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What About Brian
jerryc-42 May 2006
This series is one of the best shows in recent years... it has a wonderful cast, moves quickly and seems very fresh.

My wife and I both love it, and we've been watching it despite it's terrible placement at 10PM on Monday Nights... and despite the fact of being huge Medium fans.

I'm really glad to see Rosanna Arquette back in the acting scene... ironically up against sister Patricia.

The initial trailer for the series did not disappoint and the episodes have all been better than advertised.

Hopefully it comes back for a second and third season.

Jerry in Gladstone Oregon
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Funny and witty comedy about different types of love
blueseas17 April 2006
I turned to this show by accident and I could not turn away. I loved the show's premise where love is portrayed in 4 stages - the single dating scene; a couple before marriage; a married couple without children; and a long-wed married couple with many children. Each of the different stages faces their own problems and they have to figure out ways to deal with them, and the show does not try to convince you about which stage is the best. The single guy faces as many problems as the married couples, so it is up to the viewer to decide what to do. Of course, there are some twists involved in addition to these stages, but the show is great to watch.

The actors fit their roles entirely and the problems they face can be identified by all people who have ever been in love. In an era where Friends, Sex and the City, Everybody loves Raymond and other quality shows that depicted the relationships of people in a comedic sense are gone, I'm glad that there is finally a new show to continue this genre. I only hope the rest of the series continues like this and keeps my interest!
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This show is fantastic!
cns7149 May 2006
I was hooked on this show from day one. Loved all the characters .. all the stories ... so much more realistic than Desperate Housewives etc etc ... I would love to see it come back. Please 'abc'... Bring 'What About Brian' back. My Boyfriend who loves action packed, thriller, horror movies love this show as well. We look forward every Monday 10 pm est. They cannot just end that show with that finale also ... these are stories that must come back and fill us in on what happens next. I couldn't believe how fast the finale come up and how I read that the ratings weren't that good but I hardly ever saw any marketing for this show ... marketing and hype which it deserves , if given a chance I know that this show would be loved by all.
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Light and refreshing Brian Watson is adorable!
rebecca_jansen2 May 2006
Enjoying the show. Hope it gets picked up in the fall. With so few episodes - just enough to get hooked - it's like your friends will be away in Europe all summer and you can't stay in touch! I have to say Brian Watson, who I was not familiar with, is very good. He is so real, vulnerable and human in his portrayal of his story line. I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the future. There are so many criminal based shows it is nice to be reminded about the subtle and not so subtle relationship dynamics we encounter. I am looking forward to Brian being in a relationship, so hopefully next season. The open marriage storyline threw me but I think there are going to be some interesting episodes coming full circle with that concept. Good Luck
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Great New Show
marciabertolli25 May 2006
I have seen all the episodes of this show, which appear to be all the episodes they have so far. They better create more since they had a great finale and I can't wait to see how it pans out. What I really find different about this show is the relationship among the male characters. They really care about each other and help each other out and have more to talk about than just sports and sex. Most TV shows have one dimensional male characters. These guys are actually interesting. The writing is great and the casting was really well done -- no weak links. Hope they bring it back next year. There are so few good shows out there and I absolutely REFUSE to watch any of those brainless reality shows.
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I love this show
caldwell019 May 2006
I have been a serial reality TV addict and this is the first actual show that I have gotten into. I love this show. The chemistry between Brian and Marjorie is great, I can't wait to see what happens there. I can't believe only 4 or 5 episodes and it's already season finale. I hope it gets picked up. I love the dynamic between Adam and Deena also. Nic and her husband makes a strange couple but whatever. I love this show! I hope it's being watched by all the Neilson families..... .. anyway I don't know what else to say other then watch the show! Please watch so it will stay on the air please...
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Great new show
Bud Gott17 April 2006
Last night was the premiere (although they called it a 'sneak preview') of What About Brian. Tonight was the actual 'premiere.' I'm already hooked after watching these two episodes.

I'm one of the few people who have never seen Seventh Heaven, but I'd heard of Barry Watson. This is the first thing I've seen him in and I think he was a great choice to play Brian. He's a likable actor and he's perfect for the part of Brian.

The entire cast is good. I especially like Sarah Lancaster, and not just because she's drop dead gorgeous.

Both the acting and writing on this show are great. There's a really nice mix of drama and humor. A lot of shows attempt to blend the two and fail. What About Brian succeeds.

I hope this show gets a big audience and becomes a huge hit.

