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Excellent, worth owning for every fan
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews3 February 2008
This DVD features seven videos by Eminem... in order, they are: Stan, The Way I Am, The Real Slim Shady, Role Model, Guilty Conscience, My Name Is and Just Don't Give A F***... and two bonus presentations, a making of for the video of Stan, and something called The Mathers' Home. I won't give away what the last thing is, it should be realized by anyone who watches it as they do(it'll become evident within seconds). I'll just say that it was a great idea, and they executed it rather expertly. The "making of" has Dre and director Atwell talking to the camera some(the former makes a *very* bad pun at one point), as well as Devon Sawa(of Final Destination fame), who plays Stan, and Dido. It goes behind several of the things they did in the video, and at about 8 and a half minutes, it doesn't overstay its welcome, or really lose momentum. The videos themselves come to about half an hour, give or take some minutes. The other Special Feature lasts about five minutes, give or take. In total, it will come to almost fifty minutes. The DVD offers regular stereo sound, and Dolby Digital, and has no subtitles. I base this on the Region 2 release. The visuals are all crisp and high quality. The videos themselves, I personally think, are all good(if not all equally). Stan is a great rap, and a rather good video, as well, of high story-telling quality. The Way I Am... what can I say? Is there one single fan of Em who doesn't love that song, and the video for it, as well? It is well deserved. The mixing in of the Steve Berman skit on The Marshall Mathers LP for the opening... magnificent, both in idea and execution. The Real Slim Shady is fun and funny, if the appearance of Bugz is perhaps sad, now... R.I.P. Proof, you too, R.I.P., and take care, Marshall, you guys seemed close. Role Model is similarly funny, and, like Stan and The Way I Am, has him making fun of the parents and critics who call him a menace, if not as bitingly satirical as Stan, or as angry as The Way I Am. Guilty Conscience is a good video, and features some nice effects, though I'm personally not crazy about the chorus they put in it, albeit I can understand why. My Name Is, even if he has later come to hate it, is another fun song, and the social commentary and attitude is evident throughout. Just Don't Give A F*** is a fine finish, with the gritty, angry tone. The menus are nicely done. This is definitely worth it for any fan of the rapper and his music, in my seldom humble opinion. I recommend it to anybody who falls into aforementioned category, and warmly so. 8/10
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Could Be Better
KingKRool6 October 2005
This DVD isn't exactly what I thought it would be like. I expected some crazy things...instead I got 7 music videos and 2 crappy bonus scenes. The music videos are all beautifully directed, Stan especially, but they get old pretty fast. The only videos I watch are "Just Don't Give A !@#$!" and "Guilty Conscience." Although the videos are uncensored, there is 1 video that is edited. Most of the videos are humorous to watch, but the sound quality on the DVD isn't that great. The bonus scenes are each about 10 minutes long. There is "Stan: Behind the Scenes," and "The Mather's Home." "The Mather's Home" is a terrible parody of Blair Witch Project, where two Eminem fans break into Slim's old house to have a look around. I suggest buying this DVD if you see it for under $10.
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