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This show is fantastic!
orlaithgra7 November 2005
I love this show!! It's one of the best sitcoms on the air and one of the best CBS shows!!! I disagree with the other comment - Barney is the best character. He's the funniest person on the show. I love how the entire ensemble has chemistry together!! It actually feels like they're friends in real life. And I don't think they need new writers, they just need to grow a little more. This show gets better with time. I laugh so hard with the show that my sides hurt every time I watch. I recommend this show to anyone that has a great sense of humor and wants to laugh until their sides hurt. I hope that this show has a long run on the air.
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Good laugh for late twenty-somethings
kasiemahan8 November 2005
I've enjoyed the first few episodes of this post "Friends" comedy. It really captures some of the humorous albeit awkward situations that late twenty-somethings are finding themselves in these days.

Alyson Hannigan once again presents her hilarious, quirky sense of style and humor. Along with her boyfriend, Marshall, they are an excellent representation of the couple who are trying to figure out an identity in the "not still partying like college kids, but trying not to be all grown up" stage of life.

The lead character, Ted, provides great entertainment. Audiences will be drawn in by his sensitivity and likability. He's not desperate to get married, but merely ready to find the One, tired of game playing.

Overall, I think this is a half-hour well spent. The humor is edgy, unpredictable, and you will find yourself reminiscing about those first few years after you graduated from college and struggled to find yourself out in the "Real World."
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I hope this show is kept
MarkOnline27 September 2005
I don't know if I have enough to say to fill up ten lines. I basically wanted to say that I think this is a funny show, and I hope the network keeps it. I especially like the twists and sense of mystery.

I've liked Alyson Hannigan for quite a while, and I think she's doing a great job in the first adult role I've seen her in (I can't believe she's already 31). I also think Doogie, I mean Neil Patrick Harris, plays his character really well. If you haven't seen him in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", you should. Josh Radnor also does a very good job in his first leading role.

I agree that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I think this show has a lot of elements that make a good series: good plot, good writing, good acting, and attractive cast). I think previous series like "Friends" have raised the bar very high for new sitcoms, but I hope that even if a series isn't destined to become the next "Friends," it can still be recognized as a good and worthwhile sitcom.
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Grows on you
emilyswope27 October 2005
Watched the show, thought "Hm, I haven't decided if it'll stay or not". But then the next day, my husband and I are quoting it and want to watch it again.

We try again the next week, again with the quoting. I haven't watched a show where there are lines that stick with me like this for a very long time. The show wouldn't be anywhere without "Barney", but somehow none of its faults matter because I enjoy it just too darn much. Every episode there's a new line, haven't been disappointed so far, hoping it continues and gets even better.

I mean come on, with lines like: "Suit up!" "Phone Five!" "Not awkward guys, its only awkward if we make it awkward"

And the numerous variations of "suit up" are a hoot "Snow suit up!" "Flight suit up" I gotta say, I just enjoy it.

There isn't great philosophy, it has a laugh track, but I don't miss it and end up watching the episode a couple times because its the only things worth watching sometimes.
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How I Met Your Mother is the best new show in a very long time!
pmk-sjk13 October 2005
How I Met Your Mother is so worth watching! What great characters and amazing writing! This show is a Hit! Finally something to tune in to on Monday nights. Not since Friends have the characters on a sit com bonded like this. I love that there are 3 guys and 2 girls..The writing is fresh and in control and productive.....I particularly enjoy the Ted with the shirt episode - what a unique story line and all the characters just seem to work so well together. I love the added suspense of "who is Ted going to end up with". The character of Ted does an amazing job! He has such a cuteness and innocence about him that makes the whole premise of "How I Met Your Mother" really work and keeps the audience so tuned in to find out what is going to happen next! You have accumulated such a great staff of writers!!! Amazing new show! Our office is taking turns staging Monday night soirees to watch! This premise really works! Keep us the good work! Keep Monday night TV rolling along! Yeah!! Hilarious!
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My favorite show on TV behind only Seinfeld.
darkmanishere99017 October 2005
What can I say about this show? The cast is awesome. The writers rock. The show is great. My favorite character is Barney. He is probably the main person I watch the show for. He is funny and brings a certain "something' to TV that it needs. It is totally the best new comedy in awhile. While it does have a laugh track - it isn't needed. Bob Sagget is right at home on this show playing the Dad. I think it is very fitting for him to be playing that role. The rest of the cast is great also. The guy who plays Ted is great at being the 'every day' guy and Marshall and his soon to be wife, Lilly are perfect together. As for Robin, well she is Robin and there is nothing wrong with her. I think everyone on this show including the regular cab driver are great. This show has everything and I hope everyone gives it a chance. I love it. It is legendary. Till next week Barney.
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This show doesn't make you laugh that much.
Kuusafiiri25 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was told that if you like Friends, you'll like How I met your mother. The show is now on Netflix, so I thought: "Why not." I have no idea how this show has been so popular and I'm wondering why on Earth people compare this to the epic comedy: Friends. very boring. And to be honest, I didn't feel it had a cohesive storyline, and the people or the story didn't seem to get anywhere. Just a bunch of separate "jokes" and moments. I wasn't excited about the ending of the first season and didn't even realize, when Netflix started to roll the second season. To me it felt the same all the time...And the characters just seem to lack personality.

