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Dermot Oleary's love for STAR WARS
JASON SMITH1 September 2005
It was the movie to change Sci-Fi forever.A young up and coming GEORGE LUCAS had put his neck on the line with this movie in 1977. Working with the likes of HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER, ALEC GUINNESS and the likes of JOHN MOLLO on costumes and others, it would be hard not love STAR WARS. This TV production being a 1 hour special showed how then,the very young DERMOT O'LEARY was to be transformed into a Star Wars fan forever through to the final saga of REVENGE OF THE SITH 2005, while on the political front, we get to see a view into how the late 1970's was to be dominated by the DARK FORCE itself in the various politics in Britain with Labour and the Conservative parties. Re-living the child-hood of Dermot's love for the REBEL ALLIANCE while partying with the STORMTROOPER (Jason Smith), OBI-WAN KENOBI (Steve Bellingham), R2D2 (Andy Loring) and other STAR GUESTS such as JOSIE DERBY (as herself) and THE DARK LORD, DAVE PROWSE (as himself) the true DARTH VADER making an appearance. Re-living the CANTINA scene with various costumed guests even a Holy Shrine to the great man himself George Lucas, we were always going to see the good and bad of the innuendos's put into the show. The production team and camera work was superb considering low budgetary, but with producers such as Paul Connolly and presenter and party host Dermot O'leary it was always going to be great fun and have a lot of interest. The STAR WARS fans will love it. Many will see the Dark Side of The Imperial Rebels and the truth behind The Jedi so I would give it 10/10 but then I would be sent to the DARK SIDE. Therefore a great and worthy 8/10. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU
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