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Not The Simpsons I grew up with...
gregory4332329 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be honest, I don't think any of the reviewers that have given this movie 10 stars have seen any episodes of the show pre-2000.

I went into the movie thinking it would probably be decent. I figured it would probably be in the style of the newer episodes but with better overall material. That's pretty much how it turned out. Anyone who says it was a return to the older *better* Simpsons is kidding themselves.

The Simpsons greatness was based, in my opinion, on two things: characters that we imagine existing in our society (think the comic book guy, Moe, Flanders) and simply hilarious and very quotable lines. This formula has since been replaced by humor that is situationally based, and quite frankly, just not very funny.

I saw this movie yesterday afternoon, and I can hardly think of one line that had me cracking up. There were some funny moments, yes, but nothing comparable to the brilliant one-liners from the show's glory years.
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I Felt Violated After Watching The Simpsons Movie.
Jordan G3 February 2008
It isn't how i remember them or want to remember them, i had to watch some old episodes afterwards just to put myself back at ease. It was almost like the whole of Springfield had been kidnapped and replaced by strangers, and on top of that a lot of the main characters barley even got a role in the movie. I knew it was going to be bad ever since i heard about its release, it was over-hyped and under written which is a really bad combination.

The most built up comedy scene was "spiderpig" or at least thats what everyone was talking about, i know Homer for his dry and sarcastic humour, which was rarely (if at all) seen in The Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons has always been seen as a series in which both adults and children alike can appreciate, which the movie didn't portray. Have you noticed how fast it has died?, it is barley even talked about now and i don't even have to question why. All i know is i'm going to forget it existed and stick with the episodes instead.
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The Simpson's have truly lost their edge
ntsci4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To tell the truth I had low expectations about this movie. Movies made to cash in on the popularity of a TV show are almost always terrible.

The best joke comes just after the opening sequence where Homer complains about paying to watch a show that he could see at home for free... I always appreciate a show that makes fun of its own audience. After that.... downhill all the way.

The story is that the lake is polluted and Lisa runs a campaign to clean it up. Homer, steals a pig from Crusty thereby saving it from death (something one would think that Lisa would congratulate him for). He appears to be a loving pet owner, which is rather out of character because loving pet owners tend to also be loving parents.

Anyway, he saves the waste in a silo which Marg tells him to get rid of properly. Instead he dumps it in the lake. The pig waste tips the balance of nature and a mutated squirrel grows new eyes. The EPA comes in, gives President Swartzenegar 5 options, a dome is placed over the city, the Simpson's escape and go to Alaska, blah, blah, blah.

OK, Simpson writers. I have news for you. Pig waste is natural. Pig waste is less disgusting than typical dog waste. If used properly is GOOD for the environment (fertilizer); placed in a lake is certainly not an ideal solution, but it would not create a mutant squirrel. Get your environmental problems straight. Industrial waste, or nuclear waste (doesn't Homer work at a nuclear energy plant! Duh!) or even careless disposal of household clearer or batteries would have made a more realistic story that would of made a point about pollution. But pig waste is natural! Anyway, why wouldn't Homer, just dispose of the pig waste like any dog owner gets rid of dog waste (e.g., flush it down the toilet, or put it in the garbage, or let it sit on the lawn, or let the pig poop in the park; yuck); why would he collect it in a silo? After that stupid story, the movie does not get better, it goes downhill.

The Simpson's used to be a marvelously cynical satire on modern life. I find the show has really gone downhill in recent years; the jokes are getting rather old and lame and repetitious; and much of the slapstick is getting rather juvenile. But the show is still much much better than this movie.

There are funny jokes in the movie -- especially centered around how politicians make decisions (so I give it a 2 for that, rather than a 1), also the spider pig theme is rather catchy, but is also very pointless. Overall there are few jokes worth listening too.

On the whole this is a really bad movie; if you love the Simpson's, watch the show. Don't waste your money on this movie.
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Not very original or funny
ultimecia_omega30 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This post contains some mild spoilers.

The long awaited Simpsons Movie has arrived and at first glance it seems to be doing really well. It's had some good reviews in the media and it's doing well on IMDb. Im not particularly sure why though.

I found The Simpsons Movie to be an overly long episode of the later seasons quality. The "funny" gags were few and far between (Spider Pig just was not funny), there wasn't nearly enough screen time for some of the fan favourite characters (skinner, moe, barney...for example) but i can understand its hard to please everyone in such a limited amount of time. The overall plot of the story felt no different to what you might see in your average episode and used the same old routines we have grown tired of (Marge leaving homer, the town of springfield VS simpsons, nelsons laughing are some examples).

