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Though narrated by the voice of Baudouin, this film focuses on Pujol's life, arguably the most unique entertainer of fin de siecle France.

We start off seeing him discover his skills as a child (Joseph Gjura) , playing with a toy boat in the fountain of a Marseille plaza when an odd move "fills" his posterior with water. His parents are shocked and disturbed.

This physical oddity is brought to the attention of Dr. Marcel Baudouin, (Kevin Scott Allen) whose reaction to the boy's posterior would change both of their lives forever.

Years later, an extremely similar occurrence while in the service would confirm the uniqueness of this physical trait for both him and the doctor. Joseph (Ben Wise) is, they would learn, gifted with a unique backside, which can take in and release air in measured increments thus producing amazing and humorous noises. Dr. Baudouin becomes scientifically obsessed with Josephs instrument and begins his Javert-like obsession.

Meanwhile, Joseph, done with his term in the service, is trying to begin his life. During his search for a job, he meets a lovely, young butcher's daughter named Elizabeth (Aimee Miles). But, his desire to put his unusual gift to work for him challenges even the most natural of attractions she might have for him.

Baudouin, no longer permitted entry to Pujol's blessed behind, underhandedly secures permission to study the man posthumously from Joseph's parents (Wendy Mills and Gregory Vahanian) .

After several failed attempts to capitalize on his derrire on the stage of the Caf Des Artistes, thanks to the very patient Gagot (micki schloss), Joseph finds his niche. Soon, with some promotional help from his closest friend Arnaud (Adam Johnson) the gas he makes is filling the small room. Shows are sold out.

As one might, he decides to escalate his career with a trip to Paris and the Moulin Rouge. Elizabeth, a girl of the times, is reluctant to leave her father (Craig T. Raisner), himself only recently made a widower, but must go to Joseph.

In Paris, Joseph is once again a hit. Monsieur Zidler (Christopher Carroll) of the Moulin Rouge installs him as the starring attraction.

It is after his successful debut that he is cornered in the dark alley behind the nightclub by none other than Baudouin himself. Dying of TB and desperate to answer the voluminous questions he has amassed, the doctor pleads for entry into the magnificence of Pujol's nether loins. The doctor is refused and when his advances grow more aggressive, he is thrown to the ground and left a broken man.

One night, after weeks of sold out shows, Joseph comes to the part of the act where a volunteer from the audience will hold up a candle for him to blow out from six feet away. Joseph is surprised and thrilled to see that it is Elizabeth who stands to help him.

He moves her into position on stage, neither of them knowing that Baudouin has eased into the darkness of the balcony and, with pistol in hand, positioned himself to take advantage of the agreement Joseph's parents signed not so long ago.

Elizabeth kneels at the foot of the stage, holding the candle aloft. Joseph steps upstage and prepares to extinguish it. All at once a shot rings out!

What happens next will shock and delight, but youll have to see the film to find out.

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