Bud Gott
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More people should watch this show
nash878417 April 2006
I didn't know what to think when I first watched this show. After having watched it I want to show my support for the show. I was actually happily surprised how much I liked the show. I recommend others watch this show and give it a chance. This is a different role for Barry Watson, than when he played Matt Camden. I think he could really grow into this GREAT character, if viewers give the show a chance. I loved Dave in todays episode. He's so cute and a great husband... his wife on the other hand...! I don't know what to think of her. I guess her character flaws make Dave look better. Adam was so sweet at the end of this episode, I just fell in love with him.
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Writing is witty, people are pretty, and the overall feeling is real
MichaelWeihn17 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Not very often does a romantic dramedy TV show come along and really stick to very real and controversial issues in love. It's only had 2 episode air so far & we've already seen one night stands, sperm donors, open marriage discussion, and Brian is in love with his best-friends fiancée'. And apparently they are just getting started. It's got a very beautiful cast including one of my favorites, the always sensational Rosanna Arquette. I'd definitely recommend this new show, one of the best new shows of the season. My favorite new shows of this season would be (in no particular order) What About Brian, Thief, Three Wishes, Out of Practice, War at Home, Criminal Minds, Night Stalker (which unfortunately was the one show on this list that was canceled), and the New Adventures of Old Christine. Every other new show I watched this season I only made it through one episode. Oh I also enjoy So NoTorious on VH1 which I'm even shocked I like that show.
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the TV show is real great- so far
cineasten894 March 2007
I have watched the five episodes of the first season as well as the fifteen episodes of the second season which have been aired so far- and so far, I am completely loving this TV show. It is one of the finest TV shows that are airing right now, because of its three-dimensional characters and very realistic story. The cast is of the high class- the funny, somewhat cute Dave Greco who has troubles in his marriage with Deena; Brian, who never seems to be able to have a long relationship with a girl; Adam, Brian's best friend, who is a lawyer; Marjorie, who is a doctor and leaves Adam by the altar; Nicole, Brian's sister whose husband dies and leaves her a single mom to a new born baby. An interesting TV show that gives us many surprises by each episode. The most TV show that is being aired on TV right now often has one dimensional characters, especially when it is about men, but in this TV show it is so different. I like the new idea to make a TV show about thirty years old group of friends and their everyday life, instead of the melodramatic and unrealistic high school TV shows or the morally TV shows like 7th heaven- or the "rich life" TV show, The O.C.

This is definitely better than Desperate Housewives, according to myself.
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Awesome new series
tdljt001 May 2006
Hi to all who may read this~ This is one of the best new shows on television, a must see! I hope it sky rockets to the top. I like the entire cast, it's so funny. I look forward to every Monday night at 9 pm. I even canceled out Medium to watch it!!! I really hope this show makes it all the way ( I want to watch it years from now), I don't think anyone will be disappointed in the show. It has something for everyone which many shows now a days don't provide. My husband relates to the men, I relate to the women!!All in all it is a wonderful show. I am really upset to see that next week is the season finale...whats up with that????
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Please keep the show going!
cubsrams13 April 2007
This is one of the best shows that I have watched in a long time. I was a big fan of Party of Five and then came What About Brian. I am SO tired of reality TV. This show is so moving and so funny and so REAL!!! without the reality craze. I look forward to watching it every week or I TiVo it so I do not miss an episode. I hope that there are still producers out there that can keep a show on television that doesn't have to include such violence and reality TV. I love the real life situations that are so easy to relate to and I love to watch them play out with not all so happy ending always because really that is what life is all about isn't it? To whomever controls whether a show continues or not PLEASE keep this show going. I hope that it is released soon whether the show will continue... The suspense is killing me.
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This is my favorite show!!!
sjcosse31 March 2007
I love this show and enjoy watching this every week. I really want this show to come back next season. I love the characters! Each of the characters are likable and I enjoy the twists and turns this show gives the viewer. Rarely do we get to see a show where all the characters are likable and different age groups can relate to them. This show definitely deserves a 10/10! Barry Watson does a great job along with the cast. I hope next year he definitely chooses the little black haired girl! I think Tiffani Amber Theissen should be booted off the show though because she is the one who ruined Beverly Hills 90210 for me. I still like her character, but I do hope she does not stay long with the series!
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Great Show - My husband and I LOVE it!
melnjohnny10 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think "What About Brian" is such a great show. In fact, my husband (who wouldn't have normally considered watching it, but did b/c I was cracking up so much) loves it too. It caters to men and women alike. It's one of the few shows we actually watch together, relate to and learn from. When the men on "Brian" get together, my husband CRACKS up b/c he and his buddies joke around about the SAME kinda guy stuff. I love Nic's role also - too much time in the house around the baby/wants to hear all the latest "gossip" from her brother. The episode about forgetting the 'third child' - hilarious! Couldn't be a better show around! My only constructive criticism would be for Rick Gomez to speak up a little - sometimes we just canNOT make out what he is saying! Great actor, though... sooo funny and cute! Kudos to the creators and actors. I'm not real crazy about the NAME of the show... but I'm definitely still going to watch it!
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Best show ever
memots7 January 2007
This is the best television show I have EVER watched! I can not express how big of a fan I am--I have never been like this with any other show in my life! I've gotten pretty much everyone I know to watch it--and they all love it. (That's never happened before!) It's about actual real life issues...not the same old stuff you see everywhere else with pretty much only crime, medical, or reality shows. The WHAT ABOUT BRIAN characters and story lines connect with me and hook me each week. I find myself on the edge of my seat for a full hour and am almost sad when it's over because I have to wait an entire week to see another episode! Yes, I am addicted, haha! I hope it comes out on DVD...and stays around for a long, long time!
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Still wondering... what about brian?
GazTruman23 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this series because it replaced the same time slot of The OC which is my favourite show. I thought nothing was going to fill the whole which the oc has left, and it didn't take long for me to get hooked into the what about brian web!