The animation was top notch as you would expect and i particularly enjoyed the music which didn't quite feel like your average Simpsons music but i thought it matched the movie quite well.

After such a long wait and much hype i can honestly say i was disappointed with The Simpsons Movie. Perhaps i was expecting too much though. Nevertheless i would still recommend seeing this movie, it was still entertaining and it did have some stellar laugh out loud moments (moe's bar scene was hilarious), just nowhere near enough for a Simpsons Movie. 6/10
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"That's good..but not great"
jdwhite7927 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My thoughts on the movie can be summed up by that Homer Simpson quote above (and if you are the type of person who recognizes that quote and remembers what scene it is from then you probably share my sentiments).

The movie was decent, better than anything produced in the last 5-6 years, but still far short of the glory days (Seasons 5 - 9).

Here is basically what kept this movie from being really great:

1) very minimal focus on supporting characters...some characters (Sideshow Bob, Skinner, Supernintendo Chalmers, Skinner's mother, Apu, Gil, Groundskeeper Willie, Milhouse's parents, Sideshow Mel) were completely nonexistent. Oh, and Flanders (the secondary character who was featured the most) had 1 funny line at most. (the one about Buddha).

2) I understand that a movie needs a much deeper plot since it is much longer than an episode but this was just focused too much on the plot and not enough on creating worthwhile funny gags. Also, episodes usually have 2-3 different ideas going on at the same time but this didn't really (at least outside the Simpson family). There was the whole Simpsons running away which turned into saving Springfield thing. The only other plot ideas were the Homer & Marge (which has been done at least, what 5 times already) and Homer & Bart (which has also been done several times).

3) Most of the humor in the film was shallow, slapstick humor, not the good deep sarcastic, witty humor we've come to know and appreciate (And you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled..Well, I,..Um, One thing I should....). It seems to me that this movie was clearly made with the masses in mind (as compared to hardcore fans) and the type of humor/jokes reflected this.

An example: I thought the following line was one of the funniest in the movie: Cletus: You know how I'm able to that trick with my thumb Cargill: 4 generations (or 40 years I can't remember which he says) of successful inbreeding?

In the theater like 3 people laughed (and I was one of them). Yet at the start of the movie when Homer was trying to hammer the nail and he jammed the hammer in his eye, the whole crowd (except for me) was going nuts.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie..I just didn't love it..I don't remember any lines/gags/scenes which are so memorable as to repeat over and over again (i.e. Pray for Mojo, Steamed Hams, Homer buying the matter transporter--"2, well, I don't know.... I'll give you 35 cents"...)

Oh and one other thing. If you see a review from a person who says that this was the funniest movie ever and non-stop laughs, etc..they probably weren't born before 1990 and haven't seen any Simpsons episodes pre-2000 because there's no way any hardcore tried and true Simpsons fan would have come to that conclusion after seeing this.
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I'm so glad it didn't suck!!!
rayato25 July 2007
Let me just say I had my doubts. The last couple of seasons of 'The Simpsons' have been lackluster at best and I genuinely thought that their chance to make a great Simpsons film passed roughly 10 years ago. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I am a huge Simpsons nerd and it is my privilege to say that "The Simpsons Movie" belongs in the very small group of classic Simpsons episodes ("Bart the Daredevil", "Mr. Plow", etc.) Very funny and very timely. Great animation and some nice cameos.

Really don't want to give any spoilers so I'll just say if you're a Simpsons fan: you will love this movie. And if you agree that the Simpsons lost their edge, you will be pleasantly surprised as was I. 8.5/10
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"SpiderPig" does not a great movie make
fishbeef5 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"The Simpsons Movie" is remarkable only in that it manages to encapsulate in 90 painful minutes EVERYTHING that has been wrong with the show for the last ten years: ridiculous plot lines that are abandoned without resolution; a superhuman, idiot Homer who has no brain whatsoever and cannot be killed no matter what physical harm is inflicted on him (apparently the only person in the Simpsons universe with such an ability); jokes that lack subtlety; pointless cameo appearances; and an overall show of disdain towards its audience.

