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Socom 3 is th best game ever
zar-66622 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
in the new socom 3 there is so much more to do than run. You get tanks, jeeps, hum-vees and a bunch of others. I have been a fan of the socom line up for years and will continue to. Socom 3 has my vote for best game ever made up! Halo3 ain't gona have nuthing on this masterpiece! If you are goning to go out and buy a playstation 3 , there rily is no need, because socom 3 took care of that for anyone interested in online games, or offline games, so no matter what u do it's the best game ever. The gun attachments are the most beautiful thing that will go down in history of games as the best upgrade ever. The maps have grown, they use to be little 16 man rooms where you could hit each other with grenades from the start, but now they are massive 32 man maps where it takes you almost 1 minute to drive across(online). SOCOM 3 HAS MADE MY LIFE OF SNIPEING SO MUCH BETTER -K.K.N.D
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Best Sim shooter EVAR!
baldpaul-112 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SOCOM 3 is the story of the SEALS - the U.S. Navy's SEa Air and Land division. Based on the book of the same name by futurian Steve Ambrosian, and actual interviews with the In Real Life soldiers, this 3-part mini-series recalls the experience of the SEALs in intense single and multiplayer combat. We follow these men through thick and thin, from the Allied invasion of Poland and the subsequent invasion of South Asia, to the blistering Morrocan desert. It features a cast of largely unknown actors and a variety of different developers. The scale is impressive and the body count is massive. And it is, quite simply, an amazing gaming experience - and a very fitting tribute to the young men (many of them teenagers) who risked everything to save the world... simply because it was what they had to do.
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