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  • The Crystal Method.

  • Booth and other FBI call Brennan and her colleagues Squints. As Booth explains - when the cops get stuck they bring in people to squint (peer at/look closely) at things. As Brennan counters - what she says he means is people with very high IQs and basic reasoning skills!

  • David Simmons was the man Brennan met online and dated briefly, starting in Two Bodies in the Lab (2006). At the end of that episode, we are left to understand Brennan is still interested in David. We hear no more about him until he reappears for one scene in the season 1 finale The Woman in Limbo (2006) - telling Booth that he and Brennan are "sort of together." Later in the same episode, Booth refers to David as Brennan's boyfriend, which she doesn't correct even though we don't know if they are truly "together" or not.

    However, the next we hear about David is when Booth lists him amongst Brennan's ex's in The Boneless Bride in the River (2007). Booth says, "Oh, the guy that you found on the Internet and ended up being some kind of recruiter for a cult."

    This is just another example of plotlines on Bones (2005) that get dealt with offscreen, giving the viewer insight that the characters spend more time around each other than we ever get to see on screen.

  • Mummy in the Maze (2007). Booth and the Squints dress up for a Halloween party. They dress as -

    Booth - a nerdy squint

    Brennan - Wonder Woman

    Angela - Cher

    Zack - the back end of a cow

    Cam - Cat Woman

    Hodgins - Captain Smith, the ill-fated captain of the Titanic

  • No. It is based on the Smithsonian Institution, an educational and research institute and associated museum complex located in Washington DC. The connection between the real and the fictional institutes is made clear in the 4th episode,"The Man in the Bear". In it, someone asks Brennan if she has seen the Archie Bunker chair at the Jeffersonian, which is on display at the Smithsonian.The building used for exteriors in Bones is the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

    The Jeffersonian Institute is sometimes erroneously referred to as the Jeffersonian "Institution"

  • Bones:Skeleton Crew is a spin-off series consisting of 26 two-minute episodes. It was released to Sprint TV subscribers (for mobile downloads only) in November 2006 and released on the official website of Bones in December 2006. The episodes do not feature the show's main cast. Its plot revolves around three Jeffersonian Institute lab technicians who use their skills to solve a mystery.

  • Each episode page at IMDb has its own Soundtrack listing. First go to the episode page and then click the 'soundtrack' link under the Did You Know? section.

    Some commonly requested ones:

    Pilot (2005): plays when Brennan is reassembling the skull. "Broken Bridge," by Daughter Darling

    The Skull in the Desert (2006): plays when Angela is looking for Danny. "Rain," by Pattty Griffin

    Aliens in a Spaceship (2006): plays when Hodgins & Brennan try to blow up the windscreen. "A Light on a Hill," by Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos.

    Judas on a Pole (2006): Beginning of episode: "Sea Lion," by Sage Francis featuring Saul Williams. End of episode: "Running Up That Hill," by Placebo

    The Verdict in the Story (2008): End of episode: "Fountain," by Sara Lov

    The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond (2008): plays when Zack is in the diner with Hodgins, Angela, and Cam. "Set Free," by Katie Gray

    You can also find scene descriptions for other songs at

  • Emily Deschanel had a baby in real life and since she is crucial to the show, they couldn't do it without her, and the result was a truncated season.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The "Gravedigger" is the nickname given to the kidnapper/murderer in the season 2 episode Aliens in a Spaceship (2006). The kidnapper/murderer was not caught within the episode that aired.

    The Gravedigger was eventually revisited in the season 4 episode The Hero in the Hold (2009), and was revealed to be Assistant US Attorney Heather Taffet.

    Later, the Gravedigger was captured and in The Boy with the Answer (2010) Taffet was prosecuted and found guilty. She told Temperance, "It's not over.".

    In The Bullet in the Brain (2011) (January 27th, 2011) the Gravedigger is being transported to court for an appeal, and some sniper shoots her in the head. So needless to say it is over now.

  • The episode Player Under Pressure (2008) was not aired in season 2 as planned. Sources indicate the plot bore similarities to the Virginia Tech school shooting in the U.S. in April 2007, which coincided with the planned date to show the episode. Scenes of Hodgins proposing to Angela were cut and as this plot point has been covered in late season 2 it would have made little sense to leave it in. The episode finally aired in the U.S. on 21st April 2008 with cuts/re-films/re-edits (specific scenes unconfirmed) which allowed insertion into season 3. Because they did not completely reshoot everything, there is some continuity issues, especially noticeable with changes in people's hair. The full episode can be found on the Season 3 DVDs & in some regions can be viewed with or without the cut scenes.

  • The Master (he is not called Gormogon - that was the Squint's nickname for him) was an unnamed man.

    He was never named, because he was a nobody, "angry at history for not seeing him" - Sweets. The Pain in the Heart (2008)

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