and Scratchy short but failed to even bring out a laugh during the entire movie, few others in the theater were laughing either. A few moments brought about smiles but for a Simpsons movie it seemed promised that a tour de force of the different characters and perhaps a few more guest stars would be involved in the plot. Maybe I was expecting too much but after more than a decade it seemed that the movie was a big letdown. Weak humor, a mediocre plot and a "Spider Pig" that overall brought little to the comedy of the movie (it seemed like it could have been better written into a 30 minute show) made this movie almost a waste of already huge theater prices. It wasn't plotted well enough to provide many inside jokes for the long-time fans (although Springfield Gorge comes up) but it was also difficult to newcomers to really understand the outside characters and their personalities. Wait for the DVD I'd say.

A fan of most more mature-themed animation comedies (Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, The Venture Brothers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force {Whose movie I haven't seen yet}); The Simpsons had been an all and out favorite for many years but after seeing the movie, it clinches a thought that perhaps the end of the series wouldn't be as horrible as it may have seemed a few years ago. As a South Park episode once mentioned "The Simpsons have done everything" and that seems to be the case.

It was a good attempt that was reflective of the past few seasons if you're into that sort of thing but for us fans of the 90's Simpsons it was just a disappointment. Thanks for many years of laughs Simpsons, but you're just too worn out.

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14 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Very poor

Author: from Edinburgh
5 August 2007

If this was a new animated comedy from an unknown studio it might pass as decent. But it isn't, it is The Simpsons, probably the best TV programme over the past 15 years. So from those very high standards I'm afraid I have to rate it as very poor.

I just didn't like this film at all, as a comedy it failed, and surely that it what a comedy film must be judged on, does it make you laugh? I'm afraid The Simpsons didn't, and therefore fails.

What happened to all those other characters that make The Simpsons so good? Principle Skinner, Selma and Patti, Groundskeeper Willie, Barney, Mr Burns, Smithers, where were they all? I'm afraid this wasn't very good at all, and follows a number of disappointing blockbusters this summer.

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23 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

20 years in the making? Maybe they should have waited another 20

Author: accoladenz from Australia
30 July 2007

This film was so far below average the English language has no words I can utilise to describe it. As a comedy, it lacks almost little to no comedic value. The excessive inclusion of all characters is something you would expect from an action movie loaded with A-List actors who under-perform. I can see why it was 20 years in the making and I am a huge The Simpsons fan. Short of a few mediocre jokes, I found this film to be almost a sell-out by Groening and Simon. I appreciate the fact they were creating the season at the same time, but I myself could've written a far better screenplay for this film based soley on my addiction and favorable desire to aspire to achieve anything near to Groening and the staff writers. All in all I think the film is about a 2-3/10. The animation was worthy of credit, but I associate my thinking with computer gaming and animation. A computer game can have the best graphics, the best voice-overs and the most popular production and marketing team behind it.... yet without a decent script and game play, games tend to flop. Which is what I have inevitably deduced The Simpsons Movie to be.... a flop. I am glad however that Groening and Simon have made a decent amount from this, Fox pay them nothing and 20 years of great hard work makes them deserve ALL of the royalties and publicity they are due. Please email me if you disagree.

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30 out of 52 people found the following review useful:


Author: necher from Vienna, Austria
27 July 2007

I came into the cinema with a lot of expectations. After 90 unfunny minutes I came out saying that this was just as unfunny as all the recent episodes, although many people in the cinema laughed to whole time. There was only unfunny slapstick and predictable jokes. A few scenes made me laugh a bit, but the really good jokes were missing. Where are the good jokes from the old seasons? The trailer says, the film has been made in 20 years, but the jokes were probably invented in recent times. Anyway, anyone who loved the old seasons(say 1-9 maybe 10) will be disappointed; anyone who finds the recent seasons also funny will have a great time with this movie. I didn't.

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53 out of 98 people found the following review useful:

8.8!!!! Are you serious????

Author: cag22 from United States
29 July 2007

I felt like I got punched in the heart after watching this movie. Throughout the film I was led on to believe that I was watching a classic (seasons 1-9) extended Simpsons episode. But then, as the story progressed, I realized that I was indeed duped by the easy outs the writers on this show have taken as of late. Rehashed episodes (Cape Feare, Bart's Comet) and rehashed scenes (the Carpenters from The Way We Were) Will make any die-hard fan want to puke in their mouth.

