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The Great Buck Howard is in love with kitsch, the backwaters of showbiz, and true magic. It's a wee charmer that left me enchanted.
I firmly believe such illusions are never the result of psychic powers, but I am fascinated by them, anyway. The wisdom of this film, directed and written by Sean McGinly, is to never say.
A fine little comedy and a hilarious character study of an ego gone wild.
The Hollywood Reporter
A warm, amiable glimpse at the end of the showbiz road.
Behind-the-curtains comedy reps an amusing showcase for John Malkovich's diva-like theatrics in the title role.
Like its main character, the production rarely seems ready for prime time.
Buck Howard has a nice feel for its tacky, second-rate show-business milieu--a rinky-dink world of telethons, small towns starved for entertainment, and entertainers whose careers have been in freefall since Hollywood Squares went off the air.
The only person who wakes the movie from its slumbers is Emily Blunt. She gets a nothing role as a publicist, and makes something both sultry and casual out of it.
Village Voice
Malkovich swallows up the screen, and when he's out of frame, the movie feels slack and slow.
This is an old man's movie, without an old man's experience. Despite McGinly's stated affection for Kreskin (the movie ends with a written appreciation of him), there's nothing personal about it. It's the movie equivalent of handing us a business card.

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