What bothers me the most, is that the jokes and characters have so much similar things as Friends. Every time something familiar came up, I was so annoyed and thought that couldn't the writers really come up with something different and original. Too many times I kept thinking "I have seen this" and "Are you kidding me, you stole that from Friends".

Just to name a few...

*One thing that annoyed me the most, was that nobody quite knew what Barney's job was and that was one of the main things of Chandler's character. Seriously, the writes should have NOT used that joke here!

*The others are calling Barney Swarley, and he hates it. In Friends Chandler wanted to be Clint, but everyone kept calling him Gene. Barney's and Chandler's reactions are very similar.

*Marshall and Jill (the "main couple") want to get married in Casino. So did Monica and Chandler. *Barney is womanizer, so is Joey. They both have sex with older woman and have a crush on their friend's ex (Robin/Rachel). *Robin and Ted are having a hard time to make their relationship start. So did Rachel and Ross.

This was definitely not a TV-show for me... Totally waste of time.
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Sweet romantic comedy you must watch!
Excellent series to waste some time. Perfect for the romantic souls! The story is about five friends and their love adventures, mixed up with tons of funny stories. Ted is a lonely guy, who wants to make a family, but the girl he loves does not want a serious relationship and keeps cutting off his attempts to win her heart. Marshal and Lilly are Ted's best friends they are together for 9 years and are planning a wedding with all the consequences coming from that. Barny is the Casanova of the company. He's funny and arrogant in a very humouristic way. The director's method's are different and will keep your attention in these cute series.
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Pretentious Show Aimed At Teens? Should Be Called "Dowisetrepla"
CrenshawPete28 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I bought all seven seasons on DVD because my coworkers raved about how funny this show is. OK, I wasn't impressed with the pilot, and now that I'm on season three, I can say without a doubt that this rehash of old ideas doesn't get any funnier. In fact, I have yet to laugh at a single joke.

To be fair, if they got rid of Ted (fiery car crash, anyone?) and canned the writers, the rest of the cast might have potential. Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan are certainly knocking themselves out. But let's deal with what we've got, rather than what it could be.

What we have is clearly a rip-off of Friends, among other shows. "Vomit free since '93"? Seinfeld. Pretending to be a tourist in your home town in order to pick up women? Seinfeld again. And the moustache fetish/attraction from the tattoo removal episode? Threes Company. I could go on.

And speaking of the tattoo removal episode... Seriously, it takes the doctor TEN weeks to tell Ted the reason she won't date him is because she has a daughter and thus devotes all her time to her child. Who writes this nonsense? A normal adult would just tell the guy the reason in the first place... But then that wouldn't open up the situation for all kinds of hilarious hi-jinx, now would it, kids?

These so-called "adults" live a goofy, adolescent lifestyle, like no university graduate I've ever met. It's almost like a 14-year-old girl's fantasy of what awaits her after she graduates high school. I'm actually embarrassed for the writers and embarrassed to be watching this show in my early 30s. At least the twenty-something characters on Friends acted like adults with real careers.

