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Plot Keywords

rambo missionary
burma boat
mercenary rescue
village thailand
snake army
river burmese army
soldier rescue mission
military vietnam veteran
surname as title terrorism
terrorist male protagonist
nightmare nudity
dead children 2000s
written and directed by cast member subtitled scene
rocket launcher shotgun
silencer pirate
resistance fighter rebel
anti hero war hero
martial arts booby trap
mixed martial arts mexican standoff
guerilla warfare fistfight
disarming someone river pirates
opening action scene hand to hand combat
one against many m 16
ambush foot chase
hunting knife jungle warfare
standoff warrior
compound bow shot with a bow and arrow
ak 47 combat
gore anti aircraft gun
gunfight blonde
tough guy action hero
hero evil man
stage performance king cobra
snake boxing blood splatter
cult film blood on camera lens
one word title sadism
river pirate pursuit
neck breaking flashback
chase one man army
writer director flamethrower
brutality wristwatch
walkie talkie village set on fire
usa unexploded bomb
stretcher strangulation
southeast asia singing
shockwave rain
military camp mass grave
mailbox knife
impaled child hand grenade
going home gasoline
full moon fishing
farm exploding boat
dog doctor
ditch decomposing body
dead dog compass
cage anvil
hanging execution
child burning blood
bayonet self mutilation
ripped in half rapist
mass child killing male nudity
hit on the head with a rock gatling gun
female nudity death of a child
dark hero dance
cut to pieces cut into pieces
crushed head child in peril
body count beheading
arm ripped off amazon
righteous rage responsibility
kindness idealism
honor warlord
topless female nudity stabbing
sniper shootout
rainstorm pig
patrol boat motorboat
land mine bloodhound
throat slitting sword
stabbed in the chest sniper rifle
slaughter shot to death
shot through the mouth shot in the shoulder
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back severed leg
severed arm pistol
mine massacre
machete knife in the chest
intestines head blown off
hanged man genocide
foot blown off exploding head
eaten alive dismemberment
child shot in the head child murder
bow and arrow beaten to death
attempted rape severed head
person on fire explosion
exploding body directed by star
bomb violence
torture pastor
mutilation murder
machine gun kidnapping
jungle hostage
death burmese soldier
battle rape
sequel fourth part
title spoken by character character name in title

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