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The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) (TV Series)
Lee Majors character calls XXXL an "XXX million dollar man"
The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) (TV Series)
"The Six Million Year Old Man" is on after "Oprah"
A Cry in the Dark (1988)
"dingo ate my baby" (song lyrics)
The Practice (1997) (TV Series)
"Gay Clowns" is on the same channel as this show
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999) (TV Series)
commercial with S.O.S. pads called "Sponge Bob"
Jackass (2000) (TV Series)
"Jackass" doll series commercials
Boston Public (2000) (TV Series)
"Gay Clowns" is on the same channel as this show
Super Size Me (2004)
Michael Moore says he is making a sequel to this movie

Referenced in 

Jackass: Where Are They Now? (2007) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Jackass World 24 Hour Takeover (2008) (TV Movie)
poster seen
Steve-O: Demise and Rise (2009) (TV Movie)
clip shown.


Patterson-Gimlin Film (1967)
footage captured of Shrek walking in the woods like in the famous Bigfoot video
The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) (TV Series)
parody show: "The Six Million Year Old Man"
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
opening credits/"Use the force" scene
Miami Vice (1984) (TV Series)
parody show: "Miami Mice"
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
in the "Punk'd" parody, an R. Lee Ermey-type drill sergeant says similar things including: "I want that head so sanitary and squared-away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in and take a dump" (then a soldier starts licking the toilet)
Cops (1989) (TV Series)
parody show: "Tijuana Cops"
Pulp Fiction (1994)
two cops sit in car and ask each other questions like "Know what they call a burrito in Canada?"
When Animals Attack! (1996) (TV Special)
parody show: "When Animals Attack in Classrooms"
Sex and the City (1998) (TV Series)
parody show: "Sex and the Pen"
Cribs (2000) (TV Series)
parody show: "Pads"
Cheaters (2000) (TV Series)
parody show: "Latino Cheaters"
Shrek (2001)
Shrek as Bigfoot
Fear Factor (2001) (TV Series)
parody show: "The Real Fear Factor"
xXx (2002)
parody movie: "XXXL"
Punk'd (2003) (TV Series)
parody show: "You're in the Army Now" (with Ashton Kutcher lookalike host who pranks people)
The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
XXXL fights little ninjas the same way Neo fought the Mr. Smiths in the Burly Brawl
Girls Gone Wild on Campus 2 (2003) (Video)
parody show: "Girls Gone Bonkers"
The Apprentice (2004) (TV Series)
parody show: "El Apprentice"
Super Size Me (2004)
parody movie(s): "Extra-Size Me/8 Ball Me"
Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy (2004) (TV Series)
parody show: "Trading Races"
Desperate Housewives (2004) (TV Series)
parody show: "Desperate House Flies"
Intervention (2005) (TV Series)
parody episode with Steve-O as a clown on drugs

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