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  • In 2006, the drug trade is booming; trafficking between Asian and Europe is at an all time high. It is at this time that the Malaysian intelligence and Anti-Narcotic department are called upon for assistance by their Indian counterparts. There are rumors that the gang recently moved their operational headquarters. The cartel is headed by the dreaded Singhania, but what many people do not know is that the business is truly managed by his lieutenant, Don. A man who lives life on the edge, Don is constantly expanding the size of his empire while evading arrest or death at the hands of his enemies, both within and outside the law. He is unstoppable in his pursuit of absolute power. His chief pursuer is an Indian police officer, Desilva. He is a man who has sworn to put an end to this nexus of evil and knows that in capturing Don lies the key to unlock this puzzle. And one day he succeeds. Don is captured and Desilva puts his plan into action. Unknown to even his own department, Pesilva has recruited and trained a man who is a spitting image of Don. His name is Vijay. Vijay infiltrates the cartel and manages to give Desilva all the information he needs to bring it down. But in a bizarre twist of fate, Desilva is killed during a raid and the secret that Don is in fact Vijay, a police informer, is buried within him. The only people who realize that he is in fact an imposter are the members of Don's cartel, and they want their revenge. Vijay manages to escape and is now on the lookout for the one last piece of evidence that can get him out of this mess. Helping him on the quest are two people. The first is a Roma, a young woman who was working in the gang, but only to avenge her brother's death. He had been mercilessly killed by Don when he had decided join the gang. The other is Jasjit, the real father of Vijay's adopted son, Deepu. He owes Vijay for having looked after the boy while he was in prison. Wanted by the police, hunted day and night, forever on the run. The chase has begun.

    - Written by gAvInDrA (brave_loverboy2004@hotmail.com)
  • The Malaysian drug trade is run by Singhania and his right hand man, Don - a suave, cynical and dangerous man. Don kills gang member Ramesh who wanted to leave the gang. Ramesh's fiancée Kamini tries to get Don arrested but fails. Ramesh's sister Roma too is out for revenge. The Indian police are after Don and manage to capture him. A plan is hatched by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) DeSilva to train a street singer look-alike and send him back to Malaysia to infiltrate the gang and help the police. Roma has found a place within the gang and wants to kill Don. But nothing is as it seems, no one is to be believed. The story twists and turns and packs in surprise upon surprise before culminating in a gripping finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    - Written by SRani
  • During the 1990's the Soviet Union broke up into several different countries resulting in the creation of many underworld dons, one of who was Boris, who had three associates namely Singhania, Vardhaan and Don. Singhania and Don got together, killed Boris, while Vardhaan disappeared, and was believed to be dead. Singhania and Don become Drug Lords and had drugs smuggled from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to Europe and America. The authorities, particularly DCP De Silva and CBI Officer Vishal Malik, in present day India meet together to hatch a plot to catch the elusive Don through their informer, Ramesh. But Don finds out and kills Ramesh. His wife, Kamini, attempts to avenge his death, but she too is killed. Roma, his sister, successfully infiltrates his gang and becomes close to Don much to the chagrin of Anita, his longtime girlfriend. De Silva manages to entrap and grievously injure Don and has him hospitalized without informing anyone. He then recruits Don's look-alike, Vijay, who makes a living singing and dancing at Bhagwan Shri Ganesh Mahautsav's as well as Garbas, and looks after an orphan named Deepu Ahuja. Vijay agrees to impersonate Don on the condition that Deepu is looked after and is given a good education, to which De Silva agrees. Deepu is re-located to Malaysia and enrolled in a prestigious school. The ailing Don passes away, De Silva successfully has Vijay pose as Don and has him returned back to his gang in Malaysia, which consists of Mac and Narang amongst others. Here Vijay feigns a loss of memory but after attaining enough knowledge admits that he has fully regained his memory. Vijay is just about to turn the tables on Singhania and the rest of the gang when the unexpected happens - De Silva is killed, and Vijay is arrested. With no evidence of his ever assisting the Police, Vijay will be tried according to Malaysian laws - which has a mandatory death sentence for drug trafficking.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • A simple man, Vijay, is recruited by a police officer to masquerade as Don, the leader of an international gang of smugglers. But things go wrong when the officer is killed and Vijay is left to fend for himself.

    - Written by Rohon. Nag


Don (Shahrukh Khan) is a ruthless criminal, wanted by police in many countries. DCP D'Silva (Boman Irani) and Detective Malik (Om Puri) are two cops who will do anything to capture Don...

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