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The Space Marine, the Vikings, and the Alien Space Dragon
Playbahnosh3 February 2009
I stumbled upon this move by accident, but being a sci-fi and fantasy nerd, I watched it, despite the fact that sci-fi movies nowadays tend to be rather poor.

The story begins with Kainan (James Caviezel) crash landing his spaceship into a lake, in the middle of Viking-land, in 709 AD. With his co-pilot dead, and his ship in ruins, sunken to the bottom of the lake, he uses his only working piece of technology to teach himself the norsk language. (I laughed my head off, when the first word he utters in Earth language is the "F" word :D) Wandering around in a forest, he is found by Wulfric (Jack Huston) and brought back to his village. They think Kainen is responsible for brutally ransacking a nearby village, and when Kainen tells them he is hunting for a "dragon", he is labeled as a liar and enemy. When in fact, the "dragon" he is referring to, is a monster from another planet, now hunting the viking populace and fauna of the land. Soon, when the villagers start vanishing and turning up as mutilated corpses, the vikings realize that Kainen might be telling the truth after all...

I gotta say, combining space marines and alien monsters with a fantasy Viking setting intrigued me to no end. Outlander is the living proof, that such a combination can result in a very good and entertaining 115 minutes. Although the story is a little shallow, lacking in huge plot-twists and deep character development, but it is enough to keep the attention between the awesomely gory fight scenes.

The acting is good enough, with the Christian Bale look-alike Caviezel, and the great but short performance of Ron Perlman, it manages to be captivating. We see far more swordplay than pulse rifle shoot-outs, so the sci-fi part of the film is largely suppressed to make way for the epic battle between the vikings and the moorvens, but that's just how it must be in this movie. The fight scenes are nicely choreographed and acted, the special effects are more than awesome, and the whole is movie is just great.

I'd like to point out, that the Moorven is most astonishing space monster I've ever seen. With the clever colored pulsing and the well thought-out anatomy of the beast, it manages to be best so far.

It's not the best movie I've seen, but it's still great, and every sci-fi and fantasy fan should go see it.
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Berlin Fantasy Film Fest
davidaq19 August 2008
Caught a screening of this last night in Berlin. Cinema was completely packed, not a spare seat in the house, and the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. I thought the film was great, really cool genre pic that comes across as a nice mixture of Predator/Braveheart/Beowulf, all the while managing to feel quite original on its own. Nice cast, Nice Script, and everything is handled a hell of a lot more intelligently than what you'd expect from a movie which is essentially 'Giant Alien Vs Vikings'. Why this is only getting such a limited release is beyond me, I think it could actually do quite well if given the chance. Basically anyone who enjoys Sci-Fi Action/Adventure done well should be looking forward to checking this one out when and if they get the chance.
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B+ movie
Kevin-4227 January 2009
I was very skeptical before watching this film. Even if it got John Hurt and Ron Perlman in it, I just couldn't believe the SciFi/Norse legend combination would work. My instinct told me that this was going to be another of those horrible B-movies with a stupid story, sub-average effects and mediocre acting at best. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. Not that it is a masterpiece. The background story could have been a tad bit more elaborate, the plot more original and the final outcome a little bit less predictable, but all in all one has to acknowledge the decent effort to make this movie convincing and suspenseful. The end result is a solid piece of entertainment, with ample effects, directing I'd call 'by the book', workmanlike acting and a few kicks and thrills along the way. So if you happen to like action movies and don't ask for too much depth in the story, this will provide you with a 120 minutes amusement worth the time.
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Very Entertaining Movie
petsteph115 December 2008
Like a previous reviewer I don't know why this had a limited release. It is MUCH more value for ticket money than a number of other recent offerings and its faults are minor compared to the good qualities.

The story is basically a sci-fi plot but since the lead character's space ship crashes in the Iron Age, among Vikings, you can understand that most of the movie takes place with Viking themes and scenery.

