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22 out of 35 people found the following review useful:

Clearly highlights everything that's wrong with The Simpsons

Author: Lochlan McBride from Australia
10 August 2007

Don't get me wrong. I was the biggest Simpsons fan back in the day. I still love to watch the older episodes and quote lines among friends, but in the last few years The Simpsons has really gone down hill. Relying more on visual humour (generally involving Homer) than clever dialogue or a well written story.

The Simpsons Movie emphasises everything that's wrong with the television show nowadays. Sure, you'll laugh, but it'll probably be a forced laugh. I noticed when I saw the movie, a lot of young children were in the cinema, having a great time. I guess The Simpsons has become just that. A children's show. It's no longer the edgy teen-to-adult animation it once was.

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22 out of 35 people found the following review useful:


Author: F_Hartgrave from United States
5 August 2007

I was excited by the good reviews of this movie. I had spent the last few months trying to suppress any excitement about the movie..because based on the past few seasons of the TV show, I was afraid it was going to be a horrible disappointment, but then when people started reporting that it was good.. a herald back to the times of good TV episodes, I let myself get psyched.

I was set up for a HUGE letdown. It was exactly like the crappy new episodes. I got a mild forced chuckle out of a few lines or scenes.. but it wasn't well-written, it wasn't clever, homer was a soulless oaf, it wasn't funny. It hurt. It was a kick in the face to everyone who loved the series back in it's prime. The show that used to be more or less about a typical family that happens to be yellow and animated is gone forever I suppose, and has been replaced by a show (and now a movie) about a completely unbelievable family of outrageous unlovable unlikeable monsters.

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24 out of 39 people found the following review useful:


Author: MidnightWarrior from Texas
30 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, that's right. This film is terrible. When I first saw the trailers, I was very reluctant to go see this film.

In my opinion, the best episodes of the Simpsons were the ones either written or produced by Conan O'Brien. These episodes were the earliest and were some of the first Simpsons episodes after the Tracey Ulman show. The ones that followed were funny, smart and still good.

I stopped watching The Simpsons television show after 2001 because, again in my opinion, they'd run out of new ideas and were making these newer episodes for the sake of making episodes. The humor was very dry and bland.

What made me decide to watch this film was all the raving on IMDb on how great and how funny this new movie is. Boy was I wrong to listen to the fellow IMDb posters and watch this.


I agree with Homer when, not even five minutes into the film, he looks at the screen and points straight to the audience and says something to the tune of, "All you people are suckers. You PAID to watch this film".


Yeah. It's THAT bad. The racist black joke wasn't taken very well in the theater I was in. The audience (myself included) actually GROANED.

There were a few instances within this film that were somewhat funny, but it seemed to take an enormous amount of set up to execute the joke. What's left is the audience feeling that the script writers are trying excessively way too hard to force a laugh and make this funny.

The makers had gobs of potential to make this film SO good, but they bombed it completely. The feel of this film is nothing more than an over extended episode with meaningless, pointless direction.

It's like we keep seeing Homer on the big screen and then it's like, "oh okay. So what now? Who cares?" Don't pay to see this film. Don't even wait for it to come out on DVD. Wait until it's on television and then watch it.

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24 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

20 years in the making? Maybe they should have waited another 20

Author: accoladenz from Australia
30 July 2007

This film was so far below average the English language has no words I can utilise to describe it. As a comedy, it lacks almost little to no comedic value. The excessive inclusion of all characters is something you would expect from an action movie loaded with A-List actors who under-perform. I can see why it was 20 years in the making and I am a huge The Simpsons fan. Short of a few mediocre jokes, I found this film to be almost a sell-out by Groening and Simon. I appreciate the fact they were creating the season at the same time, but I myself could've written a far better screenplay for this film based soley on my addiction and favorable desire to aspire to achieve anything near to Groening and the staff writers. All in all I think the film is about a 2-3/10. The animation was worthy of credit, but I associate my thinking with computer gaming and animation. A computer game can have the best graphics, the best voice-overs and the most popular production and marketing team behind it.... yet without a decent script and game play, games tend to flop. Which is what I have inevitably deduced The Simpsons Movie to be.... a flop. I am glad however that Groening and Simon have made a decent amount from this, Fox pay them nothing and 20 years of great hard work makes them deserve ALL of the royalties and publicity they are due. Please email me if you disagree.

