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This show is fantastic!
orlaithgra7 November 2005
I love this show!! It's one of the best sitcoms on the air and one of the best CBS shows!!! I disagree with the other comment - Barney is the best character. He's the funniest person on the show. I love how the entire ensemble has chemistry together!! It actually feels like they're friends in real life. And I don't think they need new writers, they just need to grow a little more. This show gets better with time. I laugh so hard with the show that my sides hurt every time I watch. I recommend this show to anyone that has a great sense of humor and wants to laugh until their sides hurt. I hope that this show has a long run on the air.
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Good laugh for late twenty-somethings
kasiemahan8 November 2005
I've enjoyed the first few episodes of this post "Friends" comedy. It really captures some of the humorous albeit awkward situations that late twenty-somethings are finding themselves in these days.

Alyson Hannigan once again presents her hilarious, quirky sense of style and humor. Along with her boyfriend, Marshall, they are an excellent representation of the couple who are trying to figure out an identity in the "not still partying like college kids, but trying not to be all grown up" stage of life.

The lead character, Ted, provides great entertainment. Audiences will be drawn in by his sensitivity and likability. He's not desperate to get married, but merely ready to find the One, tired of game playing.

Overall, I think this is a half-hour well spent. The humor is edgy, unpredictable, and you will find yourself reminiscing about those first few years after you graduated from college and struggled to find yourself out in the "Real World."
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I hope this show is kept
MarkOnline27 September 2005
I don't know if I have enough to say to fill up ten lines. I basically wanted to say that I think this is a funny show, and I hope the network keeps it. I especially like the twists and sense of mystery.

I've liked Alyson Hannigan for quite a while, and I think she's doing a great job in the first adult role I've seen her in (I can't believe she's already 31). I also think Doogie, I mean Neil Patrick Harris, plays his character really well. If you haven't seen him in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", you should. Josh Radnor also does a very good job in his first leading role.

I agree that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I think this show has a lot of elements that make a good series: good plot, good writing, good acting, and attractive cast). I think previous series like "Friends" have raised the bar very high for new sitcoms, but I hope that even if a series isn't destined to become the next "Friends," it can still be recognized as a good and worthwhile sitcom.
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Grows on you
emilyswope27 October 2005
Watched the show, thought "Hm, I haven't decided if it'll stay or not". But then the next day, my husband and I are quoting it and want to watch it again.

We try again the next week, again with the quoting. I haven't watched a show where there are lines that stick with me like this for a very long time. The show wouldn't be anywhere without "Barney", but somehow none of its faults matter because I enjoy it just too darn much. Every episode there's a new line, haven't been disappointed so far, hoping it continues and gets even better.

I mean come on, with lines like: "Suit up!" "Phone Five!" "Not awkward guys, its only awkward if we make it awkward"

And the numerous variations of "suit up" are a hoot "Snow suit up!" "Flight suit up" I gotta say, I just enjoy it.

