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The clock in Marshall and Teds apartment is always set at 4:20.
All of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie's scenes as Ted's future children were filmed during the first season to keep them the same age throughout the series. This includes a scene for the show's eventual final episode that includes the titular Mother which were filmed early in the second season.
Like his character, Neil Patrick Harris is a trained magician in real life.
After the show ended, Josh Radnor kept the blue french horn, Neil Patrick Harris got the Playbook and the gang's MacLaren's booth, and the three yellow umbrellas now belong to director Pamela Fryman, as well as creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays.
Three of the main actors on the show have had their significant others in multiple episodes. Husband of Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof, plays Sandy Rivers; Cobie Smulders husband Taran Killam, plays Blauman; and David Burtka, husband of Neil Patrick Harris, plays Scooter.
There are only 18 times throughout the entire series that Barney shows up without a suit.
The episode, "The Pineapple Incident," in Season 1, is the most viewed episode of HIMYM.
Barney is truly the inventor of "The Bro Code" (the rules which he feels a man must follow in order to be considered a "bro"). According to the number of Google searches, the phrase was non-existent until 2008.
Most of the websites featured in the show such as www.canadiansexacts.org and www.stinsonbreastreduction.com are real websites. www.lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com was created for charity and items from the show were auctioned off.
Ted has dated at least 29 women who aren't the mother.
Neil Patrick Harris made $210,000 per episode, while rest of the cast made $120,000 per episode.
There are 13 interventions done in the series.
Many episodes deal with Robin's past as the teen pop star Robyn Sparkles, including her big hit "Let's Go to the Mall." That song is available on the dancing game "Just Dance 3".
Due to Jason Segel's (Marshall) real-life smoking habit, he and his co-star and on-screen wife, Alyson Hannigan (Lily), rarely kissed on-screen during the run of the show; kisses between the two were infrequently scripted, at Hannigan's request, because she disliked the taste and smell of smoke on Segel's breath.
Jim Parsons, who stars in The Big Bang Theory, auditioned for the role of Barney Stinson.
Jason Segel, whose character Marshall on How I Met Your Mother brags about once winning a high school slam dunk contest, really DID win a high school slam dunk contest.
When promoting the final season on The Talk (2010), Alyson Hannigan was unable to answer what she would miss the most about Jason Segel. She became teary as it was too emotional a topic for her.
In an online poll, Victoria (Ashley Williams) was voted the all time favorite love interest of Ted (Josh Radnor) on the show. Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) was voted the least favorite.
In most "statistics" Barney Stinson expresses, the numbers 83 or 8 and 3 are involved. And in one instance, when he posed as an elderly man, he claimed his age was 83. In another, Barney wants to get in bed with a woman from a magazine, and her picture apears on page 83.
Whenever two characters get in a physical altercation, the song 'Murder Train' by Robin's ex-boyfriend Simon's band 'The Foreskins' is heard under the scene.
In Season 7, one can see Conan O'Brien in the background at the gang's famous McClaren's Pub.
Five books that are related to the show have been published. This includes the now famous, "The Bro Code" and, "The Playbook".
In the DVD commentary for the Pilot episode, Josh Radnor reveals that he is allergic to dogs, something the creators didn't know until Radnor was cast. That may have played a part in the decision to get rid of Robin's dogs in Season 2, when she and Radnor's characters are dating.
Barney wears the infamous ducky tie for 11 episodes.
Alyson Hannigan was pregnant while filming many season four episodes, but the show-runners were not interested in her character, Lily, also being shown as pregnant. Most episodes used time-honored TV tricks to hide Hannigan's pregnancy, including baggy tops and giant handbags, but the episode "The Possimpible" showed Hannigan's pregnancy bump in the context of a subplot in which Lily wins a hot dog-eating contest and has a comically distended stomach afterward. A similar visual gag was used in the sitcom Titus (2000) several years earlier. Actress Cynthia Watros was pregnant during the show's second season, although her character "Erin" was not meant to be pregnant. So, in addition to the "time-honored TV tricks" being used to hide Watros' pregnancy, a flashback scenario was used in one episode that showed her character Erin winning a pie-eating contest and her actual pregnant belly was shown afterwards. After Hannigan told the show-runners that she was pregnant, Cobie Smulders discovered that she was also pregnant. Neither of the characters they play were pregnant on the show, so the costumers had the job of simultaneously hiding the pregnancies of the series' two main female actors.