Which brings me to Ted, who is perhaps the most annoying main character in modern sitcom history. I can't stand him! What twenty-something male spends all of his time obsessing about getting married -- especially when he hasn't even met Ms. Right yet??? And surprise, all the women on the show are attracted to him, like he's Brad Pitt. In fact, all the girls in the bar look like models and are one-dimensional air-heads who ALWAYS instantly fall for our overly-nice drip of a main character.

Barney: "Have you met Ted?" Perfect-ten female with googly eyes *falling all over herself*: "Hiiiii Ted!"

Speaking of annoying, the limo/cab driver with his stupid fruity smile and "Helloooooooo!" catch-phrase makes me want to join a fight club. Apparently there's only one cab driver in this juvenile fantasy version of New York city.

Add to this the endless flash-backs-within-flash-backs, and you've got the most pretentious recycled garbage that ever survived a pilot episode. Make no mistake, this "romantic" (read cornball) comedy may have fooled some of the less mature viewing audience -- those who are too young to have seen good comedy -- but this will NOT stand the test of time. I hope the writers and producers are enjoying the money while it lasts. I sure as heck will avoid any turkey their names are attached to from now on.

In closing, if you're checking this show out for the first time, I recommend watching the episode "Dowisetrepla" with all of its "is what I should have said" and it's "is what I did say." If you find that hilarious, then this show is definitely for you. Enough said.
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Watch iT!
Andrea7 November 2005
When "How I Met Your Mother" first appeared on the small screen, I refused to watch it. But then I watched an episode (I think it was Episode 5 when they went to a club) and a thought it was pretty funny. I must admit that the new show isn't laugh-out-loud, slap-your-knee HILARIOUS...but it has potential to be great! Every character in the CBS show (5 in total) are likable but I must give extra kudos to the characters played by Alyson Hannigan (Lily), and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney). I may be biased towards my liking of Alyson Hannigan's Lily (due to her previous comedic roles: American Pie Series, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but she brings a charm and charismatic flair to the show. Also Neil Patrick Harris' Barney is GREAT!!! He basically plays a creep which I'm sure everyone is familiar with (because I know I sure am!). I find Barney hilarious!!! He IS that creepy guy at the club but that's what makes him lovable.

All in all this show has potential! As long as the stories, acting and writing keep up then I am definitely going to tune in! I think once people start getting to know the characters better, they'll start tuning in as well. Everyone always compares this show to "Friends" which didn't really get popular until after the first season. Hopefully, this show will continue to be funny and exceed our expectations. But WATCH IT!
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You got to be kidding me... Is this still on???
Mitsos Dalikeris22 May 2013
9 Seasons??? Really??? What a total waste of time... Seriously why does it still air...?? Hell, even "joey" was better than this piece of crap... Actors act like ten year old children in a school play... Dull sceneries... Please tell me whom I have to blame for approving the pilot episode??? A show about a guy who informs his children of how he met their mother by telling them about his irrelevant relationships, long enough to see his own kids going to retirement by the time he finishes his story... Whats the point here...??? - "Hey dad, how did you met our mother???" - "Well... I had about 100 relationships that ended bad but don't worry I ll tell you everything about them..." That lame character is supposed to be an architect when he cant even answer a simple question? Its like asking how many are 2 plus 2 oranges??? And the answer is.... Well... First it was space, then the planets, then... then there were seeds initially, then they grow to trees... and going on and on until his kids die of boredom or lack on food on the same chair. Finally the worst part of all... - Eh, no that wasn't actually what happened... its... , Oh no I don't remember... oh I do now... Or was it the other way around??? Its a really bad copy of FRIENDS without a sign of humor... I do believe and hope that people are smart enough to see that... Please do humanity a favor and stop that thing from airing... PLEASE!!! I am begging you...
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Getting duller with every new season
jazebelle25 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I used to be a huge fan of How I met your Mother. I thought the show was brilliant. It was fresh, different, with new faces and had a really cute story line. I swear, the first two seasons were hilarious. The 3rd season wasn't too bad either, and now that they are running re-runs of season 1-3 on TV where I am, I've learned to compare the show from then and now. What happened, dear writers, producers, directors and actors?! How I met your Mother at its later season is just becoming dreadful. Obviously the writers are struggling to give it more staying power on the airways, but prolonging the episodes with extremely annoying story lines are really going to throw your fans off. And worst still, the show isn't funny anymore.

