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Unique Television That Takes Unexpected Turns
boogann21 February 2006
I'm not sure what show Charles Hall was watching but it wasn't Invasion. This is purely eerie, original television. Each twist and turn of the plot takes you to places you weren't expecting but are eager to follow. The writing, acting and entire production are first-rate and refreshing. The reviews out there (including magazines such as Entertainment Weekly) agree with me. The problem with this show isn't the show, its cast, crew or anything other than the network. The "powers that be" at the network have done an abysmal job promoting it and keep yanking it from the line-up every time it gets momentum going. So just as fans are getting into the story and are anticipating the next week, they are disappointed with either a rerun or another show that they did not want to see. ABC needs to give the show a real chance. If they did, they would be pleasantly surprised at the audience it would build.
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Invasion: an allegoric sci-fi drama
Eugenia Loli16 February 2006
'Invasion' is not a traditional sci-fi show with aliens, monsters and lazer guns. It is a drama of two families, built on top of an allegoric plot, that of bad (and good) parenting. You can completely replace the "alien" part of the show with a "disease" and still make sense out of it.

Truth told, Invasion is not well received by all viewers, mostly because viewers expect to really "get" Invasion just by watching a few episodes here and there. Big mistake. To truly understand and enjoy the show, you have to sit down week after week and watch all episodes in order. Failure to do so will result in confusion on the viewer's part.

Another problem with the show --which is now fixed-- is that the first 5-6 episodes that were setting up the huge storyline arc, were slow. Viewers were driven off Invasion because of that (even myself at some early point I had to push myself to sit down and watch it), but thankfully, the pace is now much faster and Invasion starts getting back that viewership. Especially after episode 9, the show has been captivating and keeps the viewer at the edge of his/her seat. Really!

Fichtner is doing an excellent job as the creepy sheriff who is both good and bad. Sheriff's assistant, Deputy Lewis Sirk (played by ultra-convincing Nathan Baesel), has emerged as a great character too in the later episodes. The rest of the cast delivers pretty well too.
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The best Sci-Fi out side of Lost on right now!!! This is retarded!!
bgsumac18 May 2006
I'm mad!! ABC please rethink this dumb move to cancel Invasion. It is one of the most clever, cool and mysterious shows on right now. I wonder why the massive Lost fans hasn't taken on Invasion , heck it comes on right after Lost on Weds nights. I i'm guessing it was losing out to CSI NY or Law Order but I don't think thats much competition anyway. I don't know what it is with sci-fi shows and their relatively short life on network TV. At the very least this show would work excellently on the Sc-Fi network on cable & satellite. Please, some one start a website and demand more INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its weird how nearly all the sci-fi shows that came on last fall are all gone. Surface, the show that was on CBS and now Invasion. ABC needs to give Invasion more time. It has a nice cast led by Fitchner.
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Not up for Renewal-Invasion
robandsonja26 March 2006
We LOVE this show!!! It's different, very interesting and very suspenseful!!! That one hour goes by too quickly! However, we have just been informed (by a cast member, who will remain anonymous) that this show has NOT been picked up for the new Fall Season 2006-2007. We must do everything we can to prevent this from happening!!! Contact Ex. Producer, Timothy Marks!! I will provide contact info. has soon as I get it! Please pass this would be ashame to let this show be gone forever! We have WAY too many CSI's and Law and Order. Invasion breaks up the monotony and provides a new and different kind of show that appeals to so many of us!!!
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Invasion is a Great Show! Keep it on the Lineup!
Gypsybelle17 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am so tired of Network 'Execs' (virtual dumb heads) deciding to take off a great show due to what they perceive to be 'low ratings' without taking a really good look at the number of people who watch. No one polled me! I am one who loves the Sci Fi and fantasy shows. I am so tired of all the cloned sitcoms and spin offs of things like Law and Order (how many clones are there of that one?). It is especially irritating when they yank a show that many of us really love, without at least giving it a grand finale! Invasion is a really interesting show. Okay, the first season got a bit lame here and there, but the writers and creative staff needed some time to build a good storyline and character development for shows that are complicated. I just watched what was supposed to be the 2nd Season Finale. It turns out that it may be the Series Finale. Way too premature! The characters and plot were just starting to get really interesting. We also have lost Surface - which also gained so many possibilities from the 'season finale'. Dang it all! I want to know if Larkin and her baby became hybrids or perhaps the alien just healed them and put them back on shore!