Because of the numerous scenes and the quick-cut nature of the show's visual style, the show is filmed without the traditional live studio audience. The finished episode is later shown to an audience, and their reactions are recorded and added for broadcast. The series' creators joke that the long set-up time between scenes would cross the line from "studio audience" to "hostage situation."
Although singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry were two of the biggest guest stars, fashion designer Tim Gunn was the most welcomed guest star from the cast and crew. Nearly everyone on set wanted an autograph from him.
In season 4 when referring to the child he hired to act as his son, Barney makes a comment how child actors were better in the 80's. Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney was himself a child actor in the 80's.
Barney Stinson was named after a heroin peddler in the James Ellroy book 'LA Confidential'.
Chris Elliot who played Lily's father is actually the father of Abby Elliot, the girl who played Ted's crazy girlfriend Jeanette.
Ted and his friends regularly got to Maclaren's Pub, which is a bar right below to Ted's apartment. The pub was named after 'Carl Maclaren', who is the associate producer, assistant to Carter Bays. Also, a bartender named Carl plays a minor role in the show.
In an episode where Barney is challenged to pick up a girl in a bar by calling an ambulance, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the creators of the show can be seen as the actors playing the paramedics.
Writers/producers/co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are members of the band "The Solids," which performs the show's theme song "Hey Beautiful". The Solids' first performance was at Wesleyan University, which is the alma mater of both Bays' and Thomas', as well as of the characters Ted, Marshall, and Lily.
Cobie Smulders is from Vancouver. Her character, Robin Scherbatsky, was originally supposed to be from Toronto, but this was changed to make her also from Vancouver.
Each character in the series has had their own musical number except Lily. Ted had his own musical number called "super date" in the episode "of course" (2010) Barney has his own musical number called "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit" in the episode "girls vs. suits" (2010) Robin had her own musical number (and many others) called "lets go to the mall" in the episode "slap bet" (2006) and Marshall has his own musical number called "Marshall vs. the machines" (2010) and that leaves Lily without ever having her own musical number
In this show Ted, Lily and Marshall are of the same age, but in real life Josh Radnor and Alyson Hannigan are 6 years older than Jason Segel.
If one were to discount Robin (Cobie Smulders), since she is a main character, then the ex-girlfriend of Ted's (Josh Radnor) who has appeared in the most episodes would be Victoria (Ashley Williams), with 16 overall.
Barney has had more than one kind of storm trooper in his apartment throughout the series
In the episode "Little Minnesota", while Robin is telling the story about the NFC championship you can see a woman wearing a jersey that says "Smulders" on the back. Robin is played by Cobie Smulders.
Ted is from Ohio, just like Josh Radnor and Carter Bays. Bays and Ted share the same home town: Shaker Heights.
Famous for his suits in this series, Barney has suits for every occasion, including flight suit for Halloween and suitjamas for sleeping in.
When both Samm Levine and Neil Patrick Harris were on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (2009), Levine said that he was called to audition "more than once" for the role of Barney Stinson, even though he himself thought that he was wrong for the role. Levine told Harris that he thought Harris was better as Barney than he would have been.
Alyson Hannigan is only 14 years younger than Chris Elliot, who plays her father.
The show's opening theme song and the photos displayed during it differ in only four episodes throughout nine seasons. "Hopeless" shows the main characters playing various instruments, "Bedtime Stories" is played to the tune of a music box, "46 Minutes" excludes Lily and Marshall after they move to the suburbs with new photos of Ted and Robin looking annoyed with Barney and "How Your Mother Met Me" shows Tracy with several of her friends. "46 Minutes" has a second version later in the episode to a Russian theme with Stripper Lily and her boyfriend.
