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Season 1

31 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.1
2005, a year after his wife Emma died, WASP lawyer Jack Kilvert moves with their daughter Nell and his new partner Francesca Dellio to Hubbard's Point, a coastal resort, where Nell hooks up with his late mother's best friends, artist Stevie Moore, and aunt Maddie. Jack doesn't want Nell to contact any of Emma's friends who were known locally 20 years earlier as the 'Beach Girls'. Meanwhile regular college boy Cooper Morgenthal accepts his roommates' dare that he can 'Coop' any girl, designated target: Skye. To make friends, Nell takes a waitering job, like Jeremy ...
7 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.2
Jack's boss Ralph Krueger offers him a promotion, which would mean moving to L.A. Partner Francesca is not amused, Nell furious she'd loose her new friends, and presents respectable student Jeremy Davis as an official date. Cooper's mates install a camera to check his claim that he can do Skye, and agrees to double the bet to $500. Coop extends his charm offensive to her mother. The town prepares for Founder's day, Jack grudgingly accepts to take Nell to the Beach Girls reunion in the Emerson home. Clare has a secret romance with cop Marty, but the secret gets out end...
14 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.3
Sam Emerson is caught at a corruption. Te get his revenge he betrays Clare's affair with cop Marty Alba, her mother's ex, which started when she was still a minor. Billy and Skye's father leaves mother Maddie, feeling she's still in love with Jack. Siding with her father to get Skye expelled, she runs straight in Cooper's arms and bed, where his mates have hidden a camera or two. Jack discovers his late wife Emma hid a fortune from him, maybe for church charity, but reverend Evan Gallagher knows nothing. Nell gets her driver's licensing, still bitches at dad Jack and ...
21 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.4
Cop Marty Alba escapes a statutory rape charge as Clare testifies she consented and lies she was 17. Then she dumps him. Coop and Skye are appalled to become 'celebrities' after his mates put their love-life on the Internet. Jack keeps digging in the past, realizing Emma was leading a double life. Francesca dumps jack, feeling he can't forget Stevie, who tries to prevent Nell catches her with boyfriend Chad.
28 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.5
Jack examines Nell's accident, caused by drunken aunt Maddie, who finally tells him his late wife Emma was planning to leave him- for reverend Evan Gallagher. Stevie lends Jack her car, steals a kiss and dumps lover Chad. Skye still repulses innocent Coop. Rookie Nell jumps in after a drowning boy. Life guard instructor Billy rebukes her for not waiting for him, yet she scorns Jeremy who defended her.
28 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.6
Jack decides to accept the L.A. job in order to get away from Stevie, who can't commit, and Emma's betrayal. Coop throws his frat mates Nate and Travis out. Nell hates having to leave, now Billy has just kissed her. Mass character witnesses get the corrupt Sam Emerson off with three years probation. Spotting a protected duck may still save Hubbard's Point. Jack reconsiders, another family secret decides his mind.

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