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6 Jan. 2006
Everybody Hates a Part Time Job
In order to get a new leather jacket, Chris goes to work with Julius. When Drew and Tonya's school is shut down because of lead paint poisoning, the two play a game of "I Dare You" which gets out of hand when Toyna ends up in the emergency room.
2 Feb. 2006
Everybody Hates Picture Day
Chris gets a new outfit for school picture day, but Caruso ends up stealing it. Drew hides Toyna's shoe when she breaks his toy. Rochelle sells make-up at home to makes some extra money.
9 Feb. 2006
Everybody Hates Valentine's Day
Chris gets a bunch of "I hate you" cards from Caruso and also develops a crush on a girl named Tangee on his bus ride. Tonya reveals that she has a boyfriend which surprises Julius, and Drew gets a bunch of Valentines' cards from a lot of girls.
16 Feb. 2006
Everybody Hates the Lottery
Julius and Rochelle struggle to give up the things they like: chocolate turtles and lottery tickets. Meanwhile, Chris claims to be a pro at "Asteroids", but when he hears that someone beat his score, it's up to him to defend his title.
2 Mar. 2006
Everybody Hates the Gout
Chris gets an "F" on his report card and tries to figure out a way to change his grade before his parents find out. When Julius is sick with the gout, he starts watching The Young and the Restless.
23 Mar. 2006
Everybody Hates Funerals
When Rochelle's dad, Gene unexpectedly dies during a family dinner, Rochelle starts acting less than normal and Chris is shocked to see his mother not acting like herself.
13 Apr. 2006
Everybody Hates Corleone
Sick of the constant bullying from Caruso, Chris attempts to get kicked out of Corleone. Meanwhile, Julius' smelly new job may drive the family away.
20 Apr. 2006
Everybody Hates Drew
Fed up with Drew being the best at everything, Chris decides to take up karate. But when the two brothers challenge each other, Chris ends up breaking Drew's hand. Meanwhile, Toyna gets a lesson in gossip at the beauty salon.
27 Apr. 2006
Everybody Hates Playboy
Chris finds a Playboy magazine in Julius' toolbox and takes it to school, but the assistant principal confiscates it, Chris attempts to get it back. Julius is surprised when he finds out that Rochelle has money stashed in their room. Toyna teases Drew because of his fear of spiders.
4 May 2006
Everybody Hates Jail
Chris has to sell cookies in order to go on a field trip to Washington D.C. Meanwhile Julius and Rochelle had tickets for Dreamgirls but Drew and Tonya get sick.
28 May 2006
Everybody Hates Father's Day
Chris tries to find a gift for Julius for Father's Day, but all Julius wants is a day to himself.
1 Oct. 2006
Everybody Hates Rejection
Chris asks a girl on a date, but gets stood up; Rochelle clashes with new neighbor Louise over the establishment of a neighborhood watch program.
8 Oct. 2006
Everybody Hates the Class President
Chris runs for 8th grade class president, and Julius is diagnosed with high blood pressure.
16 Oct. 2006
Everybody Hates Elections
Chris has to prepare a speech as part of his campaign for class president; Mr. Omar the funeral director moves into the rental apartment but winds up increasing Julius's stress.
23 Oct. 2006
Everybody Hates a Liar
Chris leads the neighborhood into thinking that he and Tasha are a couple. Drew feels left out when Rochelle doesn't have enough time for him. Julius is obsessed with trading stamps.
30 Oct. 2006
Everybody Hates Malvo
When Chris is robbed at work by the neighborhood's well-known criminal Malvo, he is scared to tell Doc who robbed the place. Julius gets a Betamax and is upset when Tonya accidentally tapes over Julius' stories.
6 Nov. 2006
Everybody Hates the Buddy System
The new vice-principal pairs Chris and Caruso up as buddies on a school field trip, but Chris and Caruso end up being left behind. Toyna takes Rochelle's hoop earrings and then loses one of them. Julius searches for a Wayne Gretzky hockey jersey for Drew.
13 Nov. 2006
Everybody Hates Promises
Chris finds out that he can't fulfill his campaign promises as class president, causing him to become increasingly unpopular at school; Rochelle's brother comes to stay with the family temporarily but shows little interest in finding a job or moving out.
20 Nov. 2006
Everybody Hates Thanksgiving
Julius' successful younger brother joins Chris' family for Thanksgiving dinner and Julius works hard to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal.
27 Nov. 2006
Everybody Hates Superstition
Chris's luck changes after he borrows a pair of socks from his father; Drew and Tonya conspire to get their parents to buy them things.
11 Dec. 2006
Everybody Hates Kris
Julius works at a department store dressed up as Santa Claus along with Chris dressed up as an elf, but Julius gets fired for freaking the kids out and Chris ends up in the hospital.

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