When Neil Patrick Harris directed a 2010 limited-run production of the musical "Rent" at the Hollywood Bowl, he cast Wayne Brady in the role of Tom Collins, after Brady and Harris had previously played brothers on "How I Met Your Mother".
When Ted meets Klaus, Victoria's german fiancé, they speak a few words in german. One term Klaus uses is "Lebenslanger Schickssalsschatz", which translates into "lifelong treasure of destiny". While the words "lebenslang" (lifelong), "Schicksal" (destiny) and "Schatz" (treasure) are real german words, the term "Lebenslanger Schickssalsschatz" doesn't actually exist in Germany or other german-speaking regions.
The two-part finale was the show's most-watched but lowest rated episodes.
Since Ted is from Cleveland, he and the other characters make jokes about how Lebron James left Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat. After the show ended in 2014, Lebron went back to Cleveland.
In the season nine episode, "How your Mother Met Me", there are "Save the Arcadian" posters on the wall behind Tracy when she is loading equipment in the car.
Chris Romano, the actor who play Ted's childhood best friend "Punchy", is also a co-executive producer on the show.
In multiple episodes, a few of the characters can be seen wearing butterfly necklaces which may or may not be a reference to Ted's tramp stamp.
The most viewed episode of the series is "The pineapple incident" from season 1 and the least viewed episode is "Landmarks" from season 6.
At least three of Jason Segel's costars from Freaks and Geeks have appeared on the show: Martin Starr [The Duel], Samm Levine [Okay Awesome], and Busy Phillips [Third Wheel].
Anne Dudek, who plays the girl whom Ted breaks up with repeatedly on her birthday, also played Precious on an episode of Friends. Precious is the ex-girlfriend of Mike (Paul Rudd) who he has to break up with upon returning from Barbados in Season 10, Episode 1. The day of the break-up turns out to be her birthday.
The mother of co-creator Carter Bays is an ordained minister. Bays said he would only get calls from her if one or more jokes were not funny, despite the show's sometimes-risqué material.
Alicia Silverstone was originally cast as Stella Zinman but dropped out of the role. Reports at the time indicated that upon learning that Britney Spears would be playing her receptionist Abby, Silverstone's reps had her withdraw from the role because they did not want her first appearance on the series to be overshadowed by Spears.
In the first two seasons, there is another room next to the Stormtrooper in Barney's apartment. From season three, there is just a wall next to the Stormtrooper.
Suit up! Is Barney's famous catch phrase and during the entire 9 seasons there are only 12 times when Barney doesn't suit up.
All apartments the gang have lived in have featured a Chinese Checkers board as art on their wall. Ted and Marshal's apartment for example was by the bathroom.
Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays Ted's daughter, is only four years younger than Cobie Smulders, who plays Ted's frequent love interest and friend, Robin.
In the episode "Bad News" of season 6, numbers 50-1 are randomly placed on objects throughout the episode.
Four people in Marshall's family have names that start with Mar: Marshall's brothers Marcus and Marvin jr, Marshall's dad Marvin, and Marshall himself. This does not include Marcus' children, whose names all also start with "Mar".
Barney's brother James was gay and married Tom and had 2 kids, a boy and a girl, it was related to Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, got married and had 2 kids, a boy and a girl
Series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays revealed that Scott Foley turned down the role of Ted Mosby and Jennifer Love Hewitt turned down the role of Robin Scherbatsky to star on Ghost Whisperer (2005).
In Season 9, Episode 18, the origin of where the nickname "Big Fudge" is finally revealed.
Barney's sister (Ashley Benson), and Robin's sister (Lucy Hale), both are main characters of Pretty Little Liars
In season 3 episode 15, barney tells a story about how Gary Blauman quits his job and ends up dead. Gary Blauman is seen or is in relevance to several episodes in the future
In season 4 while they are debating if Ted should be in a fight, on the wall behind Marshall a sign reads 'on this site in 1897 nothing happened'.
Both Marshall and his dad (Marvin) marry redheads.