The Simpsons should really have ended a decade ago when they ran out of ideas. Since then, every plot line on the show has followed the exact same themes with more and more absurd actions thrown in to reach the same conclusion. Every single paper-thin plot line in The Simpsons Movie is one that has been done before in the series, and better: Homer gets redemption for his stupidity and saves his marriage with Marge. Lisa spearheads an environmental movement with unexpected consequences. The town of Springfield is threatened (and nearly destroyed) by an outside force. Bart shows his rebel side while secretly pining for proper guidance. The Simpson family goes on another CRAAAZY trip to an exotic location. Homer adopts a silly animal. Maggie says yet ANOTHER "first" word.

Spare me it all.

It took eleven screenwriters to make this dreck. Eleven!!! And this is the best they could come up with?! It doesn't advance the show at all, it only keeps it at the same downward pace it's been at for at least ten years. The only people who will truthfully enjoy this movie (without simply fooling themselves) are children who are too young to remember the "glory years" of The Simpsons. They're the only ones who will be accustomed to the low-quality version of the show we've been peddled for so long. As I write this review the film is somehow in the Top 250 on IMDb. If there's any justice in this world, The Simpsons Movie will drop to its proper location - the void of the Forgettable - as soon as possible.
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Hole in the D'oh-nut not too large to jump a shark!
Drew Campbell28 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
'The Simpsons' TV show is best in the business for plot twists, outrageous reversals, whiplash satire and one-liners, making the best episodes as satisfying as many great films. Topping that - or even matching it - with the long awaited movie was always going to be a challenge.

I was entertained but, truthfully, no more than a middling episode of the series. The richness of the Springfield lore and background characters is sidelined to focus on the family itself, with too much Homer in particular - yes, I never thought I'd say that, but it's true.

We love 'The Simpsons' for its frenetic pace; it's clear here the writers struggled with the structure for a longer format. Possibly a Robert Altman / 'Nashville' approach would have worked better, or maybe something like "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", allowing us to see the great range of characters and supporting a stronger, over-arching story.

The decision to focus almost exclusively on the family itself brought out the TV show's occasional tendency towards sentimentality - Colin & Lisa? Went nowhere. Flanders & Bart? Didn't buy it for a second. Oval Office scenes? Rainer Wolfcastle would have been funnier, or GWB passing the buck that bit edgier. This isn't meant to be The Waltons!

More playfulness with the film format itself would have been welcome too - the opening 'Itchy & Scratchy' sequence and Homer's response were great but, as it turned out, too little too early for the film seldom ventured from the straight & narrow thereafter. Maybe Terry Gilliam to direct Simpsons II?

Early rumours (some time ago, I know) suggested the Simpsons Movie would be the final word on the show, but the commitment to another couple of seasons meant the film lost that seat-of-the-pants, anything-could-happen edge. I really believe the team should have one last hurrah with a final movie. Just don't try to jump the shark - blast it out of the water!

Get radical, guys - that's when you're at your best!
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An incendiary, hilarious, and ultimately anticlimactic ride
Jonny_Numb3 August 2007
For all the creativity crammed into one half-hour episode of "The Simpsons," I am probably not alone in saying that the show's creative apex bottomed out when it stopped being a "funny sitcom" and became a "cultural phenomenon"--it's been years since I've sat in front of the TV on a Sunday night with the primary interest of being wowed by Matt Groening's brainchild. When the show first began in 1989, the Bart-friendly T-shirts and pins seemed borne out of uncertainty over the show's staying power; these days, with the show's position in the TV canon firmly established, your Xbox games are designed for little more than feeding the "Simpsons" cash cow. That being said, I revisit the show every once in a while (via taped weekday-afternoon reruns of earlier seasons), and very much appreciate it--the sense of satire is sly, incendiary, and often very funny. Some critics cite horror films as being able to express social concerns that would be difficult to convey in other genres; "The Simpsons" would be another arena (and easily the more critically acclaimed).

So, after years of hype, this cultural phenomenon has spawned a film (aptly titled "The Simpsons Movie") that most fans will no doubt consider 'belated.' As a laid-back viewer with an appreciation of the show, the end result is frequently "LOL" hilarious, but not very endearing (honestly, I had forgotten most of the gags by the time I was out of the theater and walking to my car). The best I can say is, "it's like a really good episode of the TV show" rather than "a great film," though I guess that's complimentary enough. I will pick up the DVD once it's released, and be reminded all over of why the film succeeded in its primary goal of clever laughs.

