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14 Jan. 2009
Notes on a 7th Grade Scandal
While attending a meeting to get Ritchie into a new school for seventh grade, Christine gets in trouble when she runs into a man who spread some dirty rumors about her when they were in seventh grade themselves.
21 Jan. 2009
What Happens in Vegas Is Disgusting in Vegas
Christine and Barb give New Christine a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, where New Christine lets all of her previous inhibitions go. Meanwhile, Richard, Matthew, and Richard's brother spend Richard's bachelor party playing laser tag.
11 Feb. 2009
Reckless Abandonment
Barb and Matthew both move out of Christine's house at the same time, so she tries to prove to everyone that she can make it without them. But was Matthew's decision to move in with his girlfriend a good idea?
18 Feb. 2009
Honey, I Ran Over the Kid
Christine is in danger of losing a fight with Richard over who is the better parent after she accidentally hits Ritchie with her car.
11 Mar. 2009
Too Close for Christine
Christine makes friends with a woman who is as needy and dependent on her as she is on Barb, and Matthew has a bad experience moving in with Richard and New Christine.
18 Mar. 2009
A Change of Heart/Pants
Christine struggles to take care of Marly and Lindsay while they are both in labor, but Richard comes to her rescue.
8 Apr. 2009
There is an outbreak of lice at Richie's school and he is one of the affected ones. Everyone thinks Christine and Richie are "patient zero". Tired of the hassles at that school, Christine looks for another school for Richie.
6 May 2009
He Ain't Heavy
Christine and Matthew try to lose weight together, but only Matthew is successful. Meanwhile, Ritchie tells Richard that he doesn't want him to marry New Christine.
13 May 2009
The Old Maid of Honor
Christine tries to convince herself that her date for Richard and New Christine's rehearsal dinner isn't a total jackass, while Matthew hooks up with New Christine's sister.
20 May 2009
Love: A Cautionary Tale
Christine hooks up with New Christine's dad again before the wedding--and then finds out he's getting married. Also, Matthew finds out his new relationship is temporary, and Barb's new potential beau is forced to arrest her.
23 Sep. 2009
Bahamian Rhapsody
Christine and Matthew fly to the Bahamas to get Barb an illegal visa, and Richard tries to get New Christine back after she left him at the altar.
30 Sep. 2009
Burning Love
Barb and Matthew visit New Christine, but only manage to get her angrier with Richard. Meanwhile, Old Christine and Richard's reunion with some old college buddies does not go as planned.
7 Oct. 2009
The Mole
While Richard and New Christine reach a stalemate over who gets to stay in the house, Old Christine has a horrific experience as an uninsured health care patient.
14 Oct. 2009
For Love or Money
Right before Barb is to marry Richard to avoid deportation, Christine sues Barb for alimony. Meanwhile, Marly and Lindsay ask Matthew to be their new "therapist."
21 Oct. 2009
Dr. Little Man
Christine gets fired as Matthew's temporary secretary, and then develops a romantic interest in his mentor. Meanwhile, Richard and New Christine's new arrangement becomes more complicated.
4 Nov. 2009
The Curious Case of Britney B.
Christine considers herself popular by association when Ritchie is asked to a dance by the most popular girl in school, and Matthew and Richard try to evict an elderly woman from the apartment they hope to rent.
11 Nov. 2009
Max points out to Christine that she quits anything that gets too hard, including relationships, which is one of the reasons he chose to be her therapist rather than her boyfriend.
18 Nov. 2009
Love Means Never Having to Say You're Crazy
Christine sets Richard up on a date with a gorgeous, passionate woman who works out at her gym, while Richard's friend, Tom, continues trying to woo Christine.
25 Nov. 2009
I Love Woo, I Hate You
Barb asks Christine to join her on a date with Dave, and Christine insists that Richard "woo" her if he expects their rekindled relationship to survive.
9 Dec. 2009
Old Christine Meets Young Frankenstein
Christine only makes things worse when she tries to make amends to a girl she bullied in junior high, while Matthew has a surprise in store for him when he tries to "friend" an ex-girlfriend on Facebook.
16 Dec. 2009
It's Beginning to Stink a Lot Like Christmas
Christine and Matthew reluctantly attend a neighbor's Christmas party, while Richard and Ritchie participate in New Christine's unusual holiday tradition.

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