David Henrie (the son), Lucy Hale (Robin's sister) and Brian Kubach (Robin's first) all had a role in the Disney channel show Wizards of Waverly Place
One of the show's recurring gags is, whenever somebody says a phrase or word that resembles a military rank (eg. "Major buzz-kill") both Ted and Robin (and in some instances Barney, Marshall and Lily join in) salute and repeat whatever is said as though addressing a military officer ("Major Buzzkill").
In "The Bracket", Oprah's name is on the bottom right corner of Barney's bracket.
In season 4 episode 15, when Barney (Patrick-Harris) says," they don't make them (child actors) like they used to", this is in reference to his role as title character in Doogie Howser M.D.
In the episode "Bad News," the only number that does not appear onscreen as a numeral is the number 5. Instead, between the numbers 6 and 4, Barney and Marshall share a high five.
In Season 6, Marshall and Robin have never hung out alone. However, in an earlier season, Marshall and Robin went to a Minnesota and Canadian bar together several nights in a row.
Alyson Hannigan's character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Willow Rosenberg, once mentioned that she wrote Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989) fan-fiction as a girl. Hannigan went on to star in "How I Met Your Mother" with Neil Patrick Harris, who as a boy played Doogie Howser. Alyson Hannigan' who plays Lily, is perhaps best known prior to starring in 'How I Met Your Mother' for her role on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The creators of both of these shows - Joss Whedon of the Buffy series and Carter Bays and Craig Thomas of HIMYM - all graduated from Wesleyan University, as well as did the characters Lily, Ted, and Marshall on HIMYM. Additionally, Hannigan's character from the Buffy series, Willow, got early acceptance to Wesleyan, along with many other schools. Several cast members have also worked with Joss Whedon, notably stars Alyson Hannigan' (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) and Cobie Smulders (The Avengers). Also appearing have been guest stars Morena Baccarin (Firefly/Serenity), Alexis Denisof (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Dollhouse), Amy Acker (Angel/Dollhouse), Tom Lenk (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel), Harry Groener (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Danny Strong (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The search for all the main characters' so-called "doppelgangers" is a running joke throughout this series. In 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' doppelgangers were also a frequent theme of many episodes, and most of the major characters (including Buffy, Xander, and Willow) encountered doubles of themselves through plot contrivances of magic or alternate universes.
In series 7 episode 17 No Pressure, at approximately 11.06 you can see Conan O'Brien in the background of Mclarens Pub as Barney runs off to find Marshall and Lilys' sex tape
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Jennifer Morrison (Ted's girlfriend Zoey in season 6), Anne Dudek (Ted's girlfriend in season 1) and Kal Penn (Robin's ex-boyfriend Kevin in season 7) also had starting roles in another show, "House, M.D.", as Cameron, Amber and Kutner, respectivelly
In an episode where Robin is interviewing a woman about her books (Jennifer Lopez) the camera man asks if either of the girls want coffee and in the background there is a yellow sign that says, "NO FOOD OR DRINK ON SET"
Many SNL cast members have appeared on the show including Chris Elliot, Abby Elliot, Will Forte, Martin Short, Jerry Minor, Chris Kattan, Taran Killam, Casey Wilson, Paul Shaffer, and Bob Odenkirk (writer, but appeared in sketches)
One ongoing joke is that a favorite topic is "Who is Ted's 'best friend'". Even though it is already confirmed that it is Marshall, Barney ignores this every time and claims that he is Ted's best friend.
In season 3 episode 15, Barney actually mentions at one point that Gary Blauman (Played by taran killam) had died. However, Gary Blauman actually reappears in season 9 of the show.
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Jennifer Morrison, JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Amy Acker have all appeared on "Once Upon A Time".
When Robin and Marshal go into the Little Minnesota bar, a woman is seen wearing a Minneosta Vikings jersey that has the last name Smulders on it. This also refers to Cobie Smulders who plays the character of Robin.
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Dave Coulier (Joey on Full House) made a cameo in an episode on Season 8 where he recites his famous "Cut It Out" line to which Bob Saget (Future Ted Narrator & Co-star alongside Coulier as Danny on Full House) narrators that part as "I always liked that joke."