I mean, honestly, adults at their age in real life do not at all behave like that. Instead of adults in their late 20's, they're all beginning to sound like clumsy aloof teenagers. It's really getting very annoying. And Ted, who was very likable in the beginning episodes, has gone to this pathetic, needy, clingy and whiny plus boring individual. And then there's Lily and Marshall, who are married now and are trying to conceive, but have gotten over the top mushy with each other that it makes me gag.

Barney's probably the only person to watch for in the series. Although I vouch that it will get old soon. How many more women can he sleep with? How much more of a sleaze will he become? As for Robin, well, I had no confidence in her staying on in the show, and she truly brings no chemistry or any presence at all. If she weren't in the regular cast list, I still think the series could have taken off. She'd probably do better as a guest star.

Some of the episodes don't even make any sense, no was there really any reason to turn it into an entire 20 over minuet episode! It just contains extremely boring and annoying sequences that have been repeated too many times throughout the other seasons. I don't even find myself smiling once with the newer episodes.

And as some of the reviewers have said here, with 6 seasons running, none of them have really made any progress throughout the years. I am sad to see this show go down the drain. As to those who compare it to FRIENDS, I'm afraid this show will never come even close to being how amazing and funny FRIENDS was. With good shows like HIMYM turning horrible, I'm surprised good comedies like Gary Unmarried have been canceled, and time slots are given to comedies that have deteriorated.
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The worst famous show ever !!!
swastigallery28 June 2013
I don't know how the show became so popular. I watched only one season and i didn't laugh once. I smiled few times though. ( I watched it only because I downloaded it after hearing about it) The comedy is so childish and felt like they are imposing the comedy on the viewers. The story never moves... There is no life in the characters, and it looks very fictional. Barney is the amateur version of joy in friends, Stella is the worst form of Rachel, the husband (dont even remember his name) is a stone sculpture of Chandler, and Tobby wants to be Ross.. Each characters are based on Friends in its worst form.

Just watch one episode and please come and rate it in IMDb to have a proper review score.
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Time to go!
GoTGeEk8278095 May 2013
What happened to this show?!! This show has run it's course.. Just like the office did! And just like the office, only the first 4-5 seasons were funny. They should have quit while they were ahead! HIMYM should have ended about five years ago!! Maybe if it did, it would have ended with dignity and people would have respected it. I stopped watching. But some people I know are just watching because , and I quote 'they feel like they have to because they followed it for so long' but they all say its terribly unfunny now and disappointing. I mean really Carter Bays do you want people to watch your show because of that? Don't you want everyone to watch it because its funny and original? Terrible, terrible, terrible.. And sad part is - seasons 1-3 were awesome and hilarious. Sad
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love it
nametaken2711 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
well. if you just look at the title, its most likely you would think its some crappy show that will probably be cancelled the first season for being extremely lame and incredibly boring. honestly, i felt this way about this show when i saw what it was going to be called.."How I Met Your Mother". Come on. thats what most people would expect.

well, if people gave it a chance, its actually a really cute and hilarious sitcom about the main character Ted pondering on his love life and looking for "the one". Josh Radnor I've never heard of before, but i really do like his humor in the show. it's a strange kind of humor to me though, almost dry humor. The supporting characters give great comedy to the show, esp. Neil Patrick Harris' character Barney. (who's my favorite character in the show). Man, his character cracked me up in the pilot. I laughed continuously when everyone kept on dismissing his ideal of them all wearing suits. Its great that Doogie finally comes back to television in a great new series. Their are other great characters i feel give great comedy to the show such as the couple Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segal) who make a great team. They have those romantic, but hilarious scenes together where you have those laugh out loud moments. Then you finally have Robin (Cobie Smulders) who is seen as "the one" at first, but turns out to not actually be Ted's future wife. She has her funny moments, but i don't really see her as funny as the rest of the characters.