I've now watched the entire series again this last two weeks, and I've got to say, what about brian is brilliant!

There are some brilliant stories throughout the two series, exploring relationships, open relationships, striper relationships, 3-way relationships, friend relationships. Also covering death, disability, and birth.

There are some priceless comedy moment in the series, i find there is something in every character which i like or can relate to. The best quote in the whole series has to be: "You were that guy in college who invited the girl up to his room to look at his cds and you actually showed her...your cds" this quote cracked me up, it summed up dave grecco perfectly.

Granted the ending appeared rushed because the show got axed short, but i love it, i thought it was a great ending! The fact he went over to laura's is brilliant. Laura was the best girl out of all the girls brian got with through the series!

Great series, and to be honest im glad it hasn't been given another series. It can now become a great show that not everyone loved or heard of whilst it was on.

Never got bored, some great stories. Quality show!

The series starts asking "what about brian?" and im left thinking "what about brian?" pure genius!!
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The best movie i've watch sense sliced bread
bettyjoe2 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I love the show, and no body does it better than the crew that you chose to do it, you couldn't have picked a better hand full of people " Dana Stevens" I must say hats off to you, when am watching "what about brain" everything about it seems all so real. I've watch other soaps and movies and you can usually tell when everyone is acting, but with it everything seem so natural, and what I've discovered is that when you've watched it once it become so addictive because you can't wait to watch the next episode again it's like you don't want the picture to end. Please Ms. Stevens continue on with the episodes I really need to find out what happened between Adam and Laura in episode 19 which got me going crazy. Please keep the show running, like I said before it's the best thing that's happen sense sliced bread. I am thanking you in advance for the show. Oh and keep up the wonderful work.

Many thanks

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Very very great show!
stranger11256 November 2007
In Holland the last episode ended also :(. I always watched it, i even stayed home for it :D. They also broadcast it at a time like 21.30 here, but that didn't make a difference. It's a show that is closer to the average person and it's more realistic. People can relate to it easier. In that it's different like Ugly Bette, Lost, DHW, but those shows are also good, also watch those. I think people like to relate to the persons character in a show. And in a show like What about Brian it is much easier to relate to. Just like in real life they have their up's and down's just like regular people. Let's hope What about Brian comes back again!
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Whatabout Brian?
chrisbriggs314 October 2007
i think this show is one of the best things on T.V now and probably for quite a while into the future. its so good because you see all these things like the O.C and One Tree Hill which are aimed at the younger viewer but What About Brian is aimed at all ages. with its quirky and subtle humour What About Brian is a fabulous show.

I've heard that they are going to axe it but i don't think they should. just by reading the comments that have been left on this site and on others its hard to see how the ratings are apparently low. i think that people should write to who's in charge at the company who makes it and complain about them not making another series.

Thanks for reading Chris

P.S Bring back Brian!!!
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love love love this show!
IrmoBrina07@aol.com23 December 2006
This show is completely under-appreciated! The characters are fantastic- so lovable, especially Barry Watson. Since moving on from 7th Heaven he is now showing us what a mature adult actor he is. The rest of the cast, many of whom we've all seen before are a terrific blend of quirk and sincerity. What a great ensemble! So many of the shows on television now are lacking in the writing department, but this show gives you creativity (ex. eloping with a stripper) without getting to be too ridiculous by bringing the characters down to earth. I hope this show continues to get picked up for many more seasons. If you haven't watched this show, make sure you give it a shot. It's wonderful.
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Yes, we've been here before, but under the eyes of Stevens and Abrams "Brian" manages to distinguish itself
liquidcelluloid-110 June 2007
Network: ABC; Genre: Drama; Romance; Content Rating: TV-14 (some sexual content); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Season 2 Picking up with the 2nd and final season of Dana Stevens' "What About Brian", the show starts to make a switch from being about a group of couples and the one guy who just won't settle down to a show about several relationships spiraling out of control. It is a smart and welcome change to say the least. Our hero Brian (Barry Watson, "7th Heaven") returns from a sabbatical and near-death experience in time to suffer through the wedding of his best friend, lawyer Adam (Matthew Davis) and his love Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster). Meanwhile, his video game business partner Dave (Rick Gomez, the highlight of the series) and his adorable wife Deena (Amanda Detmer)'s marriage is falling apart. His sister, Nicole (Rosanna Arquette) is still pregnant and about ready to pop.

