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rather cheap - mostly pathetic

Author: ailaviu from Canada
31 January 2008

Unknown movie, a thriller, a horror? This trilogy of thriller/horror movies it was supposed to "delve into the deepest, darkest parts of human existence, into the unknown regions beyond life and death, and into the most fear-ridden parts of the human imagination." Don't get your hopes up now Growing up lots of kids have aspirations of moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career as a movie star, writer, producer, or director. Not every kid realizes those dreams. CASH alum Brian Cavallaro (this is the producer of the film) followed his dreams to Los Angeles and puts together "The Unknown Trilogy" is a three-piece film, broken up into three separate 30 minute films. I think he had nightmares (not dreams): he made one bad movie, with bad acting, cheap all around.

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Comment deleted without any grounds...

Author: elmintos from Iceland
24 March 2009

A year ago I unfortunately saw this piece of garbage, fortunately, free on the internets. Talk about 90 minutes of crap. The movie's complete lack of quality compelled me to sign up on IMDb to write a warning review. This film is seriously that bad.. Well, within a week of my posting, the review was flagged as inappropriate by some user. No reason was given so I said "whatever" and decided not to waste any more time on this stinker.

Then I was cleaning up in my inbox just now and came across the old mail informing me of the deletion of my comment. I decided to check on this again and read all the ten star reviews. Aaaaand there is no doubt in my mind that they are all written by one or two people, surely affiliated with the film. The quite shoddy style of writing and reoccurring words are a dead giveaway. Just face the fact, your movie sucks on a previously unknown scale.

Bottom line: Do not waste 90min. of your precious life on this. Staring at a bar of soap for the same amount of time is more rewarding.

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All I do know is it was bad

Author: PhilipGHarris from United Kingdom
30 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why is this called the unknown trilogy? Is it possibly because it is unknown how they got their budget? Unknown why this was made or simply obvious that there is only one link between the stories.

This link being Dr Sol Rubin a Behavioural Psychologist apparently who allows us insight into erm… something we are meant to get insight into through 3 short stories. Dr Rubin is in all of them but has his moment of glory at the graveside of our final subject – one where you wish one of the funeral party would tell him to shut up and take the camera crew away.

The three short stories have titles as well, however as the film is so badly edited together than merely stories 2 and 3 have their titles before them and we have to wait until the final titles to find the name of the first one.

Unknown Trilogy is a masterpiece of time wasting style direction. The fact that the writers were struggling to fill their 30-minute slots is endemic of the failures of this film. So we have slow motion scenes of kids drinking beer, characters who are obviously dead driving about an awful lot, overweight enforcers giving chase or possibly the best being someone blatantly going to toilet.

Acting is uniformly bad which adds to both amusement and at least means all can be considered equal, except for Angie Everhart in the last story who practically shines like a guiding light of the screen. Which is a bit of a shame for her really.

Direction is sloppy, continuity bad and sets nihilistic which is most apparent in the middle story. I particularly enjoyed the school canteen, which looked like a rescue centre.

Music exists and is by far the best in the final story but this is because Christmas Carols are out of copyright. Still whoever wrote the carol related accident whilst dad is trying to reverse and choose the most suitable music should win an award as it really made me laugh.

Watch if you want to understand how not to make movies. A sort of Hammer Horror Collection without the grace, style, acting, music, direction or production.

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Actually, not nearly so bad as some reviews made it out to be.

Author: Bill Shroyer from United States
3 September 2010

I know truly crappy movie quality when I see it, and I have to say that based on many of the other reviews, here, I was fully expecting this to be among that ilk of film. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen - the reviews are either glowing wonderful or glowing with damnation, no in- between. But really, it's just your average very-low-budget indie type film. I really rather enjoyed it. Granted, there were so many ways it could've been improved, but I think the creators and actors did about as good as they could with what they had been given. It has a sort of Twilight Zone/Alfred Hitchcock tone to it. But all in all, and especially for all the horrid reviews, I was very pleasantly surprised. Just watch the first 15-20 minutes if you're not sure, that should be enough to tell you whether or not you can stand to watch the rest of it. As low-budget as it was, it at least seems to have had some people behind it who actually tried doing a good job - I didn't get a sense of any of this as having been "tossed to the wind" or just carelessly, haphazardly thrown together. It can actually be a bit touching if you let yourself get carried down that route with it. Not the greatest, but certainly worth watching. The three stories are just right so that if you'd prefer it, you could technically watch them in separate viewings and not really miss a thing. So if you don't think you don't want to spend an entire hour-and-a-half on it all at once, don't - I think the 2nd & 3rd story will keep well until you're in the mood. This review would be so much more positive if not for feeling like I have to try to find some way to explain the rancor & bile - I just don't see what the justification is for some of the remarks. Granted, I -do- think some of the rave reviews early on were probably faked, but that doesn't automatically mean it's a horrible film - I don't approve of faked reviews, but even believing that to be the case, I can't really trash the movie over it. It's not a bad little set of flicks. Whimsical, basic, very simple story-telling.