The basic plot is quite sound and for the first 40 minutes the movie is VERY gripping. It tends to go a little flat at the end of the middle act and the start of the third act but effects, gore and very tense action compensate for those not too engrossed in the intricacies of the story. A pity about that because it looked like the story had more to offer and was chopped up somewhat to fit in a bunch of set pieces. I realize this is now making the movie sound a little lame: it isn't Lord of the Rings, but it is definitely worth the price of the ticket. See it expecting to be entertained for about 95% of the time and you wont be disappointed.
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Beowulf from Outer Space
Nenko Genov27 January 2009
"Outlander" is a great surprise by director Howard McCain - honestly never heard of him before, but I'll be keeping an eye on his work from now on! The movie opens with a spaceship crashing down on Earth, Norway 700 AD. The only surviour from the crew, Kainan (James Caviezel), is soon captured by vikings, who blame him for the slaughter in a nearby village. The outworlder claims he is not responsible and he has come to these lands hunting for dragons. The vikings don't trust a word... until their own village is attacked by a mysterious creature - something that Kainan brought with him from outer space...

Proving himself in battle Kainan gains the trust of the vikings and gets himself some trusty friends... and some interest from the King's daughter Freya (Sophia Myles). Together they have to face the alien beast Moorwen and find a way to destroy it. But Kainen is hunted not only by a monster, but by guilt and memories as well. He couldn't protect his beloved wife and son from the very same creature.

The story is simple and yet gripping. The idea that a pack of vikings and a spaceman battle an alien beast was exciting enough to make me interested and willing to see the movie. I approached it with no great expectations and I found myself pleasantly surprised! The movie is in fact very entertaining and involving. Jim Caviezel is an excellent choice for a tragic hero haunted by his past - a true Beowulf from outer space. The rest of the cast does a good job as well. I loved Sophia Myles in "Tristan & Isolde" and I was pleased to watch her again, this time as a bold Viking princess. In the supporting cast we have John Hurt and Ron Perlman (they've collaborated before on the Hellboy movies).

The Moorwen is designed by Patrick Tatopolous and if you're familiar with his work you can sense his style in it. I'd say there is some Godzilla-nuance to the Moorwen, but the luminous abilities of the creature were something new and exciting.

The production design, the sets and the costumes were also very good, but what really impressed me were the flashback sequences of Kainan's life before falling down to Earth. The Moorwen planet war scene is truly great and the only thing I regret is that they were not longer - I can enjoy out-of-this-world landscapes anytime! The CGI was impressive. I would play the movie again just to watch them once more.

