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What Was Missing Is More Important Than What Was Included

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
15 June 2005

I have to worry about these channel 4 list shows . They seem to be produced at an alarming rate while there doesn't seem to be any genre left for a 100 GREATEST list show anymore . Can we please now bury these schedule fillers ?

As with all the other 100 GREATEST shows I found myself agreeing with some of the listings while passionately disagreeing with most of what was included . There were some heartwarming moments where films received the recognition they deserved such as the criminally underrated CROSS OF IRON at 37 which I rate as the greatest war movie set during the second world war ( Though the reviewer David Aaronovitch shows he has no idea what he's talking about when he describes the villain as " A Nazi officer " Schell's villain is clearly stated as being a Prussian aristocrat opposed to egalitarian Nazi ideals ) , and we see a couple of very deserved top ten placings for ZULU ( 8 ) and A BRIDGE TOO FAR ( 7 ) but much of the problem with this chart is what qualifies as a " war film " I mean at number 100 we have FIRST BLOOD . Is John Rambo shooting up a redneck town a war movie ? If that's classed as a war movie then why not include DOG SOLDIERS or 28 DAYS LATER ( The soundtrack for 28DL is played between segments ) since they have battle scenes with soldiers , and are movies like TROY and BRAVEHEART war films ?

But it's what wasn't included that made my heart sink . Thankfully we didn't get garbage like THE GREEN BERETS , PEARL HARBOR and OBJECTIVE BURMA but the list was missing well regarded - Well regarded by prolific critics at least - movies like THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN , DER UNTERGANG , TOO LATE THE HERO , LOST COMMAND , THE BLUE MAX and SAVIOR . Perhaps the most ridiculous non inclusion is J'ACCUSE! a movie that was filmed during the first world war that used real French soldiers as extras many of whom were later killed in battle . Are we to use this list as a definitive survey as to what the greatest war movies ever made are ? Of course not and you do get the impression that a great number of people voted for the last war film they saw . As for the top five they were:






I've always thought SPR was very overrated and is so well regarded due to Spielberg's technical achievements in the first 20 minutes and last 15 minutes of the movie but most of the story is composed of Uncle Sam winning the second world war single handed . Mind you it's amazing to see channel 4 conduct a 100 GREATEST list that wasn't won by THE SIMPSONS

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The 100 Greatest War Films

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
12 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My brother has a big interest in anything to do with war, so it was pretty obvious that he would watch this very interesting documentary. It was basically another 100 Greatest countdown based on past and popular war films, including: The Eagle Has Landed, Cold Mountain, The Birth of a Nation, Regeneration, El Cid, Cromwell, Gone with the Wind, Ride with the Devil, Oh! What a Loveley War, Enigma, The English Patient, From Here to Eternity, Troy, Three Kings, A Matter of Life and Death, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Patton, Empire of the Sun, Lawrence of Arabia, Henry V, The Last of the Mohicans, Kelly's Heroes, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Pianist; Good Morning, Vietnam, Casablanca, Enemy at the Gates, Spartacus, Gladiator, MASH, Where Eagles Dare, The Longest Day, Born on the Fourth of July, Dr. Strangelove, The Thin Red Line, Braveheart, The Deer Hunter, The Dam Busters, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Black Hawk Down, Zulu, A Bridge Too Far, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Schindler's List, The Great Escape, Apocalypse Now and deserved winner Saving Private Ryan. Narrated by Sean Pertwee and with contributions by Lord Sir Richard Attenborough, Juliette Binoche, Edwina Currie, R. Lee Ermey, Ralph Fiennes, Mark Hamill, Guy Hamilton, Ian Hart, Dennis Hopper, Karen Krizanovich, Sir Ridley Scott, Martin Sheen, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Christopher Walken and Edward Woodward. Very good!

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Zulu is miles ahead as the greatest

Author: sales-282 from US
29 December 2006

The story of the welsh regiment at rourke's drift is a timeless epic of movie making and story telling

visually stunning great characterisation wonderful true story respectful of both sides

The way it takes the right amount of time to build the tension story and characters, the situation, the drip drip drip effect

I loved the quirkiness of the characters, the drunken Welsh preacher and his daughter, the maverick rogue James booth who rose to the occasion, the homesick welsh farmer feeding the lambs and longing for Bala in wales. the twittish under officer played by Michael Caine who sorts of grows up as it goes along and all held together by the stoic and wonderful Stanley baker.

whilst Caine hams absurdly, bakers performance is fantastic and gets better with every viewing, hes human, hes serious , hes dark and broody. This is a game for the rulers of the British empire who demand this bridge be built. But it sue ain't no game for the Zulu warriors or the welsh regiment most of whom die in the battle

the bets line in movie history as the Zulus finally allow the welsh regiment to survive?

"Its a miracle sergeant."

baker stares into the abyss

"It it is it was loaded with a gun."

People can always find holes in any movie and they will here. Do the fight scenes date? probably a little who cares, being stabbed with a bayonet or shot leads to death and sickness, we get the picture why do we need to spend hours watching the blood drip? would the welsh really sing in battle? ask any soldier whose served with a Welshman or woman you bet they sing all the time. usually an ancient welsh hymn like emen of harlech as in this movie

historically accurate?

yes very accurate. Stanley baker paid to produce this epic tale and nearly went bankrupt as he got no support from the British film industry or the government. as usual? sad

anyone who visits Wales should visit the beautiful brecon. there is the welsh regiment which exists today and trains in the nearby mountains. there is a huge museum there detailing specifically this battle at rourke's drift in s Africa

Pls note also this may have been a welsh regiment but there were also a great number of Scottish and Englishmen in the regiment and this is a British story not just a welsh one.

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