There isn't great philosophy, it has a laugh track, but I don't miss it and end up watching the episode a couple times because its the only things worth watching sometimes.
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Watch season 1-3 and just read the rest online
Tiago Ferreira1 June 2014
When I first started watching How I met your mother I felt it had the potential to be a new Friends. It was funny, the characters were lovable, interesting, and had personality. The story was quite engaging and this is how it went for 3 seasons. Then the show got stuck. The main plot just goes in circles and all side plots, which could have been really interesting on their own, just get lost among fillers and boring moments that make you wish you'd stop watching the show. That's what I eventually did around season 7, and I only regret not have taking that decision earlier. I did feel tempted to go back to it for the last season, but I decided not to. From what I learned afterwards about the ending of the whole show and how the plot developed, I definitely don't regret my decision. The only thing I regret was season 5 and 6. Wish I had stopped back in the 4th, when I realised the show was going nowhere or even better at the end of season 3 (peak of the show).
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How I Met Your Mother is the best new show in a very long time!
pmk-sjk13 October 2005
How I Met Your Mother is so worth watching! What great characters and amazing writing! This show is a Hit! Finally something to tune in to on Monday nights. Not since Friends have the characters on a sit com bonded like this. I love that there are 3 guys and 2 girls..The writing is fresh and in control and productive.....I particularly enjoy the Ted with the shirt episode - what a unique story line and all the characters just seem to work so well together. I love the added suspense of "who is Ted going to end up with". The character of Ted does an amazing job! He has such a cuteness and innocence about him that makes the whole premise of "How I Met Your Mother" really work and keeps the audience so tuned in to find out what is going to happen next! You have accumulated such a great staff of writers!!! Amazing new show! Our office is taking turns staging Monday night soirees to watch! This premise really works! Keep us the good work! Keep Monday night TV rolling along! Yeah!! Hilarious!
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My favorite show on TV behind only Seinfeld.
darkmanishere99017 October 2005
What can I say about this show? The cast is awesome. The writers rock. The show is great. My favorite character is Barney. He is probably the main person I watch the show for. He is funny and brings a certain "something' to TV that it needs. It is totally the best new comedy in awhile. While it does have a laugh track - it isn't needed. Bob Sagget is right at home on this show playing the Dad. I think it is very fitting for him to be playing that role. The rest of the cast is great also. The guy who plays Ted is great at being the 'every day' guy and Marshall and his soon to be wife, Lilly are perfect together. As for Robin, well she is Robin and there is nothing wrong with her. I think everyone on this show including the regular cab driver are great. This show has everything and I hope everyone gives it a chance. I love it. It is legendary. Till next week Barney.
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You got to be kidding me... Is this still on???
Mitsos Dalikeris22 May 2013
9 Seasons??? Really??? What a total waste of time... Seriously why does it still air...?? Hell, even "joey" was better than this piece of crap... Actors act like ten year old children in a school play... Dull sceneries... Please tell me whom I have to blame for approving the pilot episode??? A show about a guy who informs his children of how he met their mother by telling them about his irrelevant relationships, long enough to see his own kids going to retirement by the time he finishes his story... Whats the point here...??? - "Hey dad, how did you met our mother???" - "Well... I had about 100 relationships that ended bad but don't worry I ll tell you everything about them..." That lame character is supposed to be an architect when he cant even answer a simple question? Its like asking how many are 2 plus 2 oranges??? And the answer is.... Well... First it was space, then the planets, then... then there were seeds initially, then they grow to trees... and going on and on until his kids die of boredom or lack on food on the same chair. Finally the worst part of all... - Eh, no that wasn't actually what happened... its... , Oh no I don't remember... oh I do now... Or was it the other way around??? Its a really bad copy of FRIENDS without a sign of humor... I do believe and hope that people are smart enough to see that... Please do humanity a favor and stop that thing from airing... PLEASE!!! I am begging you...
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Time to go!
GoTGeEk8278095 May 2013
What happened to this show?!! This show has run it's course.. Just like the office did! And just like the office, only the first 4-5 seasons were funny. They should have quit while they were ahead! HIMYM should have ended about five years ago!! Maybe if it did, it would have ended with dignity and people would have respected it. I stopped watching. But some people I know are just watching because , and I quote 'they feel like they have to because they followed it for so long' but they all say its terribly unfunny now and disappointing. I mean really Carter Bays do you want people to watch your show because of that? Don't you want everyone to watch it because its funny and original? Terrible, terrible, terrible.. And sad part is - seasons 1-3 were awesome and hilarious. Sad
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This show doesn't make you laugh that much.
Kuusafiiri25 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was told that if you like Friends, you'll like How I met your mother. The show is now on Netflix, so I thought: "Why not." I have no idea how this show has been so popular and I'm wondering why on Earth people compare this to the epic comedy: Friends. very boring. And to be honest, I didn't feel it had a cohesive storyline, and the people or the story didn't seem to get anywhere. Just a bunch of separate "jokes" and moments. I wasn't excited about the ending of the first season and didn't even realize, when Netflix started to roll the second season. To me it felt the same all the time...And the characters just seem to lack personality.

What bothers me the most, is that the jokes and characters have so much similar things as Friends. Every time something familiar came up, I was so annoyed and thought that couldn't the writers really come up with something different and original. Too many times I kept thinking "I have seen this" and "Are you kidding me, you stole that from Friends".

Just to name a few...

*One thing that annoyed me the most, was that nobody quite knew what Barney's job was and that was one of the main things of Chandler's character. Seriously, the writes should have NOT used that joke here!

*The others are calling Barney Swarley, and he hates it. In Friends Chandler wanted to be Clint, but everyone kept calling him Gene. Barney's and Chandler's reactions are very similar.

*Marshall and Jill (the "main couple") want to get married in Casino. So did Monica and Chandler. *Barney is womanizer, so is Joey. They both have sex with older woman and have a crush on their friend's ex (Robin/Rachel). *Robin and Ted are having a hard time to make their relationship start. So did Rachel and Ross.

This was definitely not a TV-show for me... Totally waste of time.
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