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According to the Season 1 episode "Zip, zip, zip" Ted, Marshall and Lily's apartment is located at "75th and Amsterdam [street]".
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In S06E10 "Blitzgiving", when Zoey dares Marshall to send a picture of his junk to a random number, the Blitz shouts out the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, which are the numbers that are frequently used in the show Lost in which Jorge Garcia (the Blitz) plays Hugo.
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In S08E06, Lily (Alison Hannigan) obsesses over Robin's sex life mentioning a character known as "Nadia" who keeps joining Robin and Nick in sex. Nadia is also the foreign character she played alongside in American pie.
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The Royal Diner that can be seen in the background of some street episodes is the same as the one seen on the show "Bones". Which coincident Alyson Hannigan and David Boreanaz co-starred together on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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At the episode "Spoiler Alert" in which Ted is dating Kathy (the girl who talks a lot and ended up married to a deaf person), she mentions during dinner that she knows a place at the South Bronx which has the "best cannoli in town", which is the same place Ted took Robin on their first date.
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In the episode stuff when the gang is at Barney's terrible play that he wrote to get revenge on Lilly there is a flyer in the background that says "suck it Lilly"
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Barney briefly mentions pulling the play, "The Scuba Diver" in the episode, "The Bracket"; thus disproving that it was not the first time he used it in "The Playbook".
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Jim Parsons auditioned to play Barney Stinson
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In S4E23 "As Fast As She Can", Barney is trying to talk his way out of a traffic ticket. In S2E17 "Arrivederci, Fiero" it is revealed that Barney has a fear of driving. Thus giving the impression that he has learned how to drive, and his issues with buying a car in New York.
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In the episode of "Rabbit or Duck," Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is seen on the TV screen during a Superbowl game holding a sign that says "Hey Ladies Call Barney Stinson 1-917-555-0197." The letters C, B, and S from "Call Barney Stinson" is highlighted boldy to represent the CBS network.
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Glee star Heather Morris can be seen dancing in the musical number 'Nothing Suits Me Like Suit' in episode 12, season 5
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On season 7 episode 17 on the opening scene shows a movie theater and on the movies playing it shows "The Wedding Bride II" which is also mentioned in Season 9 episode 19.
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In season 1 episode 5 Ted talks with the coat check girl after embarrassing himself at a club, and in season 8 episode 20 Ted notices her at the MacLaren's bar at tries to make a move on her but doesn't remember her.
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In the episode bad news there is a hidden count down 1-50 that leads to the bad news but the number 44 is shown twice in a row.
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Lily and Marshall in 1x14 when they are stuck in the bathroom say that they've never peed in front of each other. However, in 1x06, you see Marshall going with Lily into the bathroom to help her go pee because her parrot costume is "elaborate".
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If you watch throughout the episodes, you can see Robin, Lily, and Stella wearing the same necklaces on different characters. Also, at the end of S3 E20 "Miracles", the woman at the bar has the EXACT same purse as the woman in the opening scene of S4E1 "Do I Know You?"
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In 1x14, Marshall and Lily are brushing their teeth together in the bathroom, using two separate tooth brushes. However, in one of the later seasons, they claim that they've always used the same toothbrush.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the episode where Ted and Robin break up, there was a real life proposal! During the episode, a ring was in a champagne glass and Robin thought Ted was proposing. However, the ring belonged to a man at the next table. He planned his proposal with the producers and now that couple's engagement will live forever on the show.
The mother's first name is already mentioned in season 1 episode 9, when a stripper tells Ted she's called Tracy and Ted's off-voice tells his children 'this is the true story of how I met your mother'. The kids' shocked reaction reveals that it's the real name of their mother.
Had the show not been picked up after season 1, they would've ended it with Victoria being the mother.
In real life, the mother Cristin Milioti is only two years older than her TV daughter Lyndsy Fonseca and four years older then her TV son David Henrie.
An on-going joke in the show is that nobody ever finds out what Barney's job is. Every time the gang ask him he sarcastically replies, 'Please'! In the final season, it is revealed that PLEASE actually stands for Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything.