The movie could use some faster pace at times and I find it slightly longer than it should have been, but by no means boring or trying. "Outlander" delivers an excellent sci-fi action-adventure - something we don't see too often these days!
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Well who'd have thought
ewanmackay128 January 2009
I watched this film today with fingers crossed that it would add up to a decent enough film. However this film ended up exceeding those expectations, with a pretty good plot, a cast which was decent enough (with a few minor blips that I'm willing to overlook) and action sequences that are quite creative and thrilling to watch. At times parts of this film reminded me of The 13th Warrior, with a little Beowulf sprinkled on top. You certainly won't get bored watching this film. I'm surprised that this film did not get a little more attention, as it deserves it, but there you go. If you like to see aliens get hacked away by men in beards, this is the film for you!
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Cracking movie
StevinTasker5 January 2009
I managed to see this in Spain over Christmas. It's a really fun movie and gave me just what I was looking for. Great SF, plenty of action and a bit of drama in the mix as well. The sets, music and cinematography were good too. James Caviezel was excellent as usual as was Sophia Myles - to think of it, there wasn't a bum note in the cast and the script was fine. The battle scenes were very well done and the monster was as good as anything else i've seen on the big screen. Aliens, Vikings and Spacemen..come on! It's one of those movies I would buy on DVD and i've had a look on the official site etc..The positive feedback i've seen lately seems to have had an impact because the straight to DVD option has been shelved and the UK distributor has changed the release date from Feb to the Easter break. With any luck they will beef up the marketing and give this canny film the boost it deserves. If you like 13th Warrior or AVP type movies then this'll do for you.
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GREAT Science Fiction-Norse Myth Lore movie!
franceskosac4 July 2009
I never would have believed it, that you could combine Spaceships and futuristic races with Norse Mythology...yet, here it is in one GREAT movie! I liked 13th Warrior...it was OK, I liked Predator, but this movie...it's like they took the BEST from both movies and put it into one really well acted, well scripted movie! I picked this up on sale at Blockbuster...WOW what a GREAT movie! I like action movies, I like Lore movies, like Lord of the Rings, I like Sci-fi movies, but this is like getting ALL those genres wrapped into one, and it's NOT hokey or fake-comical, it's all very believable and wonderfully acted by James Caviziel, and Sonia Myles, with John Hurt, and the guy who played Hell Boy...wow, it has sword fighting in it, great sets...I just really enjoyed this movie from the very beginning to the very end! If you like all the genres that I listed...then you MUST see this movie!
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Space monster actionfest set in Viking times - what are you waiting for?!!
Voland-427 March 2009
It's a real shame I haven't seen a single preview or a billboard for this movie. Whatever, though - the box office opportunity was wasted because someone or other didn't have faith in humanity (I mean seriously, anyone with a droplet of testosterone in them would find this highly entertaining, so of course there's a market for it), but this movie's cult status is assured.

Spaceship carrying terrifying bloodthirsty monster and a mysterious hero (well, not that mysterious) crash lands on Earth during Viking times. I repeat - Vikings! Swords, battles, mead- drinking and all-around Norse badarsery are featured prominently. The acting is good for the most part, the writing isn't stupid and formulaic, and the director keeps a brisk pace throughout the film. And the space monster is simply terrific, imbued with the perfect amount of personality.

If I was 10 years old when I watched it, I would have been running around on the ceiling for months. Being the mature and responsible grown man I am now, I didn't exactly do that - instead, I recommended it to all my friends and watched it 3 times.
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Simon_Says_Movies1 June 2009
Outlandish. Howard McCain's Outlander may be the best B movie you never saw. This release dumped unceremoniously into theaters in the early year scrap heap is certainly a movie that is fully aware of its preposterous nature and approaches it with a straight face, a talented cast and premier production values that all work oddly well to produce an entertaining if far from perfect Sci-fi cult classic.

Originally slated for a normal wide release, a series of setbacks plagued production to an extent where it was deemed no longer feasible for such distribution. Why is this important you may ask? Well, thanks to the original and best laid plans producers threw a whopping $50 million into the film which provides us with some damn good effects for a film you would all but assume to be a low budget, straight to DVD release.

The plot is as tantalizing as they come; an alien, Kainan played by James Caviezel crash lands in ancient Nordish territory in the age of the Vikings. But along with his technology he brings a foreign parasite, a deadly creature known as the Moorwen. Caught in the middle of two warring Viking clans headed by Rogthgar (John Hurt) on one side and Gunnar (Ron Peralman) on the other, the primitive tribes must ban together to defeat their new common foe. oh yeah, it is in fact that awesome. The 'modern' story is framed by an interesting if slightly preachy back-story of past betrayal and genocide throughout the history of Kainnan's homeland.

After all this financial mumbo-jumbo is put to the side, what we are left with is a deliciously acted, well made period/sci-fi/creature feature/action film that only works at all due to all originality and the bizarreness of the plot. A few elements keep Outlander from being a cult-masterpiece however; it is too long, there are too many false climaxes and the goofy plot only just holds up. That being said the good news is that this film will make a quick trip to your local movie store bargain bin which means that you can score it for about the cost of a rental. Outlander is worth a look and even if you don't like it, you can't deny how perfectly it defines the so-bad-it's-good adage.

