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9 Jan. 2006
Yours, Mine or His?
Benjamin and Lydia's mother-and-son time at the family cottage goes overlong because of snowing. They don't manage to leave before Stewart and Crystal arrive, bringing the newly single Regina, Oliver and his on-off girlfriend, Trisha, with them. Then comes the revelation: Benjamin had sex with Trisha while she and Oliver were on a break. Benjamin and Trisha decide not to let Oliver know about their one night stand. Then Benjamin and Oliver accidentally find a pregnancy test that belongs to one of the women. But which one?
22 Mar. 2006
Model Behavior
Oliver sees Benjamin's neighbor Debbie at the café and asks him to put out a little word for him. Ben thinks Debbie is not Oliver's style. He doesn't want Debbie for himself, it's just that Debbie already has a boyfriend. But then Debbie notices Ben and comes to say hello. She mentions that her blind date the previous evening was a disaster, which forces Ben to admit that he was lying to protect Debbie - from Oliver. Oliver is upset and claims he really is looking for a steady relationship. So Oliver gets to go for a date with Debbie, with Ben's blessing. Stewart asks...
29 Mar. 2006
Hot Water
It's Valentine's Day. Oliver is saving his energy for a hot evening with Lola, and feels the need to tell all about his plans to Benjamin and Regina. Regina has no date. Stewart and Crystal show up, over-excited about Valentine's Day. Lydia happens to stop by, and tells Stewart that their annual Valentine's Day reservation needs to be confirmed or canceled. Since she has no date, she's willing to make way for Crystal. But they have other plans. So when Oliver hears that she's about to cancel the reservation, he says that he'll go. Lydia does not realize this excludes ...
You Win Some, You Use Some
Stewart has good news for the siblings: his housekeeper Carmen has found another day open and offers her services to them. Since Benjamin has been the default housekeeper, he gladly accepts. Lydia asks if either one of her sons would meet her for drinks in the evening. Oliver chooses Benjamin. Benjamin snaps: he's tired of cooking, cleaning and taking out the trash. While looking for the garbage chute, Oliver overhears a young woman talking to her mobile. The woman is talking to her mother and mentions that she is a bartender at Giorgio's. She also tells that if her ...
Mar. 2006
Doctor of the Year
The announcement of The Doctor of the Year Awards is approaching. Benjamin has spent a night with a girl named Allison, who worked as a temp at New York Monthly. She tells Oliver that she saw his name on the list as one of the Doctors of the Year. "Unless there is another Doctor Barnes that works at St. Ambrose," she adds. Now the guessing begins... Stewart sees his old competitor Jack Arbogast at the hospital and gets agitated. Turns out he's now working there. Stewart tells Regina that 30 years ago there was a job opportunity in Boston but Jack snatched it from him....
Restaurant Row
The Siblings, Lydia and Stewart attend Uncle Ned's funeral. Regina points out to Benjamin and Oliver that Kathy, the girl next door from Uncle Ned's beach house the brothers used to drool after, is also at the funeral reception. When Kathy (Krista Allen) approaches them, the brothers revert back to nervous 12-year-olds. Lydia tries to get rid of her annoying cousin Frieda and dumps her on Ben and Oliver. Then Kathy comes to announce that she's leaving and asks the brothers to come along and talk over a cup of coffee. Even better, Regina needs an excuse to leave the ...
Doctors Without Bidders
Lydia has asked Oliver to participate in the bachelor auction at the hospital. Benjamin thinks she will ask him too to be auctioned like Oliver, but there is a different role for him. Crystal and Stewart have an argument and Stewart comes to stay at Ben and Oliver's. Eventually they need Ben to help sort out their differences. Are his suggestions of any help? There's a girl new to the hospital and Lydia thinks she's a match for Regina. So she wants to introduce them to each other, but the boys remind her Regina always finds faults in girls that Lydia finds for her. So...
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
Danielle, a pretty girl moves to the apartment next door to Benjamin's. Stewart points out to Lydia that the girl just moved to New York and does not know anyone there, which leads to Lydia urging Ben to ask Danielle out. When the siblings meet in the café, Oliver warns against seeing anyone "who you can't avoid when the whole thing goes sour." That includes people next door. Unfortunately Stewart arranges a "chance" second meeting between Ben and Danielle. Ben likes Danielle, but there is too strong a feeling of forced meeting for him to ask Danielle on a date. ...

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