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Great show, but how long before it is canceled?

Author: yettaweiss from United States
14 September 2005

After watching the pilot tonight on Fox (9/14/05) I can see this show will develop into a great drama/comedy. Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg are both great actors and I was actually surprised they have come to television. Adam's character's eccentric behavior works perfectly off of Chris's character, who is the perfect "straight man" in this show. The writing is excellent, as is the direction. If only Fox allows it to continue for an entire season. Anyone who has fallen in love with a great show on Fox is well aware that the station tends to cancel a show, no matter how great, due to poor ratings. Since Head Cases is up against Lost, I'm not quite sure how it will do ratings wise. I can only hope Fox allows it to run a long course, and more people begin watching. I think promotion by Fox and good word of mouth by viewers are key.

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Canceled after only 2 shows!!!

Author: nanjen from United States
25 September 2005

I just read that "Head Cases" has been canceled!! I am so mad!!! This is one of the only new shows that I've liked. Come on, Fox, give it a chance!! A lot of us don't like the shows that the critics rave about like "The Office". I like the nanny shows, but how many hours of it do we need every week?? Can't you put it on FX or somewhere? I will miss this show very much, I was just telling someone yesterday how much I liked it... Chris O'Donnell is so magnetic, and I thought that Adam Goldberg had finally found a role that was a combination of the wild man and the intellectual. And Venice, CA seemed like a great backdrop. I was upset that "The Law Firm" got axed from NBC after 2 shows, but at least it's been available on Bravo. Give it a chance on cable, please??

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UNFAIR to cancel so soon ....

Author: appples2oranges from United States
23 September 2005

I watched the first show and thought it was great .... taped the 2nd show .... They CANCELLED the show after 2 airings only? What was FOX thinking? Going up against LOST is a death sentence ...

I do not think it was an advocacy for "mental" patients ... but I did love Adam Goldberg's character... and Chris O'Donnell is one of my favorite actors ...

How can they make this judgment in 2 airings only .... and if they have other episodes "in the can" as they say, why don't they simply show them, instead of NANNY 911

Perhaps that is why FOX will always be "the other network"

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Please watch this show!

Author: mommy9000 from michigan
22 September 2005

I decided to watch this show even though TV guide, Entertainment Weekly and IMDb:TV didn't pick it as a sure hit. I was surprised to find that I love it. This show has definite potential. I think there is definite chemistry between Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg. They make a great TV duo. I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of the lines. Most of the characters are likable yet pretty quirky; I love Richard Kind as the naked guy. The cases they take on are odd, yet rooted in reality and very interesting. I hope this show makes it. I give this show *** out of ****. Please watch and recommend to your friends!!! I don't want this show to get canceled.

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This was truly a great show.

Author: janylaw from United States
30 October 2005

I am more than a little disgusted with the Fox Network for canceling this show after only 2 episodes. This show was not only funny, it featured two extremely talented but overlooked actors - Chris O'Donnel and Adam Goldberg. They proved in only 2 shows to have the chemistry, depth of character development and comic timing to have what could have been an Emmy award winning show. Adam Goldberg is a comic genius and has proved himself over and over again. He is also an incredible dramatic actor. Once again, Fox has given me another reason to skip over their lineup. Word to the geniuses that canceled it - put it back on the air.

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One of the best new shows of the season!

Author: kwannenburg from United States
28 September 2005

I am horrified that they canceled this show! I thoroughly enjoyed the last (and only) 2 episodes. It was nice and refreshing to have something new for a change - funny and quirky - Adam Goldberg was hysterical! Shame on you Fox!!! How can you keep some of the other crap you have playing, and get rid of something so good? It was so nice to watch something that wasn't predictable for a change. The naked paralegal with his RV? The anal assistant who was slowly starting to loosen up? I've always liked Chris O'Donnell, and thought he gave a very real performance in this show. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Fox had taken it off the air. Obviously not a very funny, intelligent decision-maker among you!

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What is Fox thinking????

Author: alshelley from United States
3 October 2005

This is a good show or should I say was a good show. Fox has a problem giving shows a chance to catch on. I was talking to some of my friends about the new TV shows that have been introduced and three of us said we really liked Head Cases more than we were expecting too because the promos for the show didn't look good. We really liked the show when we saw it and told two others to check it out and look what happened. I've had it with Fox!!! I am so sick and tired of getting to like a show and then they scrap it. It has become a running joke in the IMBs everyone makes comments on how Fox knows how to make good TV shows but isn't smart enough to keep them on the air. Good show, Bad network.

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Solid Entertainment!

Author: yossarian100 from usa
15 September 2005

Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg provide near perfect chemistry as two lawyers, one with panic attacks and the other with an explosive personality disorder, who end up, more out of necessity than anything else, taking on the legal system with tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks. If you find "The Law" to be a field ripe with humorous possibilities, as I do, then this new show from Fox will be right up your alley, and if hitting a rather pompous attorney in the head with a rather hefty law book strikes you as funny, as it did me, then this show will more than satisfy. I like shows with quirky characters, as long as they show me some genuine human emotion, and I'm happy with what I've seen so far.

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Can we keep any good programming?

Author: drbjb03 from United States
9 July 2006

This show had everything going for it. Well written, very well acted, and well directed. As a psychologist, I appreciate the reasonably authentic depictions of both OCD and Panic Attacks. This tanked because the second episode was up against the season premiere of "Lost." Not exactly rocket science to figure out why most people were watching the #1 TV show.

Fox is a gutless wonder!!

Interesting, I've just been told that "my comment does not contain enough lines," so I have to expand the comments." My life challenge is to learn to say things succinctly. I make a stab at it, and Oops, not long enough.

Well, I have plenty to say - What I really liked about the show was that unlike most TV series, the characters acted like real people. I found it humorous that the Chris O'Donnell character thought that he would waltz right back into this fast track to the top position in a high profile law firm - after a short stay in a mental hospital. Maybe he needed to return to the hospital for a reality check.

Loved the show, hate Fox.

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Such a wide variety of talent!

Author: ctina3031 from United States
27 September 2005

Interesting cast. Somewhere I read that Rachel Leigh Cook is going to be on it, too! And I just LMAO when I saw Richard Kind in the second episode--too bad in my mind I see him as a goofy grasshopper (A Bug's Life).

I really am enjoying the show. It's quite a different twist on the courtroom story...not really a comedy but not a drama either, must be the new genre, huh? I hope that it isn't going to be canceled as so many people have mentioned--that'd be a shame. Why does crap like Paris Hilton's show stay on for two seasons but something entertaining like this get the can after a few episodes?!

Who is the actress playing O'Donnell's secretary, though? She looks so familiar!

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