"Brian" is not my cup of tea as it isn't the cup of tea of most people given how viciously maligned the show has been by what I can only describe as "the Family Guy crowd". As that rare breed of relationship drama, this is a slick, sophisticated adult series. Once the show gets past the done-to-death disrupted wedding episode, the show starts branching out. Brian is the least interesting character in this crowd, played like he doesn't know what to do next by Watson, and the further the show goes into the rest of the ensemble, the better it gets.

Stevens and powerhouse producer J.J. Abrams work to keep the show distinct. There is a richness to it, a depth and realism to the characters and situations. Some of the women are annoying and some of the men are idiots, but it really doesn't feel contrived. Stevens has clearly poured her heart into it and it comes through. Abrams seems to be keeping everything on track. There is some stunt casting toward the end to get the ratings up, but how can you complain with the addition of Krista Allen, Rachelle Lefevre, Stacy Kiebler and Tiffani Amber-Theissan to the cast.

The more entangled the love and work lives of these characters become, the juicer the show gets. A lot is laid out in this final season, and yes we've seen it all before - "Brian" is not entirely immune to it's criticism - but that doesn't mean that it can't be done well no matter how many wedding episodes, birthing episodes, buddies-in-jail episodes, and secret-affair episodes we've seen. There isn't a lot you can say about it, but "Brian" isn't the disaster people wanted it to be. It looks good and it sounds good. I don't like this type of series and I liked it. That says something.

* * * / 4
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I look forward to every Monday night!
cutelovelylisa198229 January 2007
I seriously love this new show. along with the o.c which has been a favorite of mine since it started, this is my next favorite show. I think the acting is pretty dang good and we see a lot of familiar faces. It has a mixture of drama, comedy and def can stir emotions. I give this a 9 only because no show is perfect. I really hope that What about Brian will continue to get good ratings and will last for many years. I just hate to see a show that is good go down the drainer due to not having enough viewers. It was also nice to see the guy from 7th heaven on this show. Well I encourage other people who haven't had a chance to watch this lovely show to give it a chance! If you enjoy a little bit of laughter but also some drama this is the show for you =)
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tbirdsong069 September 2007
What about Brian is the best show ever! i love this show and am hoping that the series continues with a 3rd season, if not i will be heart broken!!! i can't wait to see the next episode, and have gone on ABC's' website on many different occasions to see when the 3rd season premieres or even if it does. but i have yet to find an answer to my question. can any of you help me? i need to know whether or not there will be a third season due to the fact that i am addicted to this show! i am dying to know what happens in the third season, so i need to know if there will be one. i have not missed one episode of this show and don't intend on ever doing so. so again i ask if any you know whether there will be a third season???
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Brian Jumped the Shark & a lot of other ladies as well.
skanklover_696 August 2007
This show was axed by the NBC network in it's first season due to poor ratings. I can understand why interest dropped off.

It started out as a fresh, warm & relevant show about 20-30 somethings maturing, but then degenerated into a Melrose Place reject as the Majorie love triangle story neared it's conclusion.

They just seemed to run out of ideas & threw in lots of new girlfriends, & generally descended into silly soap opera over the top irrelevance. Relationship criss/crosses, contrived work situations the usual rubbish that you'd see in a trashy daytime drama.

Still if crap like the OC can roll along for a few years it seems a bit harsh that this show was put down after just one.
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Didn't hate it, but I didn't love it.
mmalloryyy7 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I liked it. I just finished the series on Netflix in about a week and a half between work and days off. I was a little disappointed how it ended, but than again, I'm sure the writer was too, since they were canceled. I didn't love it or anything, I feel like they killed off too many people too fast in two seasons, could've been why it nose dived. I was little disappointed with Marjorie and how she ran off and just when I started getting use to the fact she was gone and I was really POed when she came back, because even though Heather was an irrational decision, I thought they were going to work it out and I thought Brian's new girlfriend Bridget was annoying, but I was happy Dave and Deena ended up back together, although the open marriage thing was out of control.
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