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11 Jan. 2008
Melinda has to gain the trust of Ned's classmate to solve the mystery of her brother's death and why he's committing mayhem at the high school, and Justin returns with threats to expose Melinda if she doesn't answer his questions.
18 Jan. 2008
First Do No Harm
Melinda believes Jim is being haunted by the ghost of a man he tried to save, and all Jim wants to do is somehow communicate his remorse. But Melinda's protectiveness causes conflict between them, and may mask what's really happening.
4 Apr. 2008
Home But Not Alone
Ned asks Melinda's help when he's injured by what appears to be a ghost haunting his new girlfriend, but as Melinda struggles to solve the mystery of who the ghost is she runs into interference from the girlfriend's family.
11 Apr. 2008
The Gravesitter
Justin Yates is back, and tormenting Melinda, but as she researches more of his life she finds a mystery that may save him.
25 Apr. 2008
Horror Show
Melinda is caught up in an investigation that turns a little horror flick when Prof. Payne asks her to help a student whose father mentored him.
2 May 2008
Deadbeat Dads
An old acquaintance of Rick Payne's comes to town with a familial bombshell, and as Melinda helps him deal with the resentful ghost of his wife she's forced to confront her feelings about having children.
9 May 2008
Melinda's father comes back into her life, and she must solve the mystery of where he's been and how it relates to a young ghost who won't cross over.
16 May 2008
Pater Familias
Melinda searches for Paul Eastman and answers from her mother about her father.
3 Oct. 2008
Melinda's anger with Rick Payne is sidetracked when she meets another instructor who has her abilities, but reaching his ghost to cross her over may put Melinda's life in jeopardy.
10 Oct. 2008
Big Chills
Melinda faces bad memories from high school when one of her classmates is found dead, and Eli takes the opportunity for some on-the-job training when she investigates why a ghost won't cross over.
17 Oct. 2008
Ghost in the Machine
A ghost who's managed to recreate himself in a gaming world threatens Melinda when she tries to determine who he is, and when a young girl is threatened by an online predator in the same game she and Eli find themselves in a race to find her before the unthinkable occurs.
24 Oct. 2008
Save Our Souls
What's supposed to be a relaxing cruise topped by an auction of the ship's contents turns into a murder mystery when Melinda and Jim try to determine why a ghost is feeding on a passenger.
31 Oct. 2008
A classmate of Ned's begins haunting a former best friend, and Melinda must find out why she's so angry before another tragedy occurs. Meanwhile, she and Jim find out news about a pregnancy.
7 Nov. 2008
Imaginary Friends and Enemies
Jim and Melinda's participation in a friend's wedding brings a change to their own relationship.
14 Nov. 2008
Jim struggles against the what he's supposed to do, and Melinda tries to help a teenage ghost while dealing with her grief.
21 Nov. 2008
Heart & Soul
Melinda tries to reach Jim while dealing with Sam's family and a ghost determined to punish her.
5 Dec. 2008
Pieces of You
Melinda has to put her worries over Sam aside when a young girl's ghost appears at his job site, a ghost whose anger may endanger her surviving family and Sam.
19 Dec. 2008
Ball & Chain
Melinda struggles to help a spirit who can't remember, and endangers her life trying to prevent another tragedy. Meanwhile, Sam puts off searching for the person for whom his ring was meant.

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