It begins with an excellent jab at the film's own existence, courtesy of Homer ("Why pay for something we can watch on TV for free?" indeed!), then delves into a plot that is as incendiary as anything the yellow-tinged family has tackled: an environmental crisis strikes Springfield when Homer dumps a silo a pig feces in a lake that's been recently de-contaminated, inspiring outrage from the citizens and the government (headed by President Schwarzenegger, though I kept thinking "President McBain"), whose EPA liaison (voiced by Albert Brooks, who also guest-voiced the similar "Hal Scorpio" years ago) covers the contaminated city in a huge Plexiglas dome. Before you can say "Al Gore eats yellow snow," the Simpsons escape through a literal sinkhole and make tracks for Alaska as renegades from the law, only to find themselves returning to rescue their idyllic American home.

Which ultimately isn't much different than what you would find in an average episode of "The Simpsons." This is a film that knows its audience, but also successfully provides an initiation for those who (for some strange reason) have never seen the show. The animation is fluid, colorful, and uber-glossy, and the writing is on par with the better episodes (the mantra remains "anything goes" in "Simpson"-world); some intriguing character twists aside, the film overall neither exceeds nor diminishes the expectations of those who expect everything and those who expect nothing. It's a fun summer film, but not an outstanding blockbuster of endearing'll laugh heartily and maybe feel moved, but the relatively short running time is both a blessing and a curse--while you will be sufficiently guffawed-out by the end credits, "The Simpsons Movie" leaves a viewer yearning for more. I suppose that's as good an indication as any to go back to the tapes.
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Only an Extended Recent Season Episode
Zaptharo19 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this for the second time after a friend of mine forced me to, I asked myself, just what is so special about the Simpsons Movie? Am I supposed to believe that what the critics say is actually true? Don't be fooled. The Simpsons Movie, as it turns out, is just an extended recent season episode filled with more pointless plots and humor. It's sad too, because I was a big Simpsons when it was still going strong. What made it great was it's intelligent humor and ability to reason in a well developed manner. It was a breakthrough in television and it led to other adult themed cartoons such as South Park and Family Guy. But this, this was so disappointing I was left wondering how much longer the Simpsons show was going to last.

As I watched the movie, I found jokes to be recycled from older episodes and ridiculous plots that led to nowhere. I never understood the point of why Homer brought "Spider-Pig" home, only to disappear soon for the rest of the movie. The plot was perhaps the worst aspect of the movie. Lisa falls in love with an Irish boy, Homer dumps waste in a lake, Marge goes angry, the EPA traps Springfield in a dome, the Simpsons family escapes and goes to Alaska, Marge and the kids are captured, Homer is aided by a Native American (aka boob lady) while trying to return to Springfield, a time bomb is placed in Springfield, and Homer and Bart save the day while riding the dome on a motorcycle. When you take these plot lines together, they make little to no sense. Which is what led this movie to disaster.

The characters were also a disappointment. The Simpsons family was the only cast that actually had a part in this movie. All of the beloved characters we've come and known over the years (Principal Skinner, Moe, Barney, Mr Burns, Apu, Krusty the Clown, Mayor Quimby, and Sideshow Bob amongst others) get little to no screen time. Instead, we get EPA Guy and an irritated Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those guys, along with "Spider-Pig", the Irish Boy, and Boob Lady, get more than double the screen time that the more well-known characters get. If anything, it was a recipe for disaster. Most if not all of the characters in this movie seemed forced and uninspired. Rather, this wasn't the old and beloved cast we knew. We were watching a watered down version of the show that just happened to be a movie. 85 minutes of low quality toilet humor without an ounce of genuine talent involved, with paper thin plots on top of it. I could of asked for more guest stars, but even they haven't fared well in the recent seasons of the Simpsons, so they could of made the movie even worse than it already is.

I'm beginning to lose trust in the Simpsons and Hollywood in general, since they seem to dilute and damage nearly every movie franchise they touch. Like the recent Indiana Jones, TMNT, Transformers, and Star Wars movies, the Simpsons movie is a failure that should be placed in the bargain bin. Just what happened to the magic these franchises once had? They've been turned into corporate cash cows, and the Simpsons is no exception. If you take my advice, you would be smart enough to purchase the older seasons of the Simpsons on DVD (Seasons 2-8) and forget the atrocity that is this movie. The only part that amused me was the beginning, when Homer told me that I should be watching TV at home and not paying to see a piece of garbage on the big screen. After that little part, I was fast asleep in the theater.

2 out of 10.
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