Thats basically what people need to know about this show. Most of the actors we have never heard of and haven't seen in movies or shows in awhile, but this is great stardom for them. It's a great show for everyone to watch for it has great comedy and writing to it. It's nothing really what i expected though when i saw the previews for the pilot. Just give this show a chance, you won't be disappointed. It def. has a potential to last some more seasons.
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Totally lost after season 5
Zvonimir Buzanic11 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
At the beginning this show WAS really entertaining, funny, good jokes and everything was in place. But it turned out like bad friends. I guess they decided to prolong finding "Mother" just because of popularity. Everybody sleeps with everybody and that's normal and they are "friends" after all no matter they slept each other. Seems like only Marshall and Lilly are normal in this. I really hated when Ted decided to leave Victoria because of Robin. Should we abandon our partners because of dumb friends? So immature.

Also, forced jokes in last two seasons (7/8) are so bad I won't watch this anymore, just the last episode to see who that perfect women is. Shame, it had potential but failed HARD!
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In disbelief that anyone enjoys this.
natekowalskitattoo17 February 2016
This is the worst show I have ever had to sit through. I did not know what it was about, it was on at my house so I gave it a chance.

This show is nothing but ENDLESS and I mean endless sex jokes. Which doesn't offend me in any way, I would just be rather having sex than watching a show where every single episode is nonstop sex talk. I do not even understand the humor in it, perhaps this show is for single people who are needy and alone so they enjoy all the sex jokes and talk about hooking up and endless scene after scene of guys hitting on girls. Realize this show is fiction and that you are wasting your time watching actors pretend to flirt with each other for eight straight seasons, it makes me sick.

If you absolutely have to arouse yourself with sexual entertainment watch porn. I find it quite pathetic that anyone in a relationship would be entertained by this show about five characters who in hundreds of episodes talk about nothing but sex. Seriously if this entertains you then go make love to your wife or husband and stop watching this garbage.

I tried to give it another chance and the episode that played was about one character having sex with enough girls to fill a bingo scorecard....what the hell is the appeal of watching this exactly??

For teenagers or single people.
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Disappointing ending
innon16 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the beginning of the show, it was fun, sophisticated, realistic and anyone could relate to it. However, something happened and it gradually stopped making any sense. The jokes were not that funny anymore, the characters absurd and the plot weird. I was looking forward to the last season to finally finish the story, but the ending was nothing but a disappointment. All those seasons for the mother to just die in the end and such a big deal about Robin and Barney for them to just divorce and go back to the place they were in the very first season?! I suspect that the authors just didn't know what to do with the characters and just wanted to end the show anyhow. Last season honestly killed it all for me and my friends. Great disappointment.
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Until season 5, epic. After that, avoid at all cost.
Peter Maahn Sterkenburg29 November 2013
This review will fall into two pieces, inspired by the latest 2 episodes ( seriously guys, what the f... is going on with the musical bits and ridiculous rhyming).

Until season 5, somewhere mid-season 6: some of the best comedy I have ever seen. Hilarious, right on the spot, with great one-liners and characters. Absolutely wonderful.

Anything after that: what the f... went wrong? Lame jokes, terrible musical bits, awful dialogue, just plain awful TV. And yet somehow, I am still watching, just to see the last episode. Com' on guys, this should have finished 3-4 seasons ago: on your epic legendary peakness.

Thanks for all the wonderful laughs, but wow, you really overstayed your stay!!
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Start was legend.. wait for it... dary, legendary! Ending was just horrible!
Stef Debeuf14 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As a big FRIENDS fan, I always delayed watching HIMYM. But after it came out on Netflix, I decided to give it a shot.

I was surprised, the first 3 seasons weren't that bad. It's not near as good as FRIENDS, but it was still pretty good. But then..

After season 5, it's like the writers lose inspiration every single season. In season 5 and 6, there were still some funny and emotional moments. But the last 3 seasons were just a pure waste of time. The jokes were forced and not at all funny. I didn't had to laugh even once during season 9. The show is called How I Met Your Mother and we only meet the mother at the end of season 8 and only see her for like 10 episodes.. This show just rambled on for much too long. 6 seasons would have been fine.

