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While not exactly in the same league as the visually dazzling "Excalibur" and saddled with cheap looking CGI effects, this Anglo-Italian co-production has quite a bit of fun finding a direct path from the fall of Rome to the birth of Arthurian legend.
The A.V. Club
Though it's never wise to underestimate the power or universal appeal of Rai's cleavage and lustrous hair, that's about all that sets the doggedly mediocre The Last Legion apart from every other sword-and-sandal epic about the origins of Camelot.
When a movie wants to be sold as a spectacle, it had better deliver something more spectacular than this.
Los Angeles Times
Not as bad as it sounds nor as good as it might have been.
The film is nothing to be ashamed of (especially if you're Kingsley). But it's as if everybody involved knows what the deal is.
Every once in a while, though, Firth's eyebrow hints, Can you believe I'm wearing this dorky leather breastplate?
Seriously hampered by glaring inconsistencies of tone and intent, and often feels like a series of highlights carved out of a much longer epic.
Lackluster and decidedly old-fashioned (in the worst way).
This might have made a good children’s film.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Distinctly humdrum, The Last Legion, a boy's adventure story that seems to have been dragged out of the vaults of some early-sixties TV series.

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