Robin walks down the aisle to her song "Sandcastles in the Sand."
In The Magicians Code when Barney is arrested for trying to sneak a magic trick through security he is taken to airport prison. That actually happened to Neil Patrick Harris which is where Carter Bays and Craig Thomas got the idea for that episode.
Marshall and Lily agree that they won't try to have a baby until they find Barney's doppelganger. They don't follow their agreement and start trying; however, they could not get pregnant until, they go see Dr. Stengel, who turns out to be Barney's doppelganger. Lily becomes pregnant only after the appointment.
In last forever: part two when the group is sitting at the booth you can see Marshall handing over money to Lily from their long term bet that Ted and Robin wouldn't end up together.
In the episode "Bad News" (13×06) There's a hidden countdown in the background starts from 50 down to 1 and thats when Marshall gets the 'Bad News' about his Father.
In Season 1 Episode 9, Ted meets a stripper at a strip club and she tells him that her real name is Tracy, the camera then cuts to the kids and older Ted kiddingly tells them that's how he met their mother. Hinting that his future wife's name is in fact Tracy.
4/5 members of the group had dad problems. They all make up with their fathers, Marshall is the only one who really likes his dad, who then dies.
The famous Barney catch phrases, "Have you met Ted", "What up", "Wait For it" & "Suit up" all appear in the pilot episode. And of course.. Legen.... wait for it......dary!
In Season 1, Marshall and Lily wanted to get married at the "Van Smoot House", and ended up getting married there at the end of Season 2. Later in the Season 6 episode "Natural History", Arthur Hobbs of GNB first introduced Barney and Marshall to George Van Smoot, or better known as "The Captain".
The script for the episode "Bad News" originally had the twist written as Lily being pregnant. It was only on the actual day of shooting that the writers revealed to Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan that the ending would be different, and even then, it was only Alyson who knew the final scene. She and Jason worked out that he would react when she said the word "it", which turned out to be the end of the sentence "He didn't make it". Until that moment, Jason had no idea what he would be reacting to. What you see in the episode is the one and only take they shot of his reaction.
Ted almost moved to Chicago twice in How I Met Your Mother: Lucky Penny (2007) and How I Met Your Mother: Last Forever: Part Two (2014).
In season 7's "Disaster Averted", when talking about how you haven't lived until someone puts a sign up for something you did, they flash a sign saying "no motorcycles on the casino floor." Later in the season Barney steals a motorcycle in a casino while trying to get Marshall out of Atlantic City, telling us the sign was for him.
They said seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding was bad luck. Barney saw Robin before the wedding and they got divorced. Ted and Tracy also saw each other before the wedding, and then Tracy died.
In the episode Trilogy Time, Ted has a wedding ring on when he is holding his newborn daughter. This conflicts the Last Forever wedding timeline as being 7 years later after both children were born.
We learn the names of both of Ted's children in the episode "Unpause" (S9:15) We learn that his daughter's name is Penny when Ted says "I'm so proud of you. Penny's so proud of you." We learn shortly after that, his sons's name is Luke when he says, "Every rule has an exception. And for us, that exception was you Luke."
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In the episode Slap Bet, Barney chooses 5 slaps for eternity after Marshall wins the slap bet. However Marshall ends up getting 8 slaps throughout the series. One in the episode Slap Bet, the second one in the episode Stuff, the third in Slapsgiving, the fourth in Slapsgiving Two. In Disaster Averted, Marshall is awarded 3 more slaps in exchange for Barney not wearing the Ducky tie. He uses two of them leaving him with two more which he uses in Slapsgiving Three and End of the Aisle.
In season 7 episode 9, New York was hit by a hurricane, Robin and Ted suggested Marshall about naming his baby Hurricane Erikson. Later in Episode 11, Ted and Barney decide to adopt a baby, they name it Hurricane-Stinson-Mosby/Hurricane-Mosby-Stinson.
