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Season 1

24 May 2005
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5 Oct. 2005
Movin Out, Moving In, Moving On
The sisters find out that their father is getting engaged and decide to arrange a surprise party for him. Little do they know that there will be a lot more surprises than they expect.
12 Oct. 2005
Hang in There, Baby
Ginnie and Bob decide to take a tour of New York now that it's still possible before Ginnie gives birth. Rose has a crush on a hunk named Alex in her class. Marjee is trying to make Anne to come to terms with the break up while she herself is trying to survive having had to move back home.
19 Oct. 2005
Cry Me a Sister
Ginnie tells Danny that Anne is really depressed, but when Anne hears about it from Danny, she gets really mad at Ginnie. Rose uncovers a shocking secret about Flash's past which gives Rose a chance to extort her. Marjee gets a new job.
26 Oct. 2005
Hello Deli
Joe asks her daughters to take care of the deli while he is away for one weekend. Anne doesn't want to do it, but the others force her into it. Her reluctance vanishes when she meets the handsome Marco who works at the deli. Marjee urges her to have a fling with Marco but Ginnie is against it, fearing that Anne ends up with a broken heart. Rose has trouble accepting harsh criticism from her acting teacher. The other sisters mistake Joel for her boyfriend, and Rose corrects that they are "just friends". Somehow that doesn't sound quite true... Ginnie takes charge at ...
31 Oct. 2005
The Naked Truth
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7 Nov. 2005
Sex and the Sisters
Anne is desperately trying to find a date for Justine's wedding, since Danny is no longer coming with her. Rose's college friend Zach seizes the opportunity and volunteers to be Anne's date, but Anne is having trouble accepting the age difference between them (for the viewer, suspension of disbelief is required, since the age difference between the actors is only 15½ months). Rose turns to Marjee for advice on how to have sex, even though Marjee is probably the least qualified one to give proper advice on the subject. A doctor tells Ginnie and Bob they should abstain ...
14 Nov. 2005
Anne is ashamed to admit to the others that she slept with the much younger Zach. Worse still, she left her phone at his dorm room and Rose refuses to help her get it back. Anne is left with only one option: to "return to the scene of the crime". It's Renee's first Thanksgiving with the Sorellis and she's offering to make the dinner. The girls don't take this well since it would break the family tradition of preparing the dinner according to their dead mother's recipes which they have maintained in the honor of her memory. When they tell Renee, she offers to help them...
21 Nov. 2005
Driving Miss Crazy
Renee gets upset when it is suggested that she should see a therapist. Eventually, however, she comes to confide in Anne. Bob buys a car without consulting Ginnie. Marjee tells Jason that them sleeping together "was a one time thing" because he is her boss's boyfriend. Joel apologizes to Rose and she accepts. Joel tries to come along with Alex, but it just isn't working. Things come to a point where Rose learns a lesson or two about men. Jason lends his car to Marjee who tries to teach Ginnie how to drive.
12 Dec. 2005
Have Yourself a Sorelli Little Christmas
Christmas is coming - and so are Bob's parents, a matter which he has kept unannounced from Ginnie until two days before it takes place! Marjee's boss Trish also has a surprise announcement: she is seeing Jason and now that the "secret" is out, Trish can make out with Jason in front of Marjee. She can't take it and breaks up with Jason. When the sisters gather together, Rose reveals that Joel kissed her and now she can't choose between him and Alex. The older sisters have their opinions: Anne votes for Joel, Marjee for Alex and Ginnie for someone who is a mixture of ...
23 Jan. 2006
The Godmother
Ginnie and Bob almost get hit by a falling air conditioner, which causes them to decide on their organ donor testaments, burial methods, guardianship of their orphaned children and so forth. Turns out it's the guardian of their children on whom they cannot agree on. Marjee is trying to keep seeing Jason behind Trish's back. Rose goes to thank Joel for the gift and ask why he kissed her. Joel finally reveals everything. Anne is going to a therapist but is avoiding the subject of fear of being alone. Her therapist suggest Anne try to spend one evening totally alone. The...