Read all my reviews at: http://www.simonsaysmovies.blogspot.com
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I mean seriously, Nordic swordplay and a kick-ass alien what more could you possibly want !?!?
intelearts30 January 2009
In its genre: fantasy and sci-fi this is a guaranteed winner. Yes, it IS Alien vs. Highlander... and if you don't think that sounds awesome, well then you're missing out.

What lifts this though is a great cast, tight filming, good production, and, above all, some heart and soul that's been missing.

Honestly this is straight-out entertainment - the Alien is seriously bad, and the Nordic stuff is just how you'd want it to be. Just violent enough, with some horror, but nothing OTT it is very, very good at achieving its objectives.

All in all a great film and a definite Sci-Fi / Fantasy con favorite in the making...
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A Great Movie after all...!Perfect Entertainer!
I had never seen the trailer of this movie nor any much publicity whatsoever,but it came as a clear surprise for me after getting to watch it,i liked it very much.So sad that i ended up watching in a DVD. You have the Viking battles,good storyline,very good CGI and special effects,with equally complementing soundtrack. The actors have rendered their skills to the best,the screenplay was great and overall the characters are well delivered. The story is of an Outlander from a different planet who ends up in a ship crash on NORSE territory-planet earth!But the ship has brought along an alien trouble-a species called Moorven/Moorwen.Kainan(James Caviezel) is treated as an Outlander,he has to prove his worth and also tell the vikings of the alien trouble he has bought along.And henceforth the plot flows. The Movie has got breathtaking locations,viking costumes,"the shields" game,all was just entertaining.It has abundant gore too,of course its a viking movie after all! Anyways guys its a perfect perfect perfect snack for your pop corns!Rent it or buy it!
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Groundbreaking Indi-film
True Metal1 June 2009
When my friend brought this over and described it to me my first reaction was "What the hell!? Man, this is going to suck." But I'm a sport and usually will give indi-movies a chance. You never know when they will surprise you. Equalibrium is a good example of this. Shortly into the movie I knew this was turning out to be pretty good. By the end, I realized this film was a complete gem.

OK, so the CGI wasn't major budget for 2008, fire was made obviously by a mid-grade generator. It was still well within my acceptance level of good CGI and some of the background compositing was awesome. I know that the artist who worked on this put nothing less than love into what little they had for tools.

I call the story Groundbreaking in that NO ONE ever before has truly combined Sci-fi and Vikings, and pull it off so well. Yes, I could see a lot of Borrowed ideas such as Predator, Pathfinder, Alien and Beowulf but that only added to the fun, beauty and down right authentic, Pagan and Scientific styles that are blended. The story was in depth enough to keep you interested and well mixed with action. Ron Perlman once again demonstrates how great an actor he is. Like always, you do not see his prior roles (There's no Hellboy or Reinhardt here). Also the very HOT Sophia Myles made a great love interest to create a spiritual pull between the two heroes.

This is the best Straight-to-DVD movie I have seen in years.
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Great Movie, Fast, Fantasy-Sci-Fi Alien Nordic Thriller WoW
elliott7821224 May 2009
I give it a 9 out of 10 because nothing is perfect. My partner who never watches these movies decided to sit down for this one afterwards said that was a great fantasy alien thriller. Woohoo there is hope for him yet. Jim Caveziel is so perfectly cast or was that acting omg yes he did do a super acting job in this as does Sophia Myles, John Hurt, and the always a pleasure to watch be the brute Ron Perlman whose part was to short. This is one of those rare finds a well written and directed film, small on budget big on thrills. Original script, very very good top notch FX, the alien creature is ghastly and convincing. You just have to see it, I don't like spoilers, pop some corn, put it in and crank up the sound.
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Out of This World
svetlastoyanova12 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
At first I thought aliens in prehistoric times; this is going to be one hell of a non-sense. I was very pleasantly surprised though. There is no hi-tech jargon or far-fetched sci-fi plot, everything is neat and straight to the point. And the most importantly there is no meaningless dialogue or cool stupid one-liners.