We already learn in episode 11, season 5 (when the gang tries to stop smoking) about the sex of Marshall and Lilly's future child because Ted says: 'Marshall stopped smoking when his son was born'
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In season 1, episode 1, Ted tells Carl's girlfriend that he wants a band, instead of a DJ, at his wedding. Later, during Robin and Barney's wedding planning, he continuously tells Robin and Barney they should hire a DJ, and not a band, at their wedding.
In the end of Sandcastles in the Sands Barney and Robin hook up for the first time after Robin is dumped by Simon and invites Barney to watch the music video after which they have sex. In the 5th season in the episode "the rough patch" Barney and Robin break up and Barney discovers that Robin had an embarrassing T.V show according to Alan Thicke. He then storms out of the bar to find it,this shows that what started from a Robin Sparkles video ended on a Robin Sparkles video.
In season 9, Barney says that you will never meet a girl for the first time, look them in the eyes and tell them they are the love of your life. However, when his daughter is born and he holds her in his arms for the first time, he immediately knows she is the girl he loves.
In the episode 'Bad News' season 6, episode 13, numbers are seen 'hidden' throughout the show starting at 50 going down to 1 which is seen on the taxi cab Lily pulls up in to tell Marshall the bad news about his father.
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The reason Ted and Robin's relationship didn't originally work out was that Ted wanted kids, and Robin didn't/couldn't, and that Robin wanted a career that would take her around the world. At the end, Ted had his kids with Tracy, and Robin had had her career and travelled, so they could finally be happy together.
In season 1 episode "Belly Full of Turkey" Ted meets a stripper who gives him her stage name. Telling this to his children, Ted pranks them by saying her real name was Tracy and that is how he met their mother. That is a clue to the mother's real name, Tracy.
Lily and Marshall make a deal with the "universe" saying that they wont get pregnant until they see Barney's döppelganger. When Lily imagined she saw Barney's döppelganger but it was't, Marshall just went along with it and they tried to have a baby but did not succeed. When they go to see a doctor to find out why they weren't getting pregnant, the doctor was Barney's döppelganger. And they get pregnant a few episodes later on.
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Marshall and Lily both saw each other before their wedding and lived happily ever after. Ted and Tracy saw each other before their wedding and she died. Barney and Robin saw each other before their wedding and got divorced.
A possible future occupation for Marshall is implied by his name, since he was elected to the New York Supreme Court. (Actually, the highest court in New York is known as the New York Court of Appeals). Two justices of the Supreme Court of the United States had the name "Marshall". Justice John Marshall was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835. Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan was on the court from 1877-1911. Also, both of these justices were on the Court for 34 years, ending with their respective deaths. Whenever Justice Marshall Erickson is named to the SCOTUS, it may be understand his date of death as being 34 years after his appointment.
In the Season 6 finale, you can see The Royal Diner from the show Bones attached to the Arcadian- which they later demolish for the new GNB headquarters that Ted designs.
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In the episode where Ted and Lily argue about if there should be a band or a DJ at Barney and Robin's wedding, Ted votes for a DJ. However, at the very first episode before Ted meets Robin and talks to Carl's Lebanese girlfriend, he points out that in his opinion, a band is better.
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The Robyn Sparkles song, "Sandcastles in the Sand" is the song Robin walks down the aisle to at Barney and Robin's wedding.
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Before being picked up for another season, the writers planned for Victoria to be the mother. The show would end with the shot of her at Claudia and Stuart's wedding followed by Ted saying, 'and that's how I met your mother'.
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The name of Ted's children are Penny and Luke. This is revealed in the episode "Unpause" as the mother is heading to the hospital to give birth to there second child.
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When Ted's parents come to visit, and tell Ted they are divorced, Ted asks how they met. Then they said at an Irish bar. Which is where Robin and Ted met, MacLarens Pub. Also that Ted is like his father, and Robin like Ted's mother, because neither of them wanted kids. So the show is implying that Robin is the kids mother, but on the last episode , it is confirmed that their mother is someone named Tracy.
In the song "Let's go to the mall" sang by Robin, there is a line says that she meets a boy in the food court that has a hair style like Wayne Gretzky. In the last season at Barney and Robin's wedding , Barney gets her an autographed photo of Gretzky as a surprise.
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