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8 Jan. 2007
Ritchie Scores
Christine is trying to look her sexy best when meeting Ritchie's teacher *Daniel* (a.k.a. Mr Harris) with Richard. Turns out the other mothers are hot for teacher as well... When Mr Harris voices his concern that Richie does not have a group to belong in, let alone a close friend, Richard decides that Richie should start playing soccer, even though Christine thinks sports is not Richie's thing. Richard and Christine have an argument that Richard ultimately wins. So how will Ritchie perform on the team?
15 Jan. 2007
Endless Shrimp, Endless Night
Christine goes to one of Matthew's parties to help her get out of her rut, and Richard tries to get Ritchie to enjoy carpentry.
22 Jan. 2007
Let Him Eat Cake
Christine takes credit for New Christine's birthday present for Richard, which causes many angry issues to arise between the two women.
12 Mar. 2007
Sleepless in Mar Vista
While on sleeping pills, Christine makes a number of embarrassing phone calls she doesn't remember making.
12 Mar. 2007
Undercover Brother
Christine learns a secret about Richard's brother after an awkward kiss.
19 Mar. 2007
Strange Bedfellows
After Richard tells Christine that she's setting a bad example by not taking interest in the upcoming election, Christine starts being more conscious about the environment. She tries to get signatures for a petition at a supermarket and tries to vote, although she knows nothing about the candidates.
9 Apr. 2007
The Real Thing
When trying to send a dirty email about Mr. Harris (guest star Blair Underwood), Christine ends up sending it to all the parents in the school, almost getting Mr. Harris fired. Christine is also set up with an architect Tom (guest star Dave Foley) who works with Richard. Richard shows Barb (recurring star Wanda Sykes) and Matthew Richie's birth video.
16 Apr. 2007
Faith Off
Matthew helps Christine discover that Richard isn't the same irresponsible guy he was when they were married, after her irresponsible behavior causes him to lose a job.
23 Apr. 2007
My Big Fat Sober Wedding
Christine ruins a friend's wedding when the groom says her name while toasting the bride, and Richard tells New Christine during the reception that he doesn't want to get married again.
30 Apr. 2007
While shadowing Ritchie, who is on a camping trip, Christine gives Richard some bad advice about getting New Christine back--which only winds up getting them back in bed together again. And Matthew discovers he may be sexually attracted to Barb.
7 May 2007
Christine thinks that she is pregnant after her encounter with Richard.

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