Kainan (James Caviezel) lands on Earth in his chase of an alien monster which killed his family. The year is something hundred BC, there is nothing superhuman or extraordinary about him, armed just with a gun version of a lightsaber , soon he is captured by the local tribe. The prehistoric people are nothing out of the ordinary either-a wooden fortress, animal-skin clad villagers and monarch based ruling system. I really liked the political element in the tribe's interactions with the opposing tribe and the logical tactical choices made by its leaders. It comes to show that politics in its essence is just a plain and simple common sense for the people's well-being.

The two fighting tribes eventually join forces against the common evil-a pretty red illuminated monster that kills and eats everything on its way. The monster is CGI but it is given almost a human name Moorwen, I have to admit very well done CGI. It blends very well with the rest of the sequences and the monster itself is quite original. All the encounters with it are really gory, though, so I do not recommend it for the faint-hearted. There is the must-have love story as well, between the outlander and the daughter of the king of the tribe, who eventually took over his throne after the monster, killed him mercilessly. There is a little cameo from Ron Perlman doing what he does best as a ferocious leader of the opposing tribe, i.e. acting really tough.

This movie has everything you want in one –aliens, great action sequences, politics, pretty female, romance with the pretty female, a bit of gory horror and a happy ending with an inevitable casualty of a loved one-what not to like?
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Wonderful Adventure
Claudio Carvalho14 March 2009
In 709 DC, in the Iron Age, a spacecraft crashes in Norway in the Viking kingdom of Herot, and the pilot Kainan (James Caviezel) survives. He turns the beacon on; learns the language and culture of the planet using a machine; and finds that the predator called Moorwen that he was transporting had escaped. While chasing the alien monster, he finds a village completely destroyed and he is arrested by the warrior Wulfric (Jack Huston) that believed he killed the locals and is brought to Herot as prisoner. But sooner he proves his innocence and courage to King Rothgar (John Hurt) and his daughter Freya (Sophia Myles) falls in love for him. Kainan and Wulfric become friends and together they chase the Moorwen.

"Outlander" is a wonderful adventure and a great surprise for me indeed. The cast is excellent, leaded by James Caviezel; the lovely Sophia Myles, from "Tristan + Isolde" and "Hallam Foe"; the veteran John Hurt; the always efficient Ron Perlman; and the unknown nephew of Anjelica Huston Jack Huston. The engaging story has elements of "Starman", "Beowulf" and "Predator", and is developed in a perfect pace. The special effects are decent and this movie is a great entertainment. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Outlander – Guerreiro Vs Predador" ("Outlander – Warrior Vs Predator")
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" The Thirteenth Warrior, Beowulf and Alien, . . . mix well "
thinker169111 August 2009
John Hurt has plays so many roles it is difficult which he personally would select as his best. For Me, I've seen him play mad emperors, tyrant Dictators and pleasant storytellers all with the same conviction of a true Thespian. In this film " The Outlander " his role is relegated to playing the courageous Rothgar, the Danish Chiefton of the Northland Vikings. From out in the distant galaxies and far from his own home world, comes 'Kainan' a space traveler (James Caviezel) who's spacecraft has been damaged and sent careening towards Earth. Upon crashing, he discovers he is on 'Old Earth' circa 10th century, Norway. Unfortunately, he quickly ascertains one of the creatures he was battling in space has joined him when he lands. Here he must not only adapt to the Viking way of life, but hunt down and destroy the last of a race of creatures called the 'Moorwen.' Sophia Myles plays Freya, the chieftain's strong willed daughter and Wulfric (Jack Huston) the brave heir apparent. Ron Perlman is Gunnar and displays some excellent acting as does young Bailey Maughan who is Erick. The movie is a surprising blend of Alien, the 13th warrior and Beowulf. The dramatic action theme is way above par, while the physical confrontational scenes and special effects are incredible. A superb movie and a worthwhile entry on it's way to becoming a memorable Classic. Highly recommended for all! ****
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Aliens,swords and heroes
limona_razvan19 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Outlander is a movie who deserve better than the lack of interest around. Caviezel and Miles show a lot of power play and carve two strong characters from scratch, building up the momentum to the last confrontation between vikings and aliens confused with dragons. Kainan (Caviezel) is from outer space, a military officer responsible, along with others of his humanoid species, to the destruction of a race called Moorwen with fire. After terraforming, Kainan's people settle without knowing some Moorwen are still alive and loose their families to the vengeance. Eventually his ship, with a Moorwen aboard, drift into space and crash land on Earth, without any explanation why. The rest of the movie is a fast paced action, worthy to see instead of explaining, playing the Norwegian vikings an Kainan against the rampant dragon look alike alien. Ron Perlman is ,as always, a force of nature and John Hurt a perfect king - intelligent, tired and full of hope. In the end i have to mention the interesting look of the Moorwen species, a mix of legendary dragons and Alien from the movie with the same name.
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What Could Have Been...
warren-197610 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It's always frustrating to hear of how the Hollywood 'suits' treat some films, whilst throwing money at others. Outlander has been the unfortunate victim of bureaucratic idiocy.

