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The Raid

Mary and the British Men of Letters have a chance to take out a nest of Vampires, but the alpha-vamp turns the tables on them.

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Family Feud

A ghost from a merchant ship may be responsible for a murder at a museum; an angel tries to kill Kelly.


6 Jan. 2012
Adventures in Babysitting
While Dean and Frank try to figure out the numbers from Bobby's clue, Sam tries to help a young girl search for her missing father.
13 Jan. 2012
Time After Time
After attacking Chronos, the time god, Dean is sent back to 1944.
3 Feb. 2012
The Slice Girls
Sam and Dean go up against the Amazons as they go on a killing spree. But it's twice as difficult for Dean because one of them is his daughter.
10 Feb. 2012
Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
Sam and Dean are stumped. Somehow, a group of children's personal fears are becoming a reality and killing off a parent that each child has a certain hatred for.
17 Feb. 2012
Repo Man
Four years ago, Sam and Dean exorcised a demon serial killer. Now he's back for revenge.
16 Mar. 2012
Out with the Old
After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam and Dean look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed. When Dean accidentally touches the shoes the power of the curse starts to take hold of him.
23 Mar. 2012
The Born-Again Identity
Lucifer is driving Sam into madness. Desperate to save him, Dean tries to find someone who can help. He finds Castiel with amnesia, instead.
30 Mar. 2012
Party On, Garth
Garth calls Sam and Dean for assistance in battling a ghost that you can only see when drunk.
20 Apr. 2012
Of Grave Importance
Bobby's spirit tries to help Sam and Dean as they try to find a missing friend inside a haunted house.
27 Apr. 2012
The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
Sam and Dean discover that Frank's hard drive, containing everything on the leviathans, is now in Dick's company building. To retrieve it, they ask for help from one of the employees, a young computer hacker.
4 May 2012
Reading is Fundamental
Sam and Dean have possession of a Word of God, but are unable to read it. They find a young prophet that can help, but unfortunately, the angels and leviathans are after him, too.
11 May 2012
There Will Be Blood
To officially kill the leviathans, Sam and Dean need the blood of an Alpha. But Dick knows what the Winchesters are up to and sends his men after them.
18 May 2012
Survival of the Fittest
Sam and Dean make a plan to storm Dick's company building and kill him once and for all, with help from Castiel and Meg. Providing Bobby doesn't get to Dick first.
3 Oct. 2012
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Dean returns from Purgatory, one year after the fight with the Leviathans. After reuniting with Sam, they find out that Kevin escaped Crowley with another Word of God that may hold the key to closing the gates of Hell forever.
10 Oct. 2012
What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
After saving Kevin's mother from demons, Sam, Dean, and Kevin go after the Word of God which is being auctioned off by Plutus, the god of greed.
17 Oct. 2012
While trying to track down Kevin, Sam and Dean get sidetracked by a series of murders where the victims have gotten their hearts ripped out.
24 Oct. 2012
Sam and Dean come across a home made video of three friends investigating a werewolf attack.
31 Oct. 2012
Blood Brother
Dean assists the vampire, Benny, who escaped from Purgatory with him, as he goes after the vampire that bit him. Sam thinks back to his life before Dean returned.
7 Nov. 2012
Southern Comfort
Sam and Dean team up with Garth, who has taken over Bobby's job, as they hunt down a Specter that's possessing innocent people who have a grudge against someone.
14 Nov. 2012
A Little Slice of Kevin
Crowley has kidnapped Kevin and the rest of the prophets that are able to read the Word of God. Castiel mysteriously returns from Purgatory and helps Sam and Dean rescue Kevin.
28 Nov. 2012
Hunteri Heroici
Castiel decides to become a hunter, like Sam and Dean. But his first day on the job is a doozy when they investigate a series of murders caused by old cartoon gags. Meanwhile, Sam thinks back to his first time meeting Amelia's father.
5 Dec. 2012
Citizen Fang
Benny seems to be attacking innocent people and only Dean believes he's innocent.

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