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24 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Simpsons I love you but its time

Author: BlueElementk from United States
28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've Been a Simpsons fan for longer than I can remember. With the exception of the most recent seasons, I have seen most of the episodes. But in my opinion Simpsons jumped the shark years ago, and after seeing this movie my feelings were vindicated. The jokes are outdated and the characters not as funny as they used to be. I think the moment that the South Park movie came out its been all down hill for that show. The Simpsons used to be so funny because it was the most controversial show on TV, they went places other shows wouldn't and couldn't. I was in a packed theater and I did not hear one person really laugh. I heard a couple of chuckles but nothing significant. I know it would be sad to see it go but every show has its time. I mean All in the Family just wouldn't work today. Could they just not dig under the bubble, I mean come on! I know it's a movie and a cartoon and were supposed to just believe but thats just an insult on my intelligence.

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50 out of 91 people found the following review useful:

A disgrace to one of the best loved TV pieces of all time

Author: (tom0385) from United Kingdom
3 August 2007

The Simpsons. A show, no, a TV revolution, loved by so many. I, like many other Simpsons fans have watched the shows demise over the past few years. The Simpons was never just a TV show for me, it was a representation of society, it was clever, it was witty, it was sarcastic, it was satirical, it was layered, it was 'real' - at least as real as an animated TV show can get.

I was hoping so dearly that the movie would capture some of what The Simpsons used to do for us.

My God. I don't even know where to start when describing this movie. I grew up with The Simpsons, it almost seems wrong to admit how awful this movie was. NO, I can't keep quiet, this movie was HORRIBLE.

It pains me to see reviews stating that "any real Simpsons fan will love this movie." What a load of tripe. Any REAL Simpsons fan will see this movie as the final nail in the coffin of a masterpiece that should have gone out on top, a disgrace to one of the best loved TV comedy pieces of all time.

This movie was targeted at morons who have no idea what humour is. The kind of idiots who'll find terrible slapstick, forced 1 liners and bumbling fools falling over 'hilarious'. Dumbed down would be an understatement. Even the potentially humorous moments in the movie were ruined by overly long build-ups and predictable executions. Any intelligence and satire that the Simpsons used to portray is nowhere to be found in this pile of cheap hogwash.

This movie is NOT The Simpsons, in the same way recent TV seasons aren't either. At least the TV series will occasionally pay homage to its former self. It may have the same yellow characters on screen, but this may as well have been a completely new animated family (and the family is the only thing you'll see on screen throughout the movie) - oh wait, that wouldn't sell.

The entire movie follows the family around, most of which pointlessly takes place outside of Springfield. There is ONE 'story' going on throughout the 90 minutes, rather than two or more intertwining with each other like on the show (and I firmly believe this was one of the shows most valuable characteristics). The story itself is atrocious. It contains no solid or believable plot, utterly forced jokes and things we've seen done in the show a dozen times, void of any of the shows charm.

The sub-plots in the movie fail to even materialise. "Lisa and Colin", "Bart and Flanders"? These were impossibly frustrating to watch and went nowhere.

It seems the movie has tried to copy Family Guy and failed miserably. Instead of seeing Homer as a cute, unlucky, lovable character, he's been turned into a vulgar, loud-mouthed yob. Bart's no longer a brat – he's been turned into some kind of emotional, frustrated kid who isn't happy with his father. What on Earth? Family Guy on the other hand knows what it is – it IS crude and vulgar, but it does it well. The Simpsons, though, seems to be lost and has no idea of its own identity.

It's a real shame that The Simpsons has had to end up where it is. As far as I, a real Simpsons fan, am concerned, this movie isn't part of the Simpsons I love, and I'll always remember the show for what it was and represented to me.

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62 out of 115 people found the following review useful:

Homer As the All-Time Movie Star -- I Think Not!