Outlander was an independent feature, made on a moderate (by today's standards) budget of nearly $50 million, around which $35 or so went on actual production, and the rest on various legal fees, etc. The production, direction and effects help it stand out as a much more professional film than many of the recent crop of bloated big-budget pictures. Yet as a result of the 'Weinstein' company's decisions (The 'Weinstein' company in America gained the rights to cinematic and DVD release in the U.S.), it was essentially forgotten. They had apparently made little initial investment, and therefore (presumably) decided just to make a chunk of money back through the minimal effort of a DVD release, while avoiding the expense and effort of giving it a cinema release. So it is a tragic shame that we didn't get to see this as a sleeper hit, which I believe it may well have been, along the lines of something like Pitch Black.

But what of the movie itself, you ask? Spaceship crash-lands amongst the Viking Fjords on Earth, during the iron age. So enters our hero, the lone survivor of said ship, who joins with the local populace to defeat the terrible alien that was also on board, and has started slaughtering the nearby inhabitants. Yes, it sounds cheesy on the surface, but it's great fun. It's all been well thought out, and given far more depth and story than you would otherwise expect.

The production has managed to gather a fantastic cast, including James Caviezel (Frequency, Passion of the Christ) John Hurt (Alien, Nineteen Eighty Four, Hellboy, Harry Potter), Sophia Myles (Underworld, Thunderbirds, TV's Moonlight) Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Alien: Resurrection) and promising up-and-comer Jack Huston. They all have great fun with their parts, without hamming it up (Though Ron Perlman's role is somewhat shorter than expected).

In terms of general production, oft-used creature designer Patrick Tatopoulos (Stargate, Godzilla, Pitch Black) has created probably his best creature design since 'They', trying to come up with something original for the alien. Its face is perhaps a bit too reminiscent of his earlier Godzilla design, but the fiery glows and shapes really make the Moorwen (As the creature is called) stand out. Meanwhile Geoff Zanelli (Hitman, Disturbia) has written a suitably stirring and epic soundtrack score. Since this is one of his first few feature film scores, he could well be one to watch.

There are plenty of interesting characters in Outlander, all used in ways that are not too stereotyped. For example, Kainan (The lead character, played by Caviezel) bonds with a young boy, 'Shane'-style, yet this is not forced or overplayed. Likewise the slight hints of romance with Freya (played by Myle's). Other characters start off with certain stereotypical expectations, only to turn out more nuanced and interesting than you thought. Even Kainan has a story that you enjoy learning about, as he tells it in hushed tones. His personal tale is nothing original, but uses those types of cliché that only become that way because there are few better ways to motivate and emphasise a character.

Outlander is a wonderfully fun adventure in the greatest old style. The action is gory and exciting. The characters are interesting and make you want to follow their story. The filming is slick and polished, modern while not bowing to over-used 'trendy' techniques.