Shame on all of you who have been giving this film great marks. Over the past decade, Matt Groening has taken one of the funniest shows ever and turned it into a corporate cash cow. Were people's expectations for this film really this low that it could receive an 8.8 after 9000 votes!? I can go on about the film's shortcomings. The lack of allusive humor (a foundation for the Simpsons) was abominable. Burns, Apu, Principal Skinner were all in the movie for less than a minute combined.

I dare IMDb to post this review first.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

I Felt Violated After Watching The Simpsons Movie.

Author: Jordan G from manchester, england
3 February 2008

It isn't how i remember them or want to remember them, i had to watch some old episodes afterwards just to put myself back at ease. It was almost like the whole of Springfield had been kidnapped and replaced by strangers, and on top of that a lot of the main characters barley even got a role in the movie. I knew it was going to be bad ever since i heard about its release, it was over-hyped and under written which is a really bad combination.

The most built up comedy scene was "spiderpig" or at least thats what everyone was talking about, i know Homer for his dry and sarcastic humour, which was rarely (if at all) seen in The Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons has always been seen as a series in which both adults and children alike can appreciate, which the movie didn't portray. Have you noticed how fast it has died?, it is barley even talked about now and i don't even have to question why. All i know is i'm going to forget it existed and stick with the episodes instead.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The Simpson's have truly lost their edge

Author: ntsci from canada
4 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To tell the truth I had low expectations about this movie. Movies made to cash in on the popularity of a TV show are almost always terrible.

The best joke comes just after the opening sequence where Homer complains about paying to watch a show that he could see at home for free... I always appreciate a show that makes fun of its own audience. After that.... downhill all the way.

The story is that the lake is polluted and Lisa runs a campaign to clean it up. Homer, steals a pig from Crusty thereby saving it from death (something one would think that Lisa would congratulate him for). He appears to be a loving pet owner, which is rather out of character because loving pet owners tend to also be loving parents.

Anyway, he saves the waste in a silo which Marg tells him to get rid of properly. Instead he dumps it in the lake. The pig waste tips the balance of nature and a mutated squirrel grows new eyes. The EPA comes in, gives President Swartzenegar 5 options, a dome is placed over the city, the Simpson's escape and go to Alaska, blah, blah, blah.

OK, Simpson writers. I have news for you. Pig waste is natural. Pig waste is less disgusting than typical dog waste. If used properly is GOOD for the environment (fertilizer); placed in a lake is certainly not an ideal solution, but it would not create a mutant squirrel. Get your environmental problems straight. Industrial waste, or nuclear waste (doesn't Homer work at a nuclear energy plant! Duh!) or even careless disposal of household clearer or batteries would have made a more realistic story that would of made a point about pollution. But pig waste is natural! Anyway, why wouldn't Homer, just dispose of the pig waste like any dog owner gets rid of dog waste (e.g., flush it down the toilet, or put it in the garbage, or let it sit on the lawn, or let the pig poop in the park; yuck); why would he collect it in a silo? After that stupid story, the movie does not get better, it goes downhill.

The Simpson's used to be a marvelously cynical satire on modern life. I find the show has really gone downhill in recent years; the jokes are getting rather old and lame and repetitious; and much of the slapstick is getting rather juvenile. But the show is still much much better than this movie.

There are funny jokes in the movie -- especially centered around how politicians make decisions (so I give it a 2 for that, rather than a 1), also the spider pig theme is rather catchy, but is also very pointless. Overall there are few jokes worth listening too.

On the whole this is a really bad movie; if you love the Simpson's, watch the show. Don't waste your money on this movie.

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9 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

I knew it would be bad but...

Author: prtzby from Australia
28 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd heard good things about this movie and how it is a return to the glory days of the 90's, but it's nothing more than an extended Season 25 (or whatever season they're up to these days) atrocity.

Homer's a totally unlikeable, lobotomized moron, Marge nags, Bart (totally improbably) idolizes Flanders (wha????), and Lisa is reduced to a boring annoyance.

Proceedings are tiresomely 'wacky/zany', the story has no heart and, as a Simpsons fan, I felt angry and insulted by just watching it.

I love the earlier seasons of this show, but this movie is a real STINKER!

Was the above review useful to you?

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