Author: vitaleralphlouis from United States
29 July 2007

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, like the long running SIMPSONS TV show, is a theme that was good a long time ago, but has been worn out till it's flat. Sure there are a handful of laughs here, but not enough to make it a classic --- or anything close to a classic. Most likely it'll be gone from the multiplexes within 4 weeks to resurface at Christmas in DVD.

Now look at the input on the IMDb website. If you can believe that over 60% of the audience rated this movie a 10, and that its #46 in the list of ALL TIME classics, then you'd have to believe this: That it's better than Wizard of Oz. That it's better than Snow White or any of the Walt Disney classics that endured for 60 to 70 years. That it's better than Gone With The Wind. That it's better than To Kill a Mockingbird. That it's better than Bridge on the River Kwai. That it's almost as good as any of the 3 great Star Wars movies --- et cetera.

Since the Simpsons is mostly adult humor that kids enjoy rather than children's humor that adults enjoy; one can't suppose the high score is a bunch of kids gone wild. I think this is another example of studio generated corruption of the IMDb website. Studios have falsified good reviews for decades (they can be bought for cash) so it follows they'd stoop to the same thing here.

A rating of 46th best movie of all time for The Simpsons Movie is pure nonsense. I wish the studios would keep hands off and let real movie fans input their opinions. As a security person, I don't know any way IMDb can stop this and still let you and I input our opinions.

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68 out of 127 people found the following review useful:

Prepare for Disappointment Unless You Like Seasons 10-18

Author: VincentVega89 from United States
28 July 2007

For those of you who have hated the last several seasons of The Simpsons but were hoping that this film would be great due to the pedigree of talent that is found in its credits, I am sad to inform you that this film will disappoint you. To be fair, compared to the rubbish they have fed us in the last 8 seasons, the film was somewhat watchable. A few jokes in the beginning are very funny, and overall the opening to the film is solid. However, at the point of Homer meeting his beloved Spider Pig (which everyone in the theater loved except for me), the film transitions into a poorly crafted, overwrought melodrama that is mildly painful to sit through. You get a mixture of pathetic melancholy material and lackluster gags - it is awful, and I don't mean awful entertaining. The biggest problem with the film is that its creators forgot that The Simpsons is a comedy, not an animated soap opera.

I've been watching the show since I was born. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire was aired on December 17, 1989, when I was nearly a month old. So this show basically grew up with me, and I consider Seasons 3-9 of the Simpsons to be the greatest works the television industry has ever created. Even though I can't stand watching the new episodes, I was still somewhat excited and mildly optimistic about this film. It could have been worse, but that's faint praise. If you're a long-time fan disillusioned with the show as I am, I recommend just watching the first 30 minutes of the movie and then hopping to something better. You won't be missing much. As Moleman said, "you cost me (86) minutes of my life and I want them back!"

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10 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Don't be tempted in....

Author: tom-hickman from United Kingdom
30 April 2008

When the long anticipated Simpson's movie came out i couldn't wait... What a letdown.

The jokes were just lame and too me it felt like an episode that was 3x longer. It seemed that after the first 10 minutes of the film they filled it with random stuff. And the plot is ridiculous (I wont give it away though)

Watch a series 2 episode then watch this. The old series didn't rely on lame slapstick jokes but this did.

If you really want to watch it, rent it first. And don't be sucked in by the reviews.

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing, why did they have to make it?

Author: lloyd-constable-1 from United Kingdom
17 August 2007

Not much to say really, weak story line, all the funny bits had been repeatedly advertised on television, therefore when you saw them in the film it was just 'luke warm funny'. It is such a shame, as I am a massive fan of the TV series, why did they feel they had to make this film? I didn't like how the characters personalities seemed to be different too. Basically I found this film to be a really big disappointment. It is such a shame as The Simpsons is such an amazing sitcom! Ooh, actually the best bit of the film was Ralph in the 20th Century Fox opening credits, which now makes me thing they should make a film based on him being the central character/hero of the film. That would be "some good tooting boy" - what do you think?

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