My favorite shows are Charmed, Lost, Invasion, Surface, Ghost Whisperer (thought I detest Jennifer Love-Hewitt as an actress), Supernatural etc. Those are the shows I love because they are fantasy and NOT 6 O-Clock Newsy or stupid-don't-think-sitcoms. We have way too many 'Reality Shows'; cop n robber shows; animated and live sitcoms etc. We need fantasy shows that give us that escapist thrill to think! I am at the point now where I may just refuse to watch ANY TV and go back to the good ole book reading. I'm done with network politics! How do such self-serving idiots get to control the airwaves?
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What's not to like?
SPCFan92725 February 2006
What's not to like about this show? It has everything you could want. Mystery, intrigue, wonderment, family drama. Not to mention this show is well written, well acted, well directed and produced. It gives you just enough to leave you begging for more every week (too bad the network doesn't realize that!). The characters are well fleshed out, the scenery and set designs are wonderful and the special effects are awesome. Anyone who "gave up" on this show because of a slow pace in the beginning, should definitely come back. The show is moving at a lightning pace and there's nothing better on TV! A lot of credit goes to the superb cast led by the wonderful William Fichtner as Tom Underlay. With only a few episodes left to air, we still don't know if he's good or bad. Kudos also to Kari Matchett who plays Mariel, she is a very true-to-life character and Matchett plays her conflicting emotions wonderfully. I'd also like to acknowledge a new actor who has totally enthralled me...Nathan Baesel. His portrayal of Deputy Lewis Sirk has been wonderfully engaging and I find myself looking forward to seeing more of him.
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Intriguing and worth a look: The pilot.
HeartMonger21 September 2005
After watching the pilot for this new show I have come to the conclusion that it is at least worth a look. The show has a good and almost intellectual pilot episode that is sure to lead to some pretty good twists and excitement. The acting was not top notch but suited the supernatural surrealistic feel the show was giving off. The settings were realistic and gave the feeling that you were actually there, while the thunderstorm sequence also worked really well.

The pace of the show held really well considering the fact, of controversy or just conflict, the show was a real doozy. A lot may have seemed to be given away in the teasers you see on TV, but don't let those fool you. The show actually has taken a completely different turn on the first episode, leaving me wanting to know more.

I say this show is off to a good start, and I sure can't wait to see what is in store for these likable, often moot characters.
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The Writing and Acting on Invasion is Tremendous!
genuineheart200117 November 2005
I LOVE this show. I make sure I am home every Wednesday night to watch Invasion. Shaun Cassidy, you amaze me how you created such a adventurous, sitting on the edge of the seat, and fun show. All the writers, I applaud you. I myself am a new actress of 5 years in the Entertainment Industry. I try to watch a lot of shows for this is my "business" but then become selective with my time after discovering those TV shows I like. Well, Invasion, at first I thought oy vay! Gonna be silly and maybe a lot like "alien" shows in the past. But to me it is not. I cant wait to find out.....WHAT IS IN THE WATER? The main cast members are dynamic. And the actor who plays Russel is so believable. The actor who plays the Sheriff......he kind of spooks me! lol Last nights episode kept me on "the edge of my seat". I am glad you are dealing more with what is in the water now. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! L Berger
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Best Sci-Fi since "Earth 2" and "X-Files"
Lorry-79 January 2006
I don't know about you, but it has been a long dry spell since we have had the pleasure of viewing a good Sci-fi series since "Earth 2" and X-Files. Sadly shows like this come few and far between. "Invasion" grips you from the very first episode and draws you in. The story line moves along quickly and nearly every episode has you on the edge of your seat. In fact, I wouldn't recommend watching this alone; the creepiness factor is reminiscent of the X files. The location lends to the eeriness, and this show may have the same effect of keeping people out of the water as "Jaws" did. The acting is top notch with a well rounded cast; and the story line is plausible. I can hardly wait for each episode to air. Well Done !!!
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Got to love it ! ****1/5 out of *****
Strangeache20 March 2006
Truly one of the best new sci-fi shows that i have seen ! the stunning Kari Matchett excels as Dr. Mariel Underlay, accompanied by Eddie Cibrian (Jimmy Doherty from Third watch) in a gr8 role and William Fichtner (who at last gets a role that does him justice as Sheriff Tom Underlay)..

the plot moves a little bit slowly in the first few episodes but then gets a boost that keeps you on the edge of your sit ! i was surprised that the first comment dealt only with that fact(which is only half true and only relevant to the first few episodes, and is nothing like Carnivàle !!)

I really hope Invasion is here to stay as it is a great show in a swamp of mediocre TV shows and reality leftover sequel shows...

i give it 4.5 out of five
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