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Greg is based on Chris Rock's childhood friend, David Moskowitz.
Chris Rock actually grew up mostly in the 1970s instead of the 1980s. But Rock felt that 70s culture has been parodied enough with shows like That '70s Show (1998) and moved the time period to the 80s.
The character 'Drew' is loosely based on Chris Rock's brother Tony Rock. Growing up, real-Chris Rock said that Tony was cooler than he was.
A running gag in the show had various characters mentioning to Chris that he was funny and should be a comedian ( even if he hadn't said anything meant to be funny.)
Rock initially did not want to cast Tyler James Williams as Chris because he felt Williams was too good-looking to play a kid that everybody hates. But CBS executive Leslie Moonves (CBS owned UPN) insisted on Williams.
Tequan Richmond auditioned for the role of Chris, but Ali LeRoi and Chris Rock thought he was 'too cool' for that role so they chose him to play Drew.
A significant amount of the recurring characters are played by actors/actresses from notable African-American sitcoms. Tichina Arnold, who plays Rochelle played Pamela "Pam" James in Martin (1992). Antonio Fargas who took on the role as Doc in the show played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch (1975) (which was mentioned in the show). Todd Bridges, who is most remembered as Willis in Diff'rent Strokes (1978), plays Monk. Ernest Thomas, known for his role as Roger 'Raj' Thomas in What's Happening!! (1976) and What's Happening Now! (1985) plays the funeral director, Mr. Omar. Jackée Harry, who plays Vanessa had a major role in two sitcoms. She played Sandra Clark in 227 (1985) (which show was also mentioned in the show) and Lisa Landry in Sister, Sister (1994).
Chris Rock's real family had mom, dad, 6 other brother, 1 other sister, and himself. He said that using 6 brothers and 1 sister would've been weird, so he thought it'd be better to use some of his sibling's personalities to make 2 siblings for the show.
The show's title is a reference to Everybody Loves Raymond (1996).
The schools Chris attends - Corleone Junior High and Tattaglia High - are references to characters in The Godfather (1972).
Jacqueline Mazarella's role of Ms. Morello was originally only supposed to be for one episode and she had only one line. ("Hello, Chris.") But during her audition, she was encouraged to improvise and "flirt" with Chris. She impressed the producers so much that her role was expanded in later episodes.
According to the season 1 DVD release of the show, the episode "Everybody Hates the Babysitter" on the disc has the cast commentary in the episode and said that Tichina Arnold ad-libbed a lot of the things she says in the show.
In real-life Tyler James Williams is only a couple of weeks older than Tequan Richmond, but on the show he's a couple of years older.
Though the German series title "Alle hassen Chris" is a direct translation of the English title, episode titles of the German version start with the words "Chris hasst" ("Chris hates").
Chris Rock's mother's name in real life is Rose.
Patrice O'Neal auditioned for the role of Julius.
Although the show is based on Chris Rock's family and childhood, the family's last name is never stated on the show or in any publicity materials.
The first episode scored the highest rating for a comedy premiere on UPN and the third best rating for any program on UPN.
Tichina Arnold composed a theme song for the show and recorded it with 2 of her friends. However, Ali LeRoi and Chris Rock already had some themes in mind, so they kept the ending of it to put in at the end of episodes and before commercial breaks.
All episode titles start with the words "Everybody Hates...".
After the first season, the show was picked up by The CW, which was created by the merger between UPN and The WB.
In the original unaired version of the pilot episode, the opening theme song is "The 900 Number" by The 45 King from 1987.

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