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Season 1

12 Jul. 2005
Slings and Arrows
When Wolfgang "Wolf" West gets put away for 4 years, his wife Cheryl decides it's time for her family to go straight. But can they change the habits of a lifetime?
19 Jul. 2005
The Rub
Working for the Hong family, Van finds himself the object of Mrs Hong's affections; Pascalle suffers through the indignity of working for a living; Cheryl sticks up for her fellow checkout chicks and learns that being on the right side of the law doesn't necessarily mean being honest.
26 Jul. 2005
A Little More Than Kin
Cheryl receives some unwanted attention from two of Wolf's best mates and Jethro's supposed Maori heritage comes under fire.
2 Aug. 2005
The Cause of This Defect
Eric's son Billy 'The Kid' Grady West dies in a misfortunate wheelie bin accident which gets Wolf released from prison to attend the burial. He manages to persuade the security guard, Paul, to let him go to the wake where Wolf rekindles his relationship with Cheryl and Loretta decides that Paul will do nicely in her attempt to lose her virginity and get Pascalle off her back. Wolf tells Jethro he is disappointed in him and then heads back to prison but not before Van tries to break Wolf out. Wolf tells him to go back home and look after Cheryl. Later, Cheryl talks to ...
9 Aug. 2005
The Infants of Spring
Cheryl has sunk to an all time low and her kids become worried about her so they each resolve to do their bit to help out. Of course, being Wests, this 'help' isn't without an element of self-interest. Pascalle decides to become a stripper at The Champagne Club on the advice of club owner Robby who tells her it will get her modeling contracts. Van goes to Wolf about Cheryl who is less than sympathetic and is more keen to set up Van on another 'dodgy' job. Van also has his problems with Mrs. Hong and Mr. Hong's daughter Tracey which could lead to Mr. Hong doing great ...
16 Aug. 2005
But Never Doubt I Love
Grandpa finds love in all the wrong places and Loretta does not cope well with it. Pascalle has her first secret admirer.
23 Aug. 2005
Foul Deeds Will Rise
Jethro interferes with Loretta's blackmailing of her vice-principle forcing her to attend school where she must give a speech on her family. Ted plans to leave the West household to live with Margaret and Jethro gets admitted to the bar.
30 Aug. 2005
My Dearest Foe
Cheryl receives a lucrative offer at her new job, Pascalle loses out on a modelling job to to a former fat schoolmate and plots revenge and the kids get Cheryl an ugly stolen clock for her birthday.
6 Sep. 2005
When the Blood Burns
Van runs into problems with his new managerial job, causes bad blood between his family and the Doslics and seeks Draska's help. Jethro attempts to apologise to Tracy Hong for impersonating Van.
13 Sep. 2005
The Fat Weed That Roots Itself
Pascalle gets a modelling job and meets a celebrity who could give her her big break and Hoochie Mama's finances end up in the wrong pockets causing ire between Cheryl and a client, Judd's wife.
20 Sep. 2005
It Cannot Come to Good
Van (with the help of Munter) attempts to 'acquire' some money to pay for Wolf's lawyer but the job goes amiss. Pascalle grows annoyed by Grant's acts of love and Cheryl gets harassed after being falsely accused of being an informant.
27 Sep. 2005
To Be Honest as This World Goes
Van and Draska have financial issues, Jethro changes teams and Cheryl suffers from information overload.
4 Oct. 2005
Go, Bid the Soldiers Shoot
Van and Draska are kicked out of the Doslic family home and are also on the run from the law. Despite this, Draska is still determined to carry on with the wedding and enlists Pascalle as her bridesmaid. Cheryl has bottomed out but finds Judd may be Van's saviour. So Cheryl delivers an ultimatum to Wolf, if he uses the evidence against Judd in his appeal, then Van will go to jail - and if Van goes to jail, then Cheryl won't be waiting for Wolf when he gets out. Wolf is not thrilled at this deal and he puts pressure on Jethro to make sure Van does the right thing. ...

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