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20 Jul. 2005
Burned Alive
It is Criss' mom's 70th birthday so he celebrates by becoming a human candle. Criss also plays with a voodoo doll and disappears from under a garbage can.
20 Jul. 2005
The focus is on levitation and Criss not only levitates himself, but also complete strangers in the presence of a crowd.
27 Jul. 2005
Wine Barrel Escape
To honor Houdini, Criss attempts to escape from a water-filled wine barrel while suspended eight stories in the air.
27 Jul. 2005
SUV Nail Bed
Criss does one better than simply laying on a bed of nails as he attempts to take on the added stress of having an SUV drive onto his chest while he is there.
3 Aug. 2005
Body Suspension
Criss engages in a body suspension ritual that has him hanging by hooks through his back from a helicopter.
10 Aug. 2005
Buried Alive
Criss is handcuffed and then buried alive in a coffin under six feet of dirt and must escape.
17 Aug. 2005
Hellstromism is the art of muscle reading. Criss uses this technique to find a key hidden on a multi-acre car lot.
24 Aug. 2005
Criss believes that with the proper training, superhuman strength is possible. To prove it, he attempts to lift a two-ton taxi.
7 Sep. 2005
Actress Mandy Moore gives Criss permission to drive her car across Los Angeles completely blind.
14 Sep. 2005
Tesla Strike
Criss wants to experience what it would feel like to be struck by lightning so he sets up an experiment where he will be hit with three million volts of electricity.
21 Sep. 2005
Criss attempts to escape from a tube submerged in water in the middle of park in New York.
28 Sep. 2005
Building Walk
Criss attempts to walk down the side of a hotel with no harness and no safety nets.
5 Oct. 2005
C4 Crate
Criss climbs into a wooden box with the equivalent of a stick of dynamite and blows it up.
12 Oct. 2005
Criss attempts to show that he can predict the future by sealing up a recorded premonition and listening to it the next day on live radio to see if he was correct.
19 Oct. 2005
Criss dares the Amazing Jonathan to a game of chicken with the Amazing Jonathan driving a car and Criss standing in front of a block wall.
31 Oct. 2005
Criss goes to the Magic Castle and crashes Joaquin Ayala's performance. He preforms one of his most dangerous stunts by being shackled, handcuffed, and nailed into a pine casket on a conveyor belt leading to an industrial BioChipper.
2 Nov. 2005
"Uncut" includes never before seen footage, outtakes and one of the show's most talked about illusions: the trash can uncut and in one continuous shot.
16 Nov. 2005
Up Close
Shows footage shot throughout season 1 but never aired. Also explains the "Surreal Family".

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