The director, Howard McCain, should be applauded for the job he's done here, considering he has only really started his career, and created a movie that, given a chance, puts to shame most of the recent blockbusters. There's not too much to say about Outlander, other than just enjoy it for what it is. There are so many films you could say it has similarities to, from Alien to Lord of the Rings, but even they have their own prior influences. Outlander adds enough of its own twists and fairly original turns stand out, and hold its head proud. If you get the chance, just enjoy an old-fashioned science-fiction adventure.
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Viking vs Alien. Pure fun.
Enchorde24 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Kainan is from a futuristic society that has mastered space travel and has conquered other worlds. But during a mission his ship suffers a malfunction and he crashes on Earth up in Scandinavia, right into the 8th century and the Viking era. With him he unknowingly brings a stow-away. A morween. Morweens are a hideous and blood thirsty monster that instantly goes on a rampage. Now Kainan must adapt to his new backwards technology and ally himself with the Vikings to bring this monster down.

Comments: Will not ever be mistaken for any kind of serious movie, but taken correctly it is all good fun. Or who could ever oppose the splendid combination of Sci-Fi monsters and spacecraft with Viking swords? The story is not unique or stellar in any kinds, it resembles a little of other movies depicting the Viking era like the 13th Warrior, but it works. A little predictable but enough to keep interest and to motivate the action.

Unfortunately the CGI and the special effects are uneven in quality. Most of the times it is quite good but at times it becomes cheesy, plastic and plain bad actually. Not the kind you would expect from a movie with a little higher ambition.

The cast is not bad at all. Jim Caviezel is good in the lead, but doesn't shine. Then veteran John Hurt impresses more but especially Ron Perlman is great as a Viking chieftain, he looks made for the part! Sophia Myles does well as the female lead but unfortunately her character falls back to the stereotypic, woman in need of rescue, after a strong beginning. I hope she gets more chances, she seem more than competent to handle the female lead in action movies.

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Frankly, an excellent film!
gusreyes4 June 2009
I must say that this film was a great surprise, not only because of my personal taste for sci-fi / fantasy flicks, but because this production is flawless.

I believe Howard McCain is set to be a true revelation as film maker and screen writer. There is no single bad moment in all the film.

Great work in photography and editing make of this film a visual accomplishment.

James Caviezel, John Hurt and Ron Perlman performances are excellent.

All FX are achieved, and the score by Geoff Zanelli is one to remember.

Maybe is something that we all have seen before, but never with this kind of achievement.

For all sci-fi / fantasy fans, this one is a MUST!
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The most original film in years. Alien vs vikings how could it have worked?
thecolonade26 February 2009
All i can say is give it 11 out of 10! Its got so much gore and alien homeworlds and broadswords, and yet im sure if you took your wife/girlfriend or religious father to see it they would nod and smile at the end and say 'i didn't think id enjoy that''but it was quite good actually'

I haven't felt so excited watching a film in years! especially not an action/fantasy film. The alien was SWEET and truly magnificent, the cgi was top notch. The director needs a big pat on the back.

I haven't felt this way since i was a kid, it emulated all my favourite childhood films ALIEN, HIGHLANDER, PREDATOR....with a touch of WILLOW

So SO good! im gonna see it again!

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Don't get yourself wrapped up in history - this is cinema at its best: Entertainment
Waldgeist31 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that negative comments motivated by it being a reinterpretation of the Beowulf story and not being historically correct are simply mistaken.

All movies that exist are influenced by old tales, some rip them off blindly, some even claim to tell "the true story" (King Arthur*shudders*). But looking for historical correctness in a movie that says "Aliens vs. Vikings" is like going into an Helly Kitty movie expecting some good action scenes and blood.

You choose what movies to watch, stick with the genre you like, then you will not be disappointed so often.

