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Just not fun to play.

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
2 September 2005

I am very disappointed with this game. It may have very nice and cartoony graphics but the gameplay is terrible. You play Eduardo and Kylie from the TV series and must defeat an evil Count called Mercharior who has kidnapped other members of the Ghostbusters.

There are only four levels: the old building, the graveyard, the theatre and the botanical gardens. Before making your way through these bland platforming stages you must race to the destination on time in a top-racing stage where you control Ecto-1. Both are dull and could have been taken a lot further. It seems like such a rushed and unfinished product.

The music is boring, the ghosts are generic and the level design is annoying. You never really get the real sense of busting ghosts since you just shoot them with the Ion ray and they vanish. There's no use of the PKE meter or holding or trapping and it just turns the game into a platforming shooter. And why is there no save system? This password crap is a joke. The GBA does have a save function you know!

If you're a total Ghostbusters fan then pick this up cheap. Otherwise leave it be, it stands out neither as a Ghostbusters product nor as a semi-decent game. Slimer appears on the box but isn't even in the game!

Graphics A- Sound C- Gameplay C- Lasting Appeal D

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Coulda been better but not bad

Author: Shane McDonie (PhantomKnight) from United States
23 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd have to say I'm a total nut for GhostBusters. Sure EGB was okay, didn't have a lot of the old villains from TRGB but eh it was a very good sequel. That being said this game isn't too bad, back when it first came out it was pretty rare to find a copy of it at EB or GameStop, but now not so much if you look hard enough you can get it for a decent price.

The game revolves around Edward and Kylie fighting an Evil Count who has kidnapped the rest of the EGB team. Each mission starts with Janine and Egon and sometimes Slimer giving you the briefing and then you leaving the FireHouse in Ecto-1A. Yes You actually get to Drive Ecto-1A in a top down racing mini game. The only catch is that you have to avoid crashing into obstacles which will slow you down and grabbing the stop watches for extra time. Once you reach the area you have control between Edward and Kylie which you can swap back and forth anytime with no pause. After you reach the End again you are given advice, tips and hints by Egon, Janine and Slimer.

Each Mission is laid out very well as sort of a side scrolling/platforming shooter. Edward and Kylie both use their own proton packs. Edward walks slow, but has the destructive proton pack( it takes fewer hits to take down enemies) Kylie runs, double jumps and has a weaker beam. Edward uses bombs to clear ghosts in a pinch and Kylie uses the modified ghost traps to capture all ghosts currently on screen. The only bad thing is like most of the GhostBusters games you don't use a trap as the GhostBusters would and you don't use a PKE meter.

Each Mission contains 1 Ecto-1A mini game and 4 levels which end with you fighting the boss of that mission. The game may take you a while to get used to but it's not terribly hard. There are a lot of secrets and things to do and find and discover in each level but nothing that unlocks anything as there is nothing to unlock. You collect more bombs/traps, upgrades, lives or health upgrades.

The levels are very large, and might take you a while. There's no save but a password which is kinda irritating but eh. The sounds are very well done and there's a different one for everything from Edward's proton beam to a ghost being destroyed. Everything is very well detailed from the pealing paint on the wall to the detail on the characters and the ghosts. I would say to either download the ROM try it out then go get yourself a real copy of it you won't be disappointed.

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