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A Thought Provoking Look at Modern Ireland
Seanban21 March 2009
I came out of the cinema pleasantly surprised by this film. The two main characters strike up an understated chemistry from early on as the clash of the world inside the jazz club toilets and the lives that pass through the plush interior of the club itself provide a metaphor for the contradictions of city life; the struggle of those that inhabit the underbelly is only a stone's throw from the other side of the tracks where life is a bed of roses. Or is it? Watch the lives of patrons and toilet attendants alike, as they unfold to the backdrop of the delicious soundtrack of the jazz club as provided superbly by Richie Buckley and his band. Despite the film's undercurrent of people-trafficking and some upsetting scenes, I would watch this film again and again. Irish film needs provocative and edgy films like WC.
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A little gem
ainebenson20 March 2009
Just stumbled across this film during the week when looking for a new movie to watch and really enjoyed it; it's a little gem of a film.

It's a thought-provoking film which shows a varied - fun and tragic - parts of Irish society through the unusual perspective of the toilet attendants! It's rare you see a film like this that captures contemporary Dublin life, warts and all. I've seen (and been one of) that gang of drunken girls on a night out! I loved the interweaving of different stories throughout the film; like an Irish version of Crash. Good naturalistic performances from the actors and I especially loved the jazz music.
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