_Now to the movie itself_ I expected this movie to be cheap, cheesy and uninteresting but watching it together with my even more skeptical girlfriend changed our both minds. This movie is well done, well shot, well produced, the props look good enough, the sets are good enough, the CGI is well done and the actors do a decent job.

The Screenplay seems to be cut just right, it does not have too many lengths or shorts, the conversations have the needed information without venturing off too far into the romance story within the action. I like that most of the romance is portrayed simply through visuals and not words. The action is well cut, though i would have liked it to be a bit less "shaky" but it seems this trend will have to develop to its extreme before it starts to vanish again (hopefully soon i wanna see the effort the actors and stuntman put into their swordplay more clearly!).

**Minor spoilers** The story has some nice tones to it, especially an untypical rivalry between the main character and a male side character, that does not include the typical "i will kill you if you touch her" or the typical fistfight and alcohol to make them friends again, very well done! :D The background story to the beast and its motivation close before the final and the portrait of it really gave the whole thing more depth to it and i liked it very much, because that way you can just be all "alienhating" over the course of the whole movie and get this slight "oh noes i feel bad for them" feeling right before it ends :D I like that the viking cast does not only consist of 2 meter man with 1 meter broad shoulders grunting and shouting, but that they are more displayed as humans, normal men (unlike Pathfinder / King Arthur), which i honestly had expected to happen, because of the "B-movieish" kind of nature of the main idea for the movie.

As i said in the beginning, this movie is just cinema at its best. It does not have many faults, most of them are because of the lower production values of the movie, but they really pushed themselves and I wish this movie the best of success and want to see more of this kind of well-done-entertainment!
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Surprisingly Good Viking/Sci-Fi Monster Hunt
Rabh171 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this one and it languished on my Apple TV for two weeks before I decided to see if I would be very disappointed for a half-hearted Beowulf knockoff.

Surprise! No Beowulf. No Grendel. No Bad, cheesy FX.

Space Marine crashlands in 6th Century Norway and brings along with him a alien enemy that starts tearing havoc through the primitive viking people there.

The story is simple enough, but the execution is VERY GOOD. The lead character is solid, believable and likable. The Viking hold that takes him prisoner is actually pretty believable with a lot of nice historic touches (If you can excuse the British accents here and there). The angle about the Beast stirring up a feud between settlements makes a lot of sense. And they carried over the acceptance of the Space Marine (Outlander) into the clan in a manner that made social sense-- at least as far as Sci-Fi films go)

The FX were very well done, especially the back story where you are filled in on how the Hero came to marooned on this planet-- and the delving into remorse on the part of the spacers for what he did to the creature's homeland was an interesting sideline. . .it added character to the script.

The Monster. . .now the monster was GREAT. Menacing and Dangerous with excellent use of darkness and light to accentuate it's pure animal rage.

Like the Viking on the Stockade murmured in awe: "Now that's no bear."

This one is a STRONG Monster Hunt flick that's well-done. Give this one a go for Saturday night.
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A solid SF tale.
choppy-41 February 2009
Outlander is not going to win any awards, but for what it is, it is a solid genre flick. It might not have a broad appeal outside of SF fans, but it is one of those under the radar modern day "B" movies that actually has a lot to offer (think Pitch Black or Reign of Fire). The cast, direction, and cinematography are all solid to very good. While the story falls a little too often into genre clichés, the characters are interesting and there are enough plot twists and new additions to warrant this movie a star or two for small innovations. I'm thinking especially of the clever way the film makers address the language barrier and the origin of the feud between the Moorwin and humans as providing interesting twists to what could have been rote clichés. The film is a little over-long by about 15 min, but that's quibbling.

The monster itself, the Moorwin, is worth the price of admission alone. Although it resembles in form some of the more well-known alien menaces from the last 20 years, it's phosphorescent skin and blood are a very cool innovation and are also visually exciting.

Bottom line is if you are interested in a film whose subject matter is Vikings fighting an alien monster with lots of action and some small sparks of innovation, then you will not be disappointed.
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