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Author: mistacurzie from United States
15 October 2007

Did Sal hit a Grand Slam with this one, or what? This third segment of "The Unknown Trilogy" is entirely impressive. Why? Well, it's my humble opinion that this soon-to-be-released production demonstrates greatness on many levels. The musical scores, coupled with artfully creative cinematography, perfectly and relentlessly drive emotion and hold time. They sound of Christmas, yet are oddly in tune with the emptiness and pain of James Patulo. Further, aligned with sounds and sights, the character, himself--James--speaks volumes with expression. He reads like a book without a word. Now that's acting! Yes, there's more. When you see it, I'm sure you'll agree. I don't want to give it away! Nice job, Sal!

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It touched my heart...

Author: xdancer24 from United States
2 August 2007

Gone was part 3 of " The Unknown Trilogy " Staring Sal Mazzotta and Angie Everhart. This film touched my heart, i cried and cried. I seen the screening for this movie at the Prince Music theater in Philadelphia. The story was amazing and the performance that Sal Mazzotta gave was incredible. I am not going to give the movie away, all i can tell you is that it is a very sad Christmas story. I was very surprised with Angie Everhart, she was also very good. I am really looking forward to the DVD being released because i think this film is going to do very well. On a different note i think the director did a wonderful job, he was very creative and captured great shots. I really don't know when this film will be released, but if you see it in video stores please rent it. The name is " The Unknown Trilogy " and ' Gone " is part 3 of the Trilogy. It will also touch your heart. Great Movie!!!

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Author: friendship-1 from United States
12 April 2007

This film was part 3 of " The Unknown Trilogy ". Gone is a very good film and well produced. The lead (James ) played by Sal Mazzotta was very convincing for me, I have two children and i was a nervous wreck, just the idea of loosing my own child was to much for me. Sal played the part so real that i actually cried at the end of the movie. Angie Everhart also played a really good role and she is so beautiful. All the actors were really good and the director did perfect work.The actor that introduced the stories was good and i see him a lot all over television.I can't wait until " The Unknown Trilogy " DVD is released, i will certainly purchase it, because it's an excellent film.

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Loved it...

Author: gdon98 from United States
10 October 2007

Frankie the Squirrel is part 1 of " The Unknown Trilogy ". I seen the movie in Philly last March, It was premiere night, A night i will never forget. Frankie the Squirrel was very good, I loved David Proval and Sal Mazzotta, there acting was great. Loved the idea that it was shot in Alantic City, I am from AC so i enjoyed the film even more. The actress that played Frankies girlfriend she was HOT and i mean HOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!! I met Sal Mazotta and his family about 4 months later at a place in South Jersey called ( La Ceno ) and let me tell you something, what a nice guy. Overall I think this movie is going to do very well, you have 3 really good stories in one film and it reminds me of Creepshow. I can not wait till this film is released on DVD because it's that good. The producers did a great job putting this film together, congratulations!! Abe Vegoda had a smaller part, he was great. Really good movie and if you get a chance check it out.

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Don't believe the 10 star reviews people

Author: knightc6 from United States
6 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly, click on the posters who submit the positive reviews for this film, it's the only film some of them ever commented on, and their accounts are pretty recently activated. While the possibility exists that this movie above all others is what prompted them to register an account here, it's more likely that they are involved with the film itself in some way and trying to trick others into seeing this movie.

Luckily, as if the quality of the film wasn't proof enough, most of the people involved in this production are pretty dull in the brains department and are easy to spot on here. "It touched my heart"? Give me a break.

This film isn't even so bad it's good, it's just bad. Uwe Boll has some stiff competition now from whoever made this pile o' crap.

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Terrible, low-budget, not worth wasting your time on.

Author: animecrazee from United Kingdom
5 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is awful. Right from the start, the dubious dialogue and cheesy acting is prominent. Not to mention the fact that the terrible grain quality of the film makes the characters all seem to be running around on blue-screen, even though they are not! Or are they? It's hard to tell, the quality is incredibly poor.

The main guy who narrates each of the three sections appears, several times to almost lose his rehearsed lines, barely saving himself with a noticeable jilt as he stumbles on his words.

The rest of the actors are if anything, worse. I did not make it all the way through the film and although I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and watching all the way through the second story, I was unable to stomach any more after that. The whole experience was akin to cleaning my eyeball with a toothbrush. Painful. I felt embarrassed for the actors. And embarrassed that I was duped into watching it after reading the various positive comments.

I strongly suggest that nobody else waste their time on this mess. Low-budget is not an excuse for poor acting or amateurish directing. The dialogue was probably written by the kids in the second story.

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