And what is up with all the sex jokes?? It's like all they talk about.

Well to conclude. First seasons: 8/10. Last seasons: 2/10. So 4/10 in total. I was afraid this show was going to beat FRIENDS, but honestly, it doesn't even come close.
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Just bad
Manisha Chauhan6 May 2016
Wow, I cant stand this show. It is just the epitome of a bad show. I would rather watch commercials, and in fact, i often do, every time this is on. just ridiculously stupid characters whose voices i cant stand talking about the same blah blah stuff constantly. i literally want them to shut up. I cant even have this show on as background noise because i get irritated hearing that characters stupid voice going on about some pointless unfunny drivel, and it seems to be the same every episode.

i cant understand how people watch this? I cant understand how this got made in the first place I cant understand how it got so many seasons i cant understand why networks are airing it!

whoever wrote this - you are probably the most irritating person alive.
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Cute Little Show
briannebytheseashore19 September 2005
I don't have much in the way of a review other than to say that based on the pilot, I think this show has a lot of potential to be a really good show. The cast is funny and endearing and the premise is fun. It might not be the most original idea for the show (think Wonder Years) but it has it's own little twist that should make for some interesting episodes. Hopefully next weeks episode will be just as watchable and entertaining. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend that you do. Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris are the perfect complements to the show. The rest of the cast is somewhat unfamiliar to me though I must admit. I recall seeing Jason Segel in Freaks and Geeks, but I haven't really seen him in anything as impressive since so hopefully he'll bring the same originality he showed as Nick to his new character, Marshall. Josh Radnor is the newcomer in the bunch and he is just perfect for the part. He's cute yet dorky, with a lovable charm that will certainly endear him to many female viewers. I see only good things on the horizon for this show and I hope it finds a permanent home at CBS.
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j-3864021 July 2016
How I met your mother was recommended by a so called "friend" it was an utter disappointment. there was no memorable moments apart from when I almost ended everything mid way through the first episode. I would rather drink bleach every time barney talks rather than listen to his forgetful lines of dialogue written by 8 year old kids with some sort of syndrome. This is a 1 out of 10 would not recommend to anyone (even Hitler)as this sort of punishment should be left to Korean prisons as a way to turn pedophiles into vegetables. the best part about the entire series was when Marshalls dad died I could not wait for him to have that heart attack. This is the only reason its a 1 and not a 0. after watching the show I regret all of my life choices and wish I didn't meet your mother. overall I would rather watch the country bears over and over than watch this piece of cabbage malarkey.
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It was the most awful show that I have ever seen.
AukIMDB10 July 2014
Season 1 Episode 1 was really great. I really liked it and season 1 was also great. However it's getting lame after season 5. Irritating episodes. Always make fun with the lame jokes.. Didn't see the mother till season 8.

Whole story is vogues just waste of time like Indian TV shows. I still have to mention that Season 05x12 episode was the best.

However other than that whole show become a mess with continuous lame joke most of the time. Don't understand why people like it. I see only girls like it.

Watching many episodes of this show, all I see is that characters constantly changing their beliefs, decisions, and actions back and forth without any logical reasons: we two must break up, no, we must get back together, no, that's just impulse, we should still break up, no, that's true love, we must get back together, no, it's true love because we wanted it to be, we should break up......
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Another LOST situation - 9 years of your life and hours of viewing down the drain
Aureusroots5 March 2014
I feel the finale is going to be a disaster based on how its going so far.

Ending nine years of a show that builds around how he meets the mother then telling us they only had a short time together and she died is just miserable and lazy writing. First its not creative and secondly is this a drama or a comedy? I think many viewers will feel stabbed in the back like they did with Lost's Finale and feel disappointed for watching the show all these years. If I personally had known this is what was going to happen I wouldn't have even started watching it. I hope the writers come up with something funny and shocking at the same time and give this show the great finale it deserves to put it on the map as a classic like Friends for future generations. Otherwise people will remember this show with utter resentment and no one will be interested in watching it in the future. Story about a guy on how he met his dead wife, ... lame. Keep it light and intelligent guys, not much of this season has been so hopefully the finale will make up for it.
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