30 Jan. 2006
London Calling
Alex finds out that Rose is trying to decide on the time and place that would be romantic for her first time. Anne decides to abstain from men. Then Marco calls her... Bob is working overtime all the time so Ginnie decides to take some food and wine to him. Turns out that Bob has forgotten to mention that he's working with his ex... Jason has a plan about how to break up with Trish and stay with Marjee. Before he gets the change to execute his plan, Trish assigns Marjee to investigate to whose blocked number Jason has been making lost of calls... Joel literally turns ...
6 Feb. 2006
Daddy's Little Girl
Ginnie's had it with Bob's hot ex Kylie staying at their place, but who's gonna tell her to leave? Anne is worried that Marjee is fleeing her feelings towards Jason. When the girls gather, Rose immediately blurts out that she had sex with Alex. Meanwhile, dad comes looking for Rose and finds Alex in her student apartment instead... Anne confesses to Marjee that Marco takes her breath away and that he wants to commit to her but she doesn't believe that their relationship would last. Marjee then gets the impulse to spend an evening with P.J. in order to take her ...
13 Feb. 2006
Not Without My Daughter
Ginnie's doctor tells her to stay in bed until the end of her pregnancy to avoid premature birth, which means she has to skip her dad's wedding. Bob solves this by attaching a web cam onto his head, which allows Ginnie to see the wedding live. Marjee has arranged her dad's surprise honeymoon trip and asks the others to contribute to the $4,000 expenses. A movie is looking for extras and Rose wants to try to get in even though her acting teacher explicitly forbids it. Alex is against the idea - that is, until he suddenly gets a speaking role. Anne insists that Danny ...
27 Feb. 2006
Here's a Balloon for You
Anne has to hide Danny from Marjee who is living with her. Bob generously offers to stay in with Ginnie, since she has to stay in bed. Ginnie orders him to go do something and invites Marjee, Rose and Anne to play cards. Anne declines and has to lie about being with Danny. Then all the other sisters hear that Ginnie has been taken to hospital because her abruption of placenta has progressed. When Danny and Anne show up together at the hospital, she has to spill the story out. Ginnie then has the genius idea that she request to see Danny and force him to tell what's ...
6 Mar. 2006
Sisters Are Forever
Jason suggests Marjee that they start a business together. Just a business. But they discover that no one will work with them, thanks to Trish. And she is not going to forgive them. Bob and Ginnie's anniversary is approaching, but she is distancing herself from him, not surprising, since he has managed to forget to mention to his parents that Ginnie lost the baby. Joel hasn't returned Rose's calls. When she catches up with him, Rose tells him she's happy for him and Chloe. Joel then continues distancing himself from Rose. But suddenly he asks Rose to go see a movie ...
13 Mar. 2006
His Name Is Ruth
Weeks later... Marjee and Jason have got their business running. They try to keep their relationship professional, but their clothes just fall off... Bob has bought a watch as an anniversary gift for Ginnie, but Anne points out that Ginnie already has the exact same watch. She then promises to choose another present for Ginnie on behalf of Bob. Ginnie runs into a cute stray dog on the street and cannot resist bringing it home with her. Chloe and Joel get into an argument at a party and unfortunately Rose happens to be there also.
20 Mar. 2006
The Cape
Turns out that Trish has been sub-letting her apartment to Jason and is now kicking him and Marjee out of it. So they have to go to Anne's place. Joe calls Ginnie from Cape Cod and invites her and Bob there. Rose finally has realized she loves Joel and breaks the "news" to her sisters, who are not surprised in the least. They have known all along and since Joel now has a girlfriend, Rose has only one option: to suffer. And suffer she shall, because Joel invites her to his birthday party. As for Marjee, Anne and Ginnie feel that she should protect herself from Jason ...
20 Mar. 2006
The Move
Joe is moving to Cape Cod, but hurts his back while moving things around. Jason suggests that he and Marjee move together. Rose goes to apologize to Joel and Chloe, but it's too late - Chloe has already broken up with Joel. And Joel is unwilling to forget that Rose did not want him when he confessed his feelings to her, she only started wanting him when he became unavailable. Bob has been offered a position of a sound engineer on a tour with Kylie, but Ginnie thinks it might be the end of their marriage. The girls